If you had any doubt in your mind, you are beautiful! You are beautiful because of the DNA running through your veins. You are the makings of royalty true Kings and Queens. ALL life began with you. Your gift is your blackness! 

Stand proud in it, your skin is a gift. All that see it, know it. You will age beautifully and stand the test of time. Your skin will take you on many journeys a lot of the world will never be able to fathom. In every situation hold your head high, you were chosen for this journey because the most high knew the average couldn’t handle it. He has made no mistakes and you are perfectly made.

Be unapologetically you, love you, the world doesn’t have to love you! They do have to respect you. Your voice is the most powerful, they will hear you. Your bloodline is full of fighters, so you stand up and stand proud. Even when you feel alone your forefathers are counting on you to make sure your existence is known.

Yes, we are being murdered, we are being objectified, but now is the time for us to finally become unified! Black and Brown need to stand together. Let’s not forget Mexico was our ally and gave us refuge. We need to come back together as one until the mighty fight is won! 


Emulation is the highest form of flattery! They love your culture; they love your music and your food but are too fragile to ever wear your skin. Their DNA is different than yours! We hold genetics connected to ALL, while they hold genetic connection to ONE!   

This is why the oppressor has implemented an education system that plays on the self-esteem of our brown and black children as early as the tender age on 5. Please remember SLAVERY IS NOT OUR HISTORY! SLAVERY IS WHITE’S HISTORY! That is their doing, their legacy, not ours!

We were Kings, Queens, Doctors, Lawyers, Healers, Architects, Creators… Brothers and sisters continue in your legacy! Continue your greatness as if none of them have the power to affect you. Be positive, be a force, leave your mark, and make them RESPECT YOU! MOST important LOVE yourself and know you were born perfectly imperfect. BE naturally unapologetically you! 




My daughter takes Taekwondo. I’m very vocal about her taking Taekwondo, yet black people still want to say, “So how long has she been taking karate?” 

When I look at them and I say, “She has never taken karate, she takes taekwondo.” They look back at me and say, “Same thang. “

Martial Arts is the umbrella…

Taekwondo is Korean.

Very little is known of the exact origins of karate before it appeared in Okinawa, but one popular theory states that it came from India over a thousand years ago, brought to China by a Buddhist monk called Bodhidarma (“daruma” in Japanese).

You are the same people who think China, Korea same thing. Yes, they are Asian but culture and customs are not the same.

Spinach and collard greens are both greens but far from the same thang, right? Soul food, Cuban, Jamaican and Puerto Rican food are all prepared differently with different flavors. 

Please Stop Saying “Same Thing” quickly about something u simply don’t know about, it’s okay. Take the correction and learn from it, instead of being ignorant and refusing to learn.

“Back in my day, it was all Karate,” said to me by a man who was tryna Mack to me. No Sir, back in your Day, it was all you were exposed too…(side eye turned all the way off)



As I grow, so do my dreams and aspirations. I’m so tired of hearing coronavirus and corona that. Those are all things that I cannot control. I don’t know what’s going on in the outside world and quite frankly I’m really not missing it. I’m feeling at peace and very tranquil in my own home. I really like my home and I really like being home with those who matter the most.

Right now is a great time for everybody to sit back and manifest their dreams. This is a reminder of how short life really is and how life can change in the blink of the eye. 

So why do so many live their lives doing things that they really don’t want to do? 

Sure, many will say to pay the bills but as we see money comes and money goes. When it’s all over, all we really ever have are our memories. So, please take time to tell those that you care about that you love them and make great memories for your life. Even if it means we have to live outside the box, even if it means we have to fail nine times. 

I failed a lot but one thing that I can say is I have no regrets because every time I failed, I failed at doing exactly what I wanted to do. Most of the time, things don’t work. 2% of the time it does. I’ll take that 2% over the never trying.

