When you hear a feminist fighting for gender equality, this right here is what it’s all about! It’s hard for me to understand why any rational adult doesn’t see this as an issue! 

It’s not the 50’s where men make a sufficient amount of money of take care of their families anymore! Or even try to take care of their families anymore!

Back in the day, women made less because they had side jobs and were NOT expected to be the bread winners! But in this day and age where men have the option to take care of their children or NOT to take care of their children, women are literally told if you have a baby be ready for it to be your sole responsibility… Pay scales should be equal. Clear across the board! No exceptions! If this doesn’t fire you up and piss you off, we can’t be friends at all! 

You can label me as a feminist any day because this right here is DEAD WRONG and I can NOT, NOT speak up about it! 

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