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A non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure can provide results that show improvement yet are subtle enough so that it may not be obvious that you have undergone a cosmetic procedure. With IcoOne, there is no scaring. In fact, it aids to minimize scaring and stretch marks. It breaks down fat pockets targeting localized fat that cannot be eliminated by exercise or diet and reduces cellulite. If you are interested rejuvenating your body back to its youthful state, noninvasive is probably the choice for you.

Let’s talk the pros and the cons. These are facts I found when comparing the two options.



Some procedures take longer than open surgery.


Reduced tissue trauma

No blood loss

No pain

Faster recovery and return to normal activities

Outpatient  – you go home with no downtime

NO postoperative pain

Increased patient satisfaction

Less costly

Rebuild collagen in the skin

Normalize cell function

Plastic Surgery

On the other hand, if you are looking for dramatic change, where everyone can tell you had something done, then you might want plastic surgery. Plastic or cosmetic surgery also leaves scars, even when minimal. Most people are satisfied with their postoperative outcomes. Let’s not forget disappointment with the results is a real possibility as well. People who undergo breast surgery may experience contouring or asymmetry problems, while those undergoing facial surgeries could simply not like the result. Once your body is cut into, it is never the same again.

The pros of plastic surgery is it’s instant, whatever you want changed can be totally different in the matter of hours! We live in a time when instant is what everyone desires.


  • Hematoma
  • Nerve Damage (loss of feeling)
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Organ Damage
  • Anesthesia Complications
  • Seroma
  • Blood Loss

Noninvasive or Invasive is a personal choice, ultimately whichever you chose is something you have to live with at the end of the day.

Having cosmetic surgery can be vital to confidence levels and self-image. If you have a physical feature that you’ve spent years wishing was different or that has an impact on your daily life or health, this is usually an indication that it is something you truly desire to change. Opposed to a sudden dislike for something about yourself that recently became an issue. However, obsession over a specific facial or body feature can indicate mental health issues, and therapy might be a better option than surgery.

Beware cosmetic surgery is still surgery and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The potential for complications exists, just like any other operation. Pain is a significant drawback to plastic surgery, and recovery times can be as long as six months in some cases.

To learn more about IcoOne, visit The Kian Spa https://www.keepingitallnatural.com/bella-shape


Did you know that IcoOne can eliminate that after workout burn? Lactic acid is the substance in your muscles that causes them to feel fatigued during exercise and sore following prolonged exertion. Even if you’re not familiar with lactic acid and its function, I’m sure you have heard of alpha hydroxy acid. Lactic acid is classified as an alpha hydroxy. It is made synthetic or naturally. Lactic acid is a pure condensed form of fuel.

Lactic acid production in exercise is a great thing for your overall state of health and fitness. Lactic acid acts to firm up your muscles and increase your aerobic capacity. Your body used extra calories to absorb lactic acid. Your body also gains aerobic capacity, making it both more efficient at burning fat during exercise (Remember, your body needs oxygen to burn fat). Last but not least, the more you “feel the burn” during exercise the more growth hormone substance your body will make. HGH or human growth hormone helps keep our bodies youthful. So, it’s a win-win.

During a IcoOne treatment, the roboderm technology aids lactic acid along with other toxins to be released from your muscles into the surrounding soft tissue. You will feel rejuvenated!

*Drink more water than you usually would to help flush out toxins after your treament.

To learn more about IcoOne, visit The Kian Spa http://www.keepingitallnatural.com/bella-shape


90% of women are affected by cellulite at some point in their lives. Being slender does not make you exempt. Unfortunately, cellulite can run in the family, it’s one of those genes that can be passed down. It occurs when connective tissue is weakened by hormones, lack of exercise and muscle tone, excess fat, and poor circulation.  

If you incorporate 5 things into your routine, you will see a vase improvement of your cellulite in just a few weeks.


DRINK AT LEAST 3 LITERS OF WATER A DAY! Drinking water first thing in the morning will also reduce your appetite. We suggest you drink this water at least a half-hour before eating, which will provide some time for the water to digest, and won’t dilute the stomach acids too much, which can impact how well enzymes in your stomach digest your food.

This is VERY important! Water flushes your system daily and drink it room temperature or slightly chilled! It will keep you regular and help pass the toxins that will be coming out of your body during this detox.

Proper hydration is absolutely essential to wellness and vitality, as well as proper function of every bodily process. Remember our bodies are made of 70% water. Chronic dehydration, however mild, pushes your internal environment towards one where disease conditions flourish.

If a person doesn’t drink enough water to balance the increased water needs, the kidneys produce more concentrated urine, which increases the risk of forming kidney stones.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL you are thirsty to drink! Our thirst impulse lags behind the body’s needs, so you should not wait until you are really thirsty to reach for a glass of water because that means your body is already dehydrated.

The International Sports Medicine Institute recommends 1/2 to 2/3 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, ingested periodically throughout the day.


