Mommy, a mother like you is more priceless than any precious stone! You are fiercer than any historical hero, you are truly my everything. The best grandmother ever put on this earth! If I can be half the woman I’ve witnessed in you, I’d have gone above and beyond anything to be expected.

It’s been 24,018 days since your birth. There have been 813 full moons since you have been on this earth. These are reasons why you are the wisest woman I know. Happy Birthday sweet lady from me and your Grandbaby! I pray this crazy year brings you more peaceful days than you have ever felt and the happiest memories yet!

Did you know you were born on a Saturday and your Life Path number is 9? Your life path #9 represents selflessness, forgiveness and creativity. So, it’s natural that you are the philanthropist, humanitarian, socially conscious, and are deeply concerned about the state of the world. (Makes sense huh?) You spent your life taking care of everyone around you.)

You have always been a Mother to the whole neighborhood. Thank you for being the mother to so many motherless. I feel honored to be your daughter, they aint never made another one like you. It’s Friday and there are only 97 days remaining until the end of the year. I promise to remind you every single day just how wonderful you are! You are truly a fierce beautiful Rockstar! I love you, Happy Birthday, my precious Momma!


Andrea, our homeschool advisor, just reminded me that if my daughter’s education was like everyone else’s, she would just be starting Kindergarten this month. With the Covid pandemic, I have been reassured and have confirmation I made the right choice for my child!

I know I wouldn’t be comfortable with her starting school and expected to be able to obey social distancing rules! Social distancing isn’t natural for adults, much less a room full of 5 to 6 year old children. It’s an unrealistic expectation. Also is a slight punishment. While I understand all parents cannot afford to homeschool, I am thankful I have been blessed enough to make a way.

Not only would she had been bored in Kindergarten but homeschool children now have the most consistent education out of regular school children. Bravo homeschool parents for choosing the path least taken and going against the grain. Living outside the box really feels good right now. I thank God I didn’t listen to the masses who questioned my choice. My daughter started her schooling at 3 years old when she requested and persisted that she was ready for Kindergarten. The fact that she knew all the states in the USA and was speaking, counting and knew her ABC’s in English and Spanish made the choice easy. Her whole education has been self-led.

Some friends and family voiced their opinions on how I was not making the right choice for my child and had conversations behind my back. I laugh at them now that my child is 5 years old and skating into 4th grade like a boss. Still self-driven, still on her own schedule.

She has been a pure joy and we have had no meltdowns through Covid about her being bored or lonely. She actually thinks Covid has been fun. She says she enjoys Taekwondo online and likes not having to go to the Dojang 4 days a week. She was little bummed out about soccer being cancelled but she shortly got over it, knowing it was okay for her to FaceTime her teammates.

She is fully aware of what’s going on and is okay with not risking her health for fun. FaceTime playdates have become a thing and she has adjusted with ease.

We are looking forward to starting 4th grade and incorporating a few new curriculums this school year. Enjoy and good luck, may all of our kiddos be safe and have a successful school year!


I walked in the room and noticed my child sitting on the couch reading. She never looked up or noticed me taking pictures of her. Her Titi Jacelyn bought her a set of Children’s Encyclopedia Britannica books with a Quiz it Pen. She absolutely loves them. She loves to travel (Mixture of her Mom and Dad there). But she’s not letting Covid slow her down. Physically she can’t get on that plane but mentally she’s been to every continent. 

Little one reading

I am blessed to have introduced my child to the love of story very early! I started reading to her when she was still in the womb. Research shows reading to our children and talking to them about what we are reading increases a child’s IQ. 

I know for a lot of parents it’s frustrating when your child stops you while you are reading to them to discuss what’s happening on that page. Actually, stopping and letting them get their thoughts out and talking it through with them will help their reading comprehension later. It also helps develop a deep love for reading later. 

Take the time to cuddle up and enjoy your little one. It’s a great way to treasure those little precious moments of time we will never get back. Reading time has become a special part of our days. Even though she can read to herself now doesn’t mean I’ve stopped reading to her. Read alouds are a part of our school routine as well as Big Baby and Momma time. I’m getting every cuddle I can in while she still enjoys it! 

Keep in mind please while they are young you have the chance to shape their whole life. Children with better reading skills achieve higher test scores in every school subject and have a greater knowledge than those who don’t.


Well this time of the year we would usually be on a beach somewhere spending time together as a family. This year we are taking some extra precautions but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all the fun! 

Arts and Crafts is always a fun time in my house. Through arts and crafts, children get to exercise their fine motor skills, stretch their little imaginations, be creative and work independently. 

Art is great for self-esteem, as it gives children a great sense of achievement when they have completed their task. It’s a great and safe way to make mistakes and learn sometimes your mistakes can lead you to a whole new idea! It gives them a opportunity to work on their communication skills as they explain their creations to others! 

Arts and crafts is a weekly staple in my home that brings so much joy to all whom visit. 

Seashell Kit

The seashell kit was a Christmas purchase from Five Below last year! 


It’s official: we have a 6-year-old! I swear I blinked my eyes and she’s 6 but I was just pregnant yesterday. I was so sad for my daughter that she wasn’t able to have the birthday party she started planning out loud just after Christmas. Even though she couldn’t have a party, no way was I going to allow the day to go by without making a big deal out of it! 

Months ago, she decided that she wanted a Pac-Man themed party because my mother bought her an arcade size Pac-Man! So, Party City doesn’t exactly sell Pac-Man themed anything and I refuse to go out shopping. This was going to have to be a DYI party made from things I already have! I went running in the garage to make it do what it do! 

I was able to find yellow and red tissue paper for wrapping gifts. Perfect my mother is the queen of making pompoms outa them! I found lanterns from a few years ago, (I think her Doc McStuffins party) some blue napkins I made into a happy birthday banner by punching holes at the top and stringing through ribbon with cut outs of Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man and every color ghost I made out of construction paper. (Sorry I won’t show because her name is on it) but I was pleasantly surprised it came out really cute and didn’t look like napkin on a string, lol. 

Pac-Man Ghost Decoration

Note to self: Always save old party supplies, they came in handy! 

But then the cake…yes, I can bake but I never made a cake that mattered how it looked and I had never used fondant but that’s what YouTube is for right! Thank God she only picked Pac-Man so I was able to make it work and keep her quiet while I was tryna figure out fondant because I had to cut a big piece out of the cake.  Which BTW, my family says it tasted better than the expensive unicorn cake I bought the year prior! I’m having second career thoughts. Just joking, the kitchen is not my favorite room in the house! But I pulled it off and she loved it. DON’T LOOK CLOSE but not too bad for a first attempt and I made a maybe $5 cake that tasted better than the $125 cake I paid for a year prior! (Yes, I feel like a fool.) I made a bunch of pizza and called it a day! 

Thank God for Zoom! Her family all got on the internet at the same time to sing “Happy Birthday” from Thailand, Singapore, Cleveland, Washington DC