Once a week, I meet with friends and guests to discuss things going on in their world. We will cover current events and topics that hit close to home. You will get an up and close personal look and hear from the horses mouth.

In each episode, I tackle topics from Recycling Black Dollars, Living a Healthy Natural Lifestyle. Transgenders, Weight Loss, Black Business Owner spotlight, Racism to Father’s Rights. Nothing is taboo or off-limits. The purpose is to educate and bridge gaps, hopefully change a few people’s initial outlook on topics they weren’t educated about.

Some recent guests include singer-songwriter, Venus Renae, Betty Idol from Love and Hip-Hop, a 13-year entrepreneur who was inspired by Janet Jackson, R&B singer J Ghist, Monica Kelsey, whose mission is to save abandoned babies and Sara Dash of “Lady Marmalade” fame.

For more info, visit https://cheriesworldpodcast.com/


Heaven is really anywhere you want it to be!

With Covid going on, I feel that I’ve lost myself a little bit. One thing that it has done for me is reminded me to appreciate the little things. To fall back in love with the simplicity of life. Last night at 10 PM, I was hungry, overworked, tired. I really needed to go to sleep, but my crew was still shooting a project and it’s customary for the producer to be the first one there and the last one to leave. 

Well because of Covid, I don’t even get to be there with my crew, I have to be there virtually! I started thinking of foods I really liked as a child. 

Patty Melts were my thang! I dunno who Patty is, but I appreciate her. Or maybe it’s just the beef patty? Either way, Grub Hub delivered burger meals to my crib last night. Those grilled onions, peppers and mustard were good last night and I appreciated the onion rings too. I slept like a baby!




Life as we knew it has changed. And I hate it! This is the second year that my baby had to have a virtual birthday party. It makes me a little sad that her memories will be different, but I have to remind myself that this too shall pass, and she is enjoying her memories. Since I’m still not comfortable being around people, I had to figure out a way to get creative.

We had a Roblox virtual pizza party! The party started at one and simultaneously at 1:30 PM, pizzas were delivered to North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Chicago, Georgia, California, And Texas! For my daughter and all her cousins. They were all very excited that they got pizza at the same time, and they got to hang out and play Roblox together.

What Covid has done for me is making me realize quality time is everything. This is the second year I baked her birthday cake. It’s not perfect, but it didn’t have to be. She loves it, that’s really all that matters.

Roblox cake

I was one of those parents who didn’t really want my kid looking at a screen all day, but with working from home, birthday parties, and life, I am thankful for FaceTime, Zoom, but most of all, Roblox.

Dear Rhythm,

Ima keep it short and sweet because a lot of people are reading this. I just want to let you know my life really began when I had you! I am so thankful I was used as a vessel to bring you to life. You have taught me so much and have given me the freedom I didn’t even realize I needed. Being your mother is truly a honor! Stop growing up so fast! Happy Birthday, my Bright, Beautiful Baby Girl!




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Here’s a post from 2019 for #flashbackfriday.

Yes, I am happiest alone and tend to shy away from people as much as I can.  As I grow older, I realize it’s because I am somewhat of an empath. Energy transfers and a lot of y’all have fucked up energy! Even many that I love have horrible energy and I have no desire to feel it. Even when you’re not complaining, the fact that you’re not happy in life weighs heavy on a empath’s heart.

I used 2 be the type who helped everyone and was somewhat of a fixer. If I could fix your issues, your self-esteem or help you pay your bills, I would but that shit is emotionally and financially draining. I’m over it and have divorced that part of my former self. In result, I also divorced many friendships willingly.

Now, I enjoy my peace. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you…but if you can’t share my space often, it might mean your energy just drains me. Have you ever gotten off the phone with someone and you all of a sudden were physically tired and depressed, but right before the call you were happy and energetic? I don’t mean a call that delivered bad news or a death but a regular call from the homie? That means energy transferred now you are carrying their vibe with you, until you shake it off or transfer it back to someone else. I hate that feeling. I no longer wish to take on other people’s emotions. By myself, I’m chill with no drama. Except my drama of motherhood but that’s my entertainment!

I have friends who think they are being sweet, but they get on my nerves tryna force me to be positioned in social situations. I try to explain it to them, but they don’t get it. I don’t need more friends, I don’t want nobody else calling my phone, I aint tryna hang out. I’m tryna chill at Chuck E Cheese, not a bar, a social gathering, or anywhere with these grown folks. I could be doing something with my kid! I’ve spent my entire life being social. I literally want to spend some time being left alone. I don’t see why that’s so hard to understand.

My whole point in writing this was to say preserve your mental health by guarding the energy you allow to share your personal space.


I cringe every time I hear someone say good hair. It really pisses me off. Black people have such a stigma about hair.  It makes me sick! All hair is good hair, and every hair texture has the ability to grow. Anything you water will grow. Depending on the products you use and your environment, bi-weekly washing may not be too much. Also, please be mindful of the products you use on your little loves.

When you put something on your skin and scalp it absorbs into your blood stream in 26 seconds! Why would I ever put anything on my daughter I couldn’t pronounce?

My biggest no, no is using petroleum-based products on a child’s scalp. It clogs their pores. I grew up in an era where greasing the scalp was something black folks believed in. This is the root of why some women battle their hair growth today. Sure, for the moment it looks good but after years it is the root of hair follicles being clogged. Say “no” to grease and hello to natural oils!