Dry brushing is a centuries-old health practice that you may want to add to your daily routine. It’s an easy and effective natural beauty routine that as we grow older your body will thank you for! Cellulite is made up of trapped fat cells, by dry brushing you can help to release these trapped toxins and break them down, or at least reduce their appearance.


IcoOne Massage aids the lymphatic system. It is responsible for picking up practically all the body’s wastes as well as foreign objects such as viruses and bacteria, which it transports to the lymph nodes to be broken down by immune cells. The lymphatic system can get overwhelmed and backlogged, due to injury, illness, physical inactivity or tension, which can cause immune problems, brain fog, achiness, or swelling. 

This is where the massage helps decongest the area and get the fluid moving again. The lymphatic system is located directly beneath the skin, so the pumping, circular movements are very light. Too much pressure actually closes the capillaries but it’s very effective at reducing inflammation and edema associated with injuries or surgery, auto-immune disorders, and allergies. IcoOne can helps the body heal from surgery, and aids in the body’s natural waste removal or detoxification. 


You will need to start to exercise at least 2 to 3 times a week and possibly lose weight.

No getting around it, you will have to have some cardio in your life. My favorite cardio is walking. It works out every part of your body at the same time. Just a 20-minute brisk walk 5 days a week will do your body justice. If walking isn’t your thing, you can also:

  • Vacuum
  • Dance
  • Swim
  • Cycle
  • Hike
  • Run

Ladies, most of us are hit with cellulite on our backsides and thighs more than anywhere else. These quick exercises below are really thigh changing.

Glute/leg kick-backs

  1. Get on your hands and knees on the floor in an all-fours position.
  2. Kick each leg back behind you, concentrating on using your glutes and upper thighs.
  3. Lower each leg and repeat on the other side.


  1. Stand with your feet together.
  2. Lunge to one side at a time, squeezing both your inner- and outer-thigh muscles.
  3. Go back to center and repeat on the other side.


  1. Stand in front of a bench or a sturdy exercise box.
  2. Then step up on it, one foot at a time.
  3. Step back down in the same pattern.
  4. Repeat.


  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and make sure your toes are pointed forward.
  2. Lower your glutes as if you were sitting in a chair, making sure your knees don’t go over your toes.
  3. Squeeze back up to your starting position and then repeat.

Jump Squats

This is a step beyond the regular squat with the added challenge of a jump at the end:

  1. Perform a regular squat.
  2. Instead of squeezing all the way back up to the starting position, make a small jump off your toes.

You don’t have to live with your cellulite another day. No better time to start getting rid of it than now.

Visit our Kian Spa for more information! https://www.keepingitallnatural.com/bella-shape


Dry brushing is a centuries-old health practice that you may want to add to your daily routine. It’s an easy and effective natural beauty routine that, as we grow older, your body will thank you for! I prefer the handheld dry brush over the one on the long stick. I feel I can get a better massage by holding it closer to my skin. 

The benefits of dry brushing are innumerable and go deep. Using a body brush helps to shed dead skin cells and exfoliate on the surface level, which helps skin to absorb nutrients and retain moisture, thanks to clearer pores. Dry brushing also reduces cellulite. Cellulite is made up of trapped fat cells, by dry brushing you can help to release these trapped toxins and break them down, or at least reduce their appearance. The same goes for varicose veins.

More than that, the technique can improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, which is an important component of the body’s immune system. This can keep you in tip-top shape and may even help prevent illnesses.

You need to make sure you are dry-brushing at the right time of day. Since dry brushing stimulates your senses and increases blood flow, it makes the most sense to do it first thing in the morning. We recommend doing it in the shower with the water off!  Dry brush right before you start the water to bathe.

There is a right and wrong way to do it, so here is a little instruction:

  1. Start at the soles of your feet. Begin brushing with swift, firm strokes traveling from your feet up your legs, always brushing toward your heart area.
  1. Keep the same brush strokes upward your legs, as many times as desired before moving on to your hands and arms.
  1. Grab a buddy, if you can and have him/her help you brush your back or do it yourself if you have a long-handled brush. (If not, get all the areas you can.) Repeat as needed.
  1. Finally, brush your stomach, chest, and neck. Avoid sensitive areas (face, nipples & genitals) or use a gentler touch there.
  1. After your skin is nice and tingly, turn on the shower, and try alternating between very hot and very cold water to further stimulate circulation. I always end my shower with a cold rinse off to close my pores and my hair cuticles.
  1. After you shower and dry off, be sure to moisturize your skin with an all-natural body lotion or butter.

Here are a few important things to remember:

Never dry-brush a wet body.

Don’t dry-brush over cuts, bruises, or sore spots.

Start off slowly and gradually build up in intensity.

For best results dry-brush daily. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to only dry brush twice a week.

It’s important to keep your brush clean. Wash it in warm water with a mild liquid soap once a week. After rinsing thoroughly, allow it to air-dry completely before stowing to prevent mildew or bacteria growth. Lastly when you’re not using your brush, store in a dry, well-ventilated place.

Brush your body, brush your teeth, brush your hair! If you are looking for a great dry brush, you can find them here at https://www.keepingitallnatural.com/home


Whether your hair is natural, or you are wearing a weave, Wild Cherry hair products promote growth and everyday maintenance for your tresses. Depending on how your weave is attached, in lots of cases it can be bothersome to cleanse your scalp effectively, while wearing a full sew in. It might be difficult, but hair grows best on a scalp free of bacteria and dirt, so washing your hair is extremely important to maintain healthy hair while wearing a weave.

Many ladies wear weaves to achieve extra length and thickness, but also with hopes, that by giving their natural hair a break, they will retain more growth. It is true that giving your hair a break from daily manipulation will allow your hair to grow. However, bacteria, fungus and dirt will build up and stop your hair from growing, if you do not keep your scalp clean while wearing a hair weave. Neglecting the scalp while your hair is braided under a weave will create an environment that is not conducive to hair growth. 

Check out Wild Cherry’s Hair Serum on www.Therealcherie.com 


As a small child my idea of beauty was red lips and big hoop earrings. That was the idea I had in my head for my ideal look when I grew up. My mother would never let me wear large earrings as a child, but she always kept me in little hoops. I couldn’t wait for the day I was allowed to wear the big ones. 

Did you know hoop earrings date back to Nubia, a civilization that existed in the fourth century in what is now present-day Sudan?! In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore hoop earrings. Egyptian royalty including queens and pharaohs like Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen and Cleopatra wore gold hoops, but it was the style. For Egyptians, “earrings were seen as something that enhanced one’s beauty and sexuality.”  As a child, my mother told me earrings always make you look beautiful. I never leave the house without a pair on and the few times I have… I actually have stopped in the store and bought a pair, because I felt naked.

I grew up in a white neighborhood and they made sure to let me know my hoops were ghetto! Instead of it making me feel bad, I embraced it! After all, I am originally from Duquesne, PA… not Westlake Village, CA where I went to school. I had NO problem living my true-self and was always PROUD of exactly where I came from. My knowledge of self has always been STRONG even when my mother’s sisters tried their best to reprogram and whitewash me. I love my Blackness and I am proud of it! Some things are innate to who you are! Bamboo earrings are more than a L.L. Cool J song.

How refreshing it was to find out it’s in my blood! It’s a part of who I am… Egyptians that were not royalty were also buried wearing their hoop earrings, to enhance their beauty and appeal in their afterlife.

Hoop earrings are NOT a fashion trend but a fashion staple and a part of our history! 

Also, did you know I have a limited collection of hoop earrings earrings available at https://therealcherie.com/collections/hoop-earrings ?

Smooth Hoop Earrings
Square Hoop Earrings
Textured Hoop Earrings


Today, I received the cutest gift from one of our friends who watches Punky! She made me the most adorable bracelets, not only for me, but also for my daughter. They’re colorful and they fit perfectly. They’re comfortable and they’re made with soft beads. She even put my name on them, and she put Cherie power! My daughter’s says Girl Power, one has a gummy bear and the other a heart and a rainbow! They came beautifully packaged. The most amazing thing is there were made by a young girl named Simone! 

Friendship Bracelets

I am all for entrepreneurship at an early age. These bracelets are a perfect addition for a birthday present, Christmas stocking or even Easter eggs. So, if you wanna support young people and also give beautiful gifts to the girls and the women that you love, please keep Simone in mind. 

I love the positivity reminder on my wrist and the way it makes me smile when I look down at them. Most of the time, it’s really the little things that can brighten your day. And these bracelets do it for me.

Check out her Instagram page




In the middle of doing a Virtual Press Run for our Punky Brewster continuation, I still have a life. I needed a cute outfit quickly where I didn’t have to change my clothes before my interviews today. Then, I remembered this really cute sweatsuit sent to me from Suddenly Forty! It was perfect!! I put it on, and it was comfortable and soft and appropriate for my whole entire day!

I hate rushing, so I always keep a couple of go to outfits right in front of my closet. Because I am one of those people, if I have to search for it, I don’t wear it. I like to grab and go! 

My day was looking like this:

10:50am Rhythm’s Dentist Appointment

11:30am Post Office (gotta mail Cucumbers are Delicious)

11:45am Gas Station

12:00pm Make Lunch

 2:00pm Phone interview

 3:00pm Cook Dinner

4pm-8pm Record Cherie’s World Podcast

8:30pm Rhythm’s Bedtime

45 is a weird age. I still look and feel young but let’s be real, some things are just no longer age appropriate. But I am not tryna look like a grandma either. Thank you Suddenly Forty for keeping it cute! You will get to check it out on the podcast!

You can check out more of their cuteness at www.suddenlyfortyllc.com

Suddenly Forty