I am wishing you all peace, love and happiness and that you’re using this time to find out what truly makes you happy. Find your passions, find your truth and come out back into the world and take every single thing that belongs to you. I believe in you and I love you…



“A brain full of fear has no place for dreams.” You determine what you fill your storage spaces in life with! Life choices (think about it).

If you have dreams, goals or aspirations, now is your time! You can do a little every day to bring you closer to those goals. 

During this time, you have been given a gift that you almost never have, and that’s extra time! You could use these moments wisely, or on social media reading all of the if ands or buts and watching all the entertaining videos.

Do you want to write a script or a book? Take that writers class I’ve been posting. Do you want to start your own business? Now’s the time to write your blueprint. You want to be an actor, take some classes online! Don’t just focus on the craft but learn the business. I teach a virtual class, check out the shop page.

Take this time to prepare to be a better version of yourself. You got this, being quarantined isn’t that bad. It’s all how you look at it. Personally, my life didn’t change much, and I am enjoying the quiet time but I am an introvert…so I understand everyone else is not. You deserve to have this ME time. Enjoy it! 



Ladies, please explain to me the logic of fighting another woman over a cheating man. I understand the logic of both of you fighting him. I will never embarrass myself fighting any woman over a cheating man. (Cherie Johnson Is 2 cool for that.) If women banned together, men would stop. Other women owe you nothing, baby. It’s that man who owes you the loyalty and respect! 

If he’s a cheater and dumb enough to get caught, he deserves to be single. People can only continue to do to you what you accept.

I don’t even care if the other woman is your friend! Ladies hear me out.  If she was willing to take it there, at least you know where your friendship stands. Trust me I’ve been through this one firsthand. Only thing is he was loyal and disgusted by her advancements. There was no need to even confront her, he set her straight. It’s been years and I’ve never felt the need to say anything. What’s the point?  She made it known where I stand in her life and knowing makes me smile. You don’t need to trip ladies. Trust if she got turned down, she will live with that guilt. It’s not up to you to correct another woman’s behavior.  Correct the one you’re claiming and love. 

Let me repeat, “People can only continue to do to you what you accept.” Even though she and I didn’t have it out, she’s no longer a fixture in my home. See I control the energy I keep around me. It’s that easy when people NO longer serve the purpose of making you happy, you change your environment. Karma is real you ain’t gotta fight nobody, let everyone live in their own universal Karma.

(BTW ladies, cheating men are laughing at you when you’re fighting the other woman. It takes the attention off of them.)



I was raised to believe that my voice is powerful. I was raised to believe to always stand up from whatever felt good in my soul. I was raised to believe that my voice, my opinions and my thoughts matter. I was told repeatedly from my mother,

“Cherie, there is nothing in this world that you cannot do.” 

Because of that I believe. Simply because she believed.

My confidence is often confused for cockiness. My intelligence is often confused for sassiness. My outspokenness is often confused for being an angry black woman.

Those are misconceptions and stereotypes that people who don’t believe in themselves like to put on others. Those people who are less confident or haven’t figured out their self-worth or have yet to find knowledge of self or their own power… Have problems understanding how one person could possibly make a difference.

One person walking through life simply being kind to every person they come in contact with can change many people’s lives. Positivity and kindness really go a long way. We all have power in us to change the course of human existence as we know it. 

Unfortunately, many of us end up walking through life with no idea of our power. Simply because we weren’t raised by people who believed in themselves.

The best gift we can give our children is to believe in their dreams. Thank you, Mommy, for always believing in mine. 



I’m sleepless I’m up thinking how society tells me my double D tits should have gotten me a lot further by 40 years old than they have. Now they say they’re starting to droop, my time is expiring. Society didn’t take my royal melanin into consideration, I look in my 20’s…

They say I’m beautiful with a great career. I’m considered successful by most but the oxymoron is I’m a single mother.

Society rings loud the failure of not having a man’s last name. Society says I as a woman must long to wear a big white dress and be subservient to a man. It’s my duty to serve a him…

Who is he? I’ve read all the fairy tales, even kissed a few frogs. Does he exist? I do not know, all I’ve met is disappointment and continuously scolded how, “Nobody is perfect, nobody will… be perfect I must accept someone’s flaws and settle down,” but all I hear is Settle.