Here are 3 hair care tips:

  1. Natural shampoo is key. Babies’ hair is fine and has a hard time holding up against shampoo with alcohol in it. Alcohol dries and strips the hair, NOT washes. Water is the best hydration in the world.
  2. MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE. Use a leave in conditioner that is water based. Water is the best moisture there is. This summer we spent a lot of time in the pool and my daughter’s hair started to feel little dry.  Every night I started spritzing it with water and reapplying oil and conditioner to seal the hair.
  3. I also deep condition it monthly! I love Queen Helen’s cholesterol. I’m guilty of being old school and still putting a treatment in not just my hair, but also my daughter’s. Do not overdo the cholesterol because it will dry out your hair.

Every day when I comb her hair, I spray it with water first to help detangle. I section it off and I start combing at the bottom and work my way up.

I apply leave-in conditioner and put it in a protective style. I do not braid tight around her edges or pull the hair too hard.

Healthy hair starts from the inside out so eating a well-balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables is key.

Another important key to growing long hair is the less manipulation the better. I happen to prefer twisting her ponytails over braiding them because I feel it stays moisturized longer. When I do braid, I make sure not to braid tightly. And her braids DO NOT STAY IN MORE THAN A DAY. That’s right, I comb her hair daily. I also do not add synthetic hair in her braids. Synthetic hair tends to cut into our natural tresses and break it off!

You can also check out my line of hair products here: https://therealcherie.com/collections/wild-cherry-hair-products


Sometimes we don’t get what we want! That’s a good thing. Sometimes we want things for the surface view. Meaning we don’t do our research or look into it deeply enough to know if it’s really for us or not. 

Think about it, if the Universe would have given you everything you asked for, 9 outa 10 you would have found yourself stuck in a place you really didn’t want to be later!

I know for myself there were relationships I felt I wanted; auditions I went on that I didn’t book that had me down for a minute. Then years later, I’m thanking God those relationships did not work and the movie I thought I needed flopped! 

It’s really as easy as the expression, “What’s for you will be yours”. No more, no less. Blessings, lessons and life. Stop stressing! 



 Yes, I am that mother who will give my daughter a popsicle for breakfast. Wait, hear me out! See Mr. Chris bought my daughter some popsicle molds for her birthday and she loves them! Being a summer baby who just so happens to live in a hot environment, she may as well start her days off right with some refreshing fruit! When you make popsicles at home, I know exactly what’s in them! 

I blend fruit and coconut milk together and instead of a smoothie, make popsicles. The one pictured is simply the juice from watermelon I had in a container in the refrigerator. I also cut fresh strawberry slices and put it on the sides to make it look pretty and taste extra yummy. 

She gets a great serving of fruit with NO added sugar, No dyes or Food coloring! 100% all natural and a serving of fruit! Win-Win and she thinks it’s fun. Let’s face it, kids like a little rebellion and doing things unorthodox! Easy cool Mom points all the way around, Dads like them too! Lol…


A non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure can provide results that show improvement yet are subtle enough so that it may not be obvious that you have undergone a cosmetic procedure. With IcoOne, there is no scaring. In fact, it aids to minimize scaring and stretch marks. It breaks down fat pockets targeting localized fat that cannot be eliminated by exercise or diet and reduces cellulite. If you are interested rejuvenating your body back to its youthful state, noninvasive is probably the choice for you.

Let’s talk the pros and the cons. These are facts I found when comparing the two options.



Some procedures take longer than open surgery.


Reduced tissue trauma

No blood loss

No pain

Faster recovery and return to normal activities

Outpatient  – you go home with no downtime

NO postoperative pain

Increased patient satisfaction

Less costly

Rebuild collagen in the skin

Normalize cell function

Plastic Surgery

On the other hand, if you are looking for dramatic change, where everyone can tell you had something done, then you might want plastic surgery. Plastic or cosmetic surgery also leaves scars, even when minimal. Most people are satisfied with their postoperative outcomes. Let’s not forget disappointment with the results is a real possibility as well. People who undergo breast surgery may experience contouring or asymmetry problems, while those undergoing facial surgeries could simply not like the result. Once your body is cut into, it is never the same again.

The pros of plastic surgery is it’s instant, whatever you want changed can be totally different in the matter of hours! We live in a time when instant is what everyone desires.


  • Hematoma
  • Nerve Damage (loss of feeling)
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Organ Damage
  • Anesthesia Complications
  • Seroma
  • Blood Loss

Noninvasive or Invasive is a personal choice, ultimately whichever you chose is something you have to live with at the end of the day.

Having cosmetic surgery can be vital to confidence levels and self-image. If you have a physical feature that you’ve spent years wishing was different or that has an impact on your daily life or health, this is usually an indication that it is something you truly desire to change. Opposed to a sudden dislike for something about yourself that recently became an issue. However, obsession over a specific facial or body feature can indicate mental health issues, and therapy might be a better option than surgery.

Beware cosmetic surgery is still surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The potential for complications exists, just like any other operation. Pain is a significant drawback to plastic surgery, and recovery times can be as long as six months in some cases.

To learn more about IcoOne, visit The Kian Spa https://www.keepingitallnatural.com/bella-shape