Sometimes we don’t get what we want! That’s a good thing. Sometimes we want things for the surface view. Meaning we don’t do our research or look into it deeply enough to know if it’s really for us or not. 

Think about it, if the Universe would have given you everything you asked for, 9 outa 10 you would have found yourself stuck in a place you really didn’t want to be later!

I know for myself there were relationships I felt I wanted; auditions I went on that I didn’t book that had me down for a minute. Then years later, I’m thanking God those relationships did not work and the movie I thought I needed flopped! 

It’s really as easy as the expression, “What’s for you will be yours”. No more, no less. Blessings, lessons and life. Stop stressing!


Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions. To be able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

I was called “Nonchalant” from someone I care about. This is a term that has been thrown in my face several times, mostly by men who were interested in me. It wasn’t until then that I realized what the issue was. 

It took this person to say: 

“When I’m mad, you’re supposed to be mad. When you’re mad, I am mad.” 

I giggled and that made the situation worse. 

Then they said, “Take off your fake ass boxers and stop acting like a man.” 

I giggled again and took a long pause to not be rude with my response but to make my point clear.

“You know what, here let me pass you this THONG because obviously my nuts are bigger than yours. Sit back chill and be a model,” I said calmly with a smile on my face.

“Don’t try to degrade me,” he said meanly.

“Look you are emotional; I am rational and that’s the issue. It’s not that I’m nonchalant, someone has to make shit make sense. It’s called being emotionally intelligent. I can’t go on a rollercoaster of emotions with you because you want me to. That’s NOT how I live my life,” I said.

That was it! At that moment I realized I spent my dating career dating men who were not emotionally intelligent. At that moment I realized all the red flags I had been ignoring prior. 

I promised myself I would never waste my time or energy spending a day with another man who was not Emotionally Intelligent. Due to my career starting at such an early age, I had learned a really important lesson… and that was I have the ability to control my emotions and not just mine but others’ emotions as well! Not in a manipulative way, but I decided when I am going to be happy, upset or pissed off. Nobody else in this world can make me have a bad day but me.


Knowing your own character, values, abilities and emotions at an early age is almost unheard of. Knowledge of self is really the answer to success at living a peaceful life. It’s the key to being emotionally intelligent and keeping yourself mentally healthy. 

For many, it takes them until they are in their 40s to finally get it. The journey being the teacher of wisdom.

I don’t think there is a parent alive who wants to watch their kid fail as they grow up and learn their worth. 

What if I told you this 52-page Affirmation book with attached journal pages was a great start for your teenager? Would u check it out? I can tell you it’s already in my daughter’s library just waiting for her to grow up a little and get a head start on learning just what she was put on this earth to accomplish! It’s really worth checking out!

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Growing up and being able to have a mentor is a great thing. Unfortunately, most mentors don’t come with educational backgrounds in Emotional Intelligence, nor do they teach it. It’s more of a personal thing you have to find or develop yourself because it’s not taught by most parents… I’m 44 years old and still learning. I come from a background where you don’t ask for help. That simply doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us need more than prayer to help us understand our emotions and how to deal with them before they deal with us! 

Surprisingly, it’s not as expensive as most think! Phone or virtual sessions with Coach Rob are available. Personal development sessions are $300, but with a special discount that you can only receive right here at Cherie’s World Podcast, tell him Cherie’s World Podcast sent you and receive $100 off.

So, before you go and buy a purse aka a Bag or some shoes, how about you invest in yourself and your mental health?

I asked Coach Rob if he could tell us about himself and what specifically it is that he can do for us? Here is his answer.

My name is Rob Roberts and I’m a Personal Development Expert. I am an award-winning specialist. I am also the creator of the “Change the Channel” and “FEAR DAM” concepts as well as the creator of the MS Push-up Challenge!

I am devoted to sharing ideas, resources, and tools that will assist you in becoming your best self. 

I specialize in assisting people in relationships, finding their life purpose, overcoming barriers, anxiety, emotional triggers, anger, depression, addiction, improving time-management, and self-discipline. 

I am honored, humbled, and privileged to have been featured in magazines, television talk shows, radio programs, articles, television networks, podcasts, news segments, blogs, newspapers, and a host of other media outlets in numerous countries around the world. 

My goal is simple: Help YOU get to your goals faster. Never be ignored, interrupted, or forgotten again. 

If you would like to know more, you can find Rob at:


Youtube: Muscle to Bone Fitness

Office Number 804-505-5404


Most successful people had help through their journey to success! Get the help you deserve!


To me “stay at home and stay safe” means just that. Keep your ass in the house! That doesn’t mean go over your friend’s house, meet for lunch or dinner. Hanging out with Nobody is more important than keeping my family safe!

I don’t understand why I have to explain to adults why they are NOT welcome to get on the plane and come to my house! 

I am a mommy!  That is my number 1 priority period! You have made your choice… socializing. I get it, it is very important to a mass majority of people and that’s why Covid numbers continue to climb. 

I don’t even go grocery shopping! I’ve been at home period. So even though you feel you are being careful, I ain’t opening my door period! 

Priorities are different for everyone. My priorities are in my house. Stay safe and good luck out there….


