Let me keep it real. I see all these debates on the internet and laugh. “Who eats first your man or your child?” In my house children eat before anyone, PERIOD. If you have a problem with it, IDGAF because you are not invited over anyway.

“Where do I season my chicken?” The same place I wash it…yes, I wash off my chicken in the sink. (From reading the comments, I learned a lot of people don’t wash off their food, period.) So, IDGAF if you have an issue with that because you aren’t invited to my house anyway!

Bagged salad keeps giving people salmonella. Forgive me for laughing but again there are people who do not wash it. Pour it out the bag into the strainer with a lil vinegar and water and you will be okay. If you don’t wash your bagged lettuce, NO BIGGIE TO ME BECAUSE I AINT COMING TO YOUR HOUSE TO EAT IT!

I am saying all this because it amazes me how we are so tied up emotionally about what other people are doing in their houses. We spend time on this when we could be productive instead of having senseless debates nobody is capitalizing on. WTF are we doing wasting time on social media all day, people? I post once or twice a day that’s it…I can’t take ya’ll serious or give you too much of my time.

Going back to, “I don’t mind making you a plate because I don’t want you in my kitchen,” is a broad statement. I will give the public what I want them to have then I close the door and my life is mine. Everyone doesn’t deserve free range, folks. In 2020, save a little of yourself for yourself and see how much more energetic you are…


Don’t ever be afraid to say what you want. There is power in the tongue and what you put into this universe; you get back. Don’t downplay the importance of things in your life. Your subconscious will start to believe you do not need it so you will block it from coming into your life.

You have to believe you are worthy! Your intellectual ability is enough. Wherever you are in your life. Whether you went to college or not. Your passion is enough. Your desires are valid. You deserve success at whatever it is you desire. Now you have to claim it, speak it and believe it! The only difference between you and the person who is doing what you what to do is they worked 24/7 and believed in themselves, even when others did not! No’s aren’t final to successful people; they simply mean not right now.

Your mind holds onto energy!  Have you have been around people who have programmed you to second guess yourself and make you feel you don’t deserve your desires? You have to let go of all those things that have been said to you by others. You do not have to adopt their belief system. If you were told you are anything but great, let all those thoughts go! They no longer have to be your thoughts.

Try it and stop blocking your blessings today. You are amazingly powerful and can attract anything you want out of life.


You can NOT push a man or force him to be vulnerable with you. It is just not going to happen. Men choose who they are willing to be open with, just as they choose a wife. All you can do is create a safe nonjudgmental place, so if he does choose to share with you, he won’t feel it will be taken as a sign of weakness. If he doesn’t choose to share, Sis, you aint the one! (Just being honest.)

Brothas, please don’t be fake vulnerable just to get sex. (That’s when we treat you like a sucka, we feel that shit.) That’s the weakest, most disrespectful shit in the world. When men are vulnerable, they allow their partners into their lives. Their partner feels closer to them, which then leads to improvement in every aspect of the relationship.

Vulnerable men teach women something about themselves that allows women to understand them, and why they are together romantically better.  If you are looking for a truly compassionate and an intimate partner, let her into your emotional life. You will be surprised once you do how much more attracted to you she will be. Women run off emotion while men run off rationale so let me make it plain for you men. Stop making it all about sex and make it about her emotions and it will lead you to having more sex! If I didn’t explain that rationally enough, I can’t help you. LOL.


Here are 10 “I am too wealthy” sayings I think all women should live by:

  1. I am too wealthy and I will not sell my soul to prosper.
  2. I am too wealthy to waste my time with people who don’t deserve my time.
  3. I am too wealthy to spend my time around people who have no drive and aspiration.
  4. I am too wealthy not to take control and be the driver of my own career.
  5. I am too wealthy to let other people control my emotions.
  6. I am too wealthy to waste my time and gossip or try to bring down another woman.
  7. I am too wealthy not to keep my word.
  8. I am too wealthy to owe anyone.
  9. I am too wealthy not to know my self-worth.
  10. I am too wealthy not to recognize opportunity when it is in front of my face.