I am not comfortable in settling, not even with myself. But I am comfortable with self. Society needs to listen when I say I have no interest to share my bed, to share my bathroom or my home. I’m nobody’s maid. I’m not doing a man’s laundry. I don’t enjoy doing my own. I’m not a maid, a cook or therapist of adult emotion. I’m an entertainer I control your emotions. 

I will Not serve or submit or Settle, as I am just not her….I’ve tried. I am not a man’s helpmate. Society needs to stop trying to correct me and tell me I just haven’t met him yet. Trying to convince me that the 20 year goose chase I was on while dating them was not successful ….the success was finding what I lost …..self. Energy transfer is real, I am more comfortable single. The most laid back person has bad days if you care without cautions, those can become your bad days. 4 years ago my goose chase stopped and I’ve never been happier. I’m single.

I never played wedding or wife. I never fantasized about the day or the life after…I always knew I wanted a daughter and I got that! 

I knew I would entertain and I got that.

Society says these Double Ds shoulda open doors, got me a raise, a house, a car, a new family but I would lose or hyphenate my name to carry the name of a forefather I don’t know but let go of my grandfather whom was hands down the best man I will ever know.
Society says I need to pay for a piece of paper, legal fees,  a wedding, a reception, then joint taxes. 

Society is money hungry looking for ways to fill their collection plates.

Society can kiss my ass. I think for myself as I live for myself as I now know how to Love myself. A man is merely a trinket all women don’t desire to hold on to the same trinkets till death do them part….
By Anonymous–



Yes, I am a grown ass man and admit being a King and never a prince has caused me issues in my adult life. See my father left my mother with 4 children to take care of. By the grace of God, entertainment has my back so I was blessed with good jobs that support my family. Meaning my mother and siblings. I became my mother’s King instead of her son.
It was my house we lived in instead of hers. It was my choice what we ate for dinner…because of these allowances from my mother, she in return became my Queen.

At the age of 15, I met a beautiful girl who I fell in love with. She was perfect in every innocent way possible. This had nothing to do with dating or sex but in my mind I had long term plans for her. She was indeed going to be my wife one day when we were both ready. Only problem my mother despised that idea. Which at the time baffled me. This young lady was also in the entertainment business, she was beautiful inside and out and extremely hard working. How my mother could find fault or flaws within her made no sense. 
I always wanted to be my mother’s hero so I sat my feelings aside. I am now 45 years old and never pursued that young girl the way I wish I would have because of my mother. Truth be told I am 4 babies mommas in now, single again and never have been in love again. I have traveled, dated and done all I could to find that feeling I had as a teenager. Long story short that perfect, flawless, love of my life hates my mother because of her antics (understandably so my mother was very rude to her for no reason) and has moved on. She is now married with a family.

I admit to living a self destructive lifestyle. It started as a teenager as a way of rebellion. Which continued as an adult due to my issues with substance abuse. (I am working on it.) The relationship with my mother is strained. I was her cash cow which left me pretty penniless and struggling. I struggle to support my own children because my Queen’s children (my siblings) were well taken care of by me. Please don’t get it twisted, I’m thankful I was able to do for my family but because of it, I am NOT able to do the same for my children. Which gets me labeled as a deadbeat Dad by circumstance because the “Assumption” of all entertainers is We are Rich! 

I am writing this as a grown man to single mothers trying to raise boys. Please don’t make your son your King! Kings need examples, Queens. It’s okay to allow young men to be a Prince. They need time to learn and grow as a male before they are forced into manhood. No son should bare the responsibility of a grown Queen. I am not just blaming my mother, my father was a coward and dead wrong for allowing me to bare his responsibility. Cherie is my homegirl and I understand this is advice for my sistas so please don’t feel attacked. 
Had my Momma allowed me to date that young girl, my whole life could be different. We could have been an amazing force together. She is still beautiful inside and out and working as hard as ever. She’s remained successful without me. She is what I needed. Sure it may not have worked, but I would have learned that on my own if my mother would have allowed it. I needed to learn that on my own. Now I live with “what if’s” and NO healthy female relationships including the relationship with my mom! 
I see a cycle Queens, I am not the only King….