I want to give a sincere thank you to all my white friends and family who have a jump and have no problem speaking up about the injustice that’s going on in the world. We see you; we appreciate you. 

The ones who are being silent, trying to pretend like they’re invisible because the conversation is uncomfortable: ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away it only makes them bigger. Black people do not have the power to stop racism. All you who choose to be silent and do nothing, because you refuse to speak up the cycle continues. 

So just as black friends have made mental notes of those who stand with them, we’ve also made mental notes of all who have stayed silent and of all the “All lives matter” and “Blue lives matters,” as well…..Just know we see you! I said what I said, no need to defend yourself or speak up now. Maybe go look in the mirror or have a hard talk with your children, not me. Black families are forced to explain racism to children before they even start school. (The luxury of not having to do so is privilege.)


There are some staple shoes that every woman needs in her closet and that is the power heel! You know the ones that look great with a pair of jeans or a suit? On my search for the perfect heel, I ran across the perfect fit. The toe area is well padded and comfortable. The heel is sturdy and made me feel very secure. It is high, sexy and sophisticated. The best part is it’s a Black Owned and operated company! So, while buying something I love, I am also recycling my black dollars. 

I am excited this fall/winter season to slip on my Jet Black or my Chocolate fine Italian leather Power Heels made by Philip Loving III. Bravo sir… I will be keeping my eyes open to see what’s next for you!

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There are a large number of men and women who seek drama to survive! I have been called uncaring, self-absorbed and indifferent because I’m unable to jump on the soap opera bandwagon of life. This is a tactic that drama kings and queens use to draw you into the mess, so you won’t remain standing on the side. They have to try and figure out a way to reel you in. That makes them feel better. You can’t argue with yourself. They need others’ energy to feed off of to make them feel valid. Validation, get it? It’s all about attention seeking. Every single human on this planet needs attention. Those who weren’t given enough or feel neglected emotionally, usually by a parent, there is a wire not connected correctly in the brain that causes them to seek attention even if it’s in a negative way.

Drama addicts find it very disturbing to see others not get caught up in the drama, while they are in full swing. So, the accusations start to fly. This is when it’s best to stay unbothered. 

Drama is an escape from their reality. My reality is I have made a living controlling others’ emotions but without a paycheck involved, there’s no passion behind it for me. I’d rather have no involvement. 

Breaking away from these types is usually not easy because they hold on. Even conjure up more drama and bring more people into the situation, just to drag the drama a little longer. 

From experience, the best way to handle it is to completely cut them off and ignore them. Soon they will move on and continue the drama elsewhere. Don’t be shocked when they pop up from time to time just to see if they can get a reaction from you! (They always come back, it’s a part of their addictive personality).

Beware of red flags early

  • Insecure
  • Irresponsible 
  • Doesn’t take accountability 
  • Blinded by lust
  • Want to be in a relationship so bad it doesn’t matter if it’s with the right person or not. 
  • Anger and aggression 
  • Emotionally unavailable
  • Dismissive of your feelings
  • Promiscuous

If you see any of these signs if I were you, I would run quickly. I’m the Queen of short sprints from drama! Talk about me if you want to, I’m too far away to CARE enough to want to hear it! You pay none of these bills…


I wish more people understood that the way we think controls our mind, body and spirit. That’s why it’s important that we don’t only nourish our body with great food, but we also nourish our minds with positive thoughts.

Ever heard an older country person get frustrated listening to nonsense conversation and say, “You aint gonna kill me!”

Well, my Grandma was the queen of that phrase! I didn’t understand it when I was young, but Grandma was spitting real game. Our emotions control our overall health. I get told often to ignore when people say ignorant or offensive things to me. Ignoring people, or biting my tongue is not a healthy way for ME personally to deal with it. If that works for you, well fine, but my mental health comes first. I am one of those people whose thoughts will manifest and drive me nuts and because “I aint letting nobody kill me”, as my Grandma use to say. I let those thoughts out quickly, no matter who it is that brought those emotions on. 

There have been studies that correlate the following emotions to these conditions.

Repressed Anger 


Tension headaches

Chronic Back Pain




Heart Palpitations 

Mitral Valve Prolapse


High Blood Pressure 

Heart Disease 


Autoimmune Disorders

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Multiple Sclerosis 

It’s important that we learn how to release these emotions before your body is forced to deal with them.


This week my energy has been totally off! I was not out protesting, but I was on the phone calling the White House, the police stations and the General Attorney’s Office. I am mentally and physically exhausted.

My inbox was full of slick remarks from people who claimed to be “Punky Fans,” but musta forgot I’m the Black friend, then wanted to play victim when I cussed their ass out! (I know I should just ignore them, you guys tell me all the time, but then it festers in me and makes me feel worse. Getting it out keeps me mentally healthy.) 

My daughter felt the tension no matter how hard I tried to hide it! She decided she was going to take charge and change the narrative of my day! She was going to have me do some yoga, exercises, and then meditation! 

I giggled as I realized children have so much common sense! She was reminding me how important self-care is. Even though she doesn’t understand everything that’s going on at 5 years old, she still understands at times we need to step back and take care of self because stress kills! 

They say it’s a parents job to take care of children BUT these children really take care of us! It’s hard to hide the truth from children, but as parents it’s our duty to keep the energy healthy for them!