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As a child, October was my favorite time of the year. It screamed scary movies and pizza parties. Staying up really late at night and being scared out of my mind. What a better way to spend the weekend, now that my daughter is the tender age of six. Yes, I said Six! My sense of humor is demented and lucky for me, so is my daughter’s. I am looking forward to sharing the experience with her. She already likes Child’s Play 1 and 2.

Instead of being scared, she laughed about the special effects and asked about how the blood splattered. I explained to her what a blood squib is. Then I showed her Uncle Eric’s Facebook page so she could see his special effects makeup he has done for films. It sparked a whole new interest.

Then she watches clips of me getting my neck cut open by Eric Roberts in a film and Uncle Antwon crying over my dead body in another film and all she wanted to know, “Was it hard not to laugh,” she asked me.

So, I am going to see how she feels about this lineup, wish me luck!

ParaNorman (Kids Movie)


Frankenweenie (Kids Movie)


Gremlins (Childhood fav)

OMG HALLOWEEN KILLS, the return of Michael Myers is delayed. Thanks, alot Covid! It’s okay, it gives me a chance to catch my daughter up on the oldies but goodies.


So, I am not a TV watcher at all. I actually call it the idiot box and rarely turn it on. Which is crazy because my family loves TV. I just never got in the habit of it and I have issues with people talking about TV like it’s real. But Hamilton

First of all, the music director is a fucking Genius! The music is undeniably Phenomenal, and the cast has the most amazing voices! Emphasis on the sisters, omg! There was so much talent on one stage. I was Mesmerized and in love with every single second of it! 

I am not a huge history buff and usually I am very turned off by U.S. History and I’m sure I don’t have to explain why! I actually learned a lot that I did not know before and wish every history lesson could be just like this one. 

Homeschool parents with high school children, I think this is a must have treat in your curriculums. My daughter’s a little too young and her attention span is not long enough, but she’s only 5. I will be watching it again one night when she’s asleep.

Bravo Disney+ this was a much needed Covid treat for me and a reminder of why I love and miss New York!