I have heard a lot of people say women need to hang out with women. Women have no business having male friends. That’s crazy to me because the majority of my friends are male! I’ve been told I must have issues, hahaaha. Obviously, I do. We all do. While that may be true, I have lifelong female friends but everyone who knows me knows I prefer my male friends, and this is why……

I don’t have to pay for my male friends to do shit! (Not food or drinks or buying them gas or paying for a plane ticket)

My male friends help me make money! My female friends help me spend it! (With the exception of one.) 

My male friends don’t keep tabs on our friendship.

There’s no expectations and they don’t make me feel like a bad person because I haven’t called! (I have shit to do. I dunno how women have all kinda free time to talk about NOTHING.)

I don’t wanna talk about NOTHING! I don’t like talking on the phone!

I’m 44 years old, I don’t do sleepovers. Was never really into them, it’s weird. I like my own space. Even outa town like I’m grown. No, I don’t wanna share a hotel room! 

I only wanna go to the bathroom when I have to pee I don’t wanna go to the bathroom because you have to pee. Like you can do it without me right?

My male friends don’t wanna borrow my clothes! 

They don’t wanna do my hair!

They don’t wanna do my makeup!

(I only do my hair and makeup when I have to work, I don’t enjoy it)

My male friends are satisfied with the way they look! Females are so unsatisfied with themselves they always tryna convince me what I need to get done too. (GTFOH) I don’t even wanna comb my hair! 

I really don’t give a shit what he or she said. Honestly, I don’t care! 

Males attitudes are consistently the same! You can answer the phone for a woman at 12 p.m. and she will call u back at 3 p.m. and be a whole different person with a whole different attitude. Women are highly emotional, and I tend to be a empath so my energy can’t take it. Women suck my energy dry and I’m exhausted and need a nap when they finally shut up.

I personally prefer rationality over emotions and I’m not good with neediness. 

Watch, a lot of women will be butt hurt by this blog! It’s a blog and I don’t even know you… why you mad? 

(Ima go sit in the corner with the guys and laugh. They’re happy.) 



I live with a sense of urgency; everything is right now!

Nothing can wait…everything must be done right now. There’s no go with the flow, I create my own. It’s 0 -100 all the time. Yes, it gets on my own nerves. It’s not that Ima afraid tomorrow won’t come because I know it’s coming faster than I’d like it to be here. I live with a passion and a purpose. I never want to do just enough to get by. My passion and purpose seem like controlling and pushy to people who can’t understand. I myself am living on purpose for a purpose. I have things to do and many goals to complete. My list stays full because as soon as I check one off my list, I’ve added ten more. It’s who I am. I’ve learned to embrace it.  It’s just a part of me. I don’t know how to be comfortable or satisfied. 

I’m satisfied with myself, but I know my potential and I have yet to reach it. So, I have work to do.

I push for things to happen and I control my life to make it happen, because I have manifested it already. I’ve seen it and plotted it out in my head at least 100 times. (Yes, everything, even this blog. Thought about it for 3 days before I’m actually writing it.) Not sure of the purpose yet and why I feel the urge to share but I’m sure I will find that out later.

Hit the ground running. Stop and take water breaks while manifesting your next step. Sure, it’s exhausting at times, but I woke up at 3 a.m., with a purpose, Lol. I needed to start my day by writing you this. Good morning and good luck achieving your dreams. Don’t worry if everyone around you doubts you. Believe in yourself and create your own way! (It’s okay, be passionate, be pushy! Get what you want outa life) Live with urgency! Yes, it’s exhausting but it’s worth it!