Just as I am wealthy, so are you. Learn your self-worth and make sure everyone who shares your space acknowledges it as well.


At the age of 14 if you walked in my room, you would find my walls covered with black and white print ads torn from the pages of a magazine! I wanted to paint my walls black, lol, my mom wasn’t having it so I created my own way! There were a lot of Guess ads with Anna Nicole Smith everywhere and Michael Jordan had a series of Nike ads in Black and White. I became obsessed with magazines. Essence, Black Enterprise, Vogue, Elle, Allure and Cosmopolitan were all subscribed to. Editorials became my favorite. I was holding on to the dream of going to college to major in Architecture and Minor in Journalism. Yes, I was on TV but that wasn’t my dream, it was just what I had fun doing.

I am telling you this story about myself to share with you the power of manifestation. I know, I know, here I go again. Truthfully, I was eating lunch with my brother, Dallas 3 years ago and he said, “Right now, if you could be doing anything you want for a living, what would it be?” I laughed and said, “I want to write for a living full time and be a homeschool mom.” Fast forward 2 years. I am homeschooling and in November 2018, I was promoted from my part time gig at Fever Magazine to a full-time job as Assistant Editor! I manifested that shit and it all started with a teenage passion! I am a creative person and very eccentric. I am kinda like Lynn from Girlfriends, in the sense that doing just 1 thing forever is not my journey or my goal! Acting only did not fulfill me, I needed more. It is an awesome foundation that has given me a platform to stand on to achieve other things. I am not saying I quit acting, I’m saying I am more than an actress. I love setting goals and get a total high off achieving them. I also get a huge high watching others achieve their own goals. That is why I am sharing this story to encourage you to manifest your own reality! Good luck, you got this!


Photo Credit: YouTube

The best thing you can do is teach your child that TV and YouTube are for entertainment ONLY! If you do that, then you don’t have to worry about the MOMO challenge!

I showed the MOMO lady to my 4-year-old and she said, “That lady’s costume is ugly!” I told her the things the lady was telling children to do. Her words back to me were, “Mom, don’t worry. I wouldn’t kill myself, that’s stupid. I will tell you, no matter what anyone says.” I was truthful with her and told her the lady tells kids if they tell their parents, she will show up in their bedroom. My daughter laughed and said she’s not real…

Long story short, teach children fact from fiction and your worries won’t be so high. Growing up on TV I have learned firsthand.  It’s an important lesson a lot of the population does NOT TEACH! Grown adults have difficulties between TV and what’s real. Here is where common sense can be taught, people!


I watched Jordyn’s Red Table interview with Jada. It was heartfelt.  She learned some grown up lessons about watching your surroundings and about how easily life can change from one choice. As far as the Kardashians and the victim role, while Khloe is my favorite, what I’ve learned about life is Karma is real, okay. Once your Karma is equal, it’s what you do with it that matters.

I get it, the Kardashians are a household name, and many look up to them. Their hustle game is OUTSTANDING and I applaud it. But let’s look at Karma facts.

How soon these people forget. Let me remind you:

Kim and Chyna were good friends before Kylie got with Chyna’s man. Kim hooked up with Kanye while he was still with Amber.  Khloe did Trina dirty by hooking up with French and some basketball player, I can’t remember his name, but Trina was with him at the time.  Khloe got with Tristan while his gf was 7 months pregnant. Let’s not forget Liza Morales, the woman who spent 10 years with Lamar Odom, Khloe’s first husband, who she married within 4 weeks of knowing him.

It’s no coincidence she always gets the shit end of the stick. In life, sometimes we get what we give. It’s not over for you, Khloe. Now that your Karma is equal, what are you gonna do with it? If I was her real friend, this is what I would ask her. Then, I would hug her and encourage her to keep it moving. Jordyn didn’t ruin your family, love. The way a relationship starts is often how they end. It’s okay you have a beautiful daughter, so everything happens for a reason.


Raising kids does not have to cost a fortune. With just a little time and effort, you can provide yourself and your child with all life’s necessities: healthy meals, cool clothes, and enriched opportunities, and still stick to a budget.

  • Determine how much you can afford each month and stick to the budget.
  • Explain to your child that you live on a budget and family needs come before wants.
  • Shop around for the best deals on food and clothing. Take advantage of outlets, wholesale, and thrift stores.
  • Buy food in season and freeze bread and milk.
  • Make family meals and baby food from scratch. Save on the expense of formula and breast feed, if you can.
  • Pack school lunches instead of buying.
  • When you go out to dinner, split adult meals between children instead of ordering from the children’s menu.  It often comes out cheaper.
  • Use coupons for entertainment, restaurants, and haircuts. I love Groupon.com.
  • Visit parks, zoos and museums for inexpensive entertainment.
  • Find bargains at yard sales and in classified ads.
  • Let it be known that you like hand-me-downs. Keep them organized.
  • Investigate high-priced items by borrowing from a friend first.


When I turned 30, I made a new list of rules for myself.

  1. No more letting people borrow money that they never pay back!
  2. No more paying for women to have abortions! 
  3. No more accepting collect calls!
  4. No more taking care of other people’s children!
  5. No more feeling guilty and doing things I don’t want to do!
  6. No more going places because other people want me to go!
  7. No more meeting people’s families so they can prove they know me!
  8. I was tired of being the birthday clown. (Yes, people ask for you to come over like I’m a birthday present to someone.  It’s weird)!
  9. No more fake friends.  I’d rather spend my days alone!
  10. No more dating groupies (male groupies are just as bad as women)!
  11. No more driving people around like I’m a taxi!
  12. And last but not least, no more putting other people’s needs in front of my own!

I received an inspirational text from my friend Keeland Ellis that I will never forget. He told me, “Have no friends who do not equal you. Watch those that you don’t know who are always wanting to be with you, and those who are wanting to be like you!”

I wish he would have told me this straight out of high school but he told me on time because not only did I hear every word of it, but I understand it now so I guess that’s an example of God’s time.


Model : Sabrina Blanks

Most (70%) black women are single.  It’s not uncommon, so don’t be depressed anymore about spending Valentine’s Day with the person you love most: yourself.  Guess what else?  According to the Office for National Statistics, fewer people than ever are choosing to get married.  The number of 25 to 45-year-old women who live alone has doubled over the past two decades, with twice as many single women buying properties as single men.  So, what does this mean?  More and more women are choosing the single life and are doing (quite well) for themselves.

Alone does not have to mean lonely.

  • Go out to see a movie of your choice that is super girly and leaves you feeling good and happy.
  • Take yourself out to a three-course dinner at a restaurant that serves amazing food.
  • Put on your favorite Pandora channel and have a dance party.
  • Make a list of why you are beautiful, then post it on your bathroom mirror. Read it every time you look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Clean out your closet and donate all the clothes you don’t feel hot and healthy in to charity.
  • Read a feel-good book from cover to cover.
  • Take a luxurious bubble bath with organic essential oils or flower petals. Light some candles for ambiance.
  • Put on your pretty lingerie for you to enjoy and eat that box of chocolates bought for you by you!
  • Put on a little black dress and go out dancing.
  • Purchase some of your favorite healthy food and make yourself a delicious meal, eaten by candlelight.  Don’t forget that sexy glass of wine.
  • Take a dance class.
  • Have a spa day at home. Look up organic treatments you can give yourself, such as a mayo hair mask and cucumber slices on your eyes.
  • Play a musical instrument.
  • Take a yoga class.
  • Enjoy the quiet and Meditate.
  • Write a love letter to yourself.
  • Make a vision board of the kind of things you want to attract into your life.
  • Deep clean a room in your house.
  • Create some artwork.

The day is about love. Take the time to love yourself and do something that is fulfilling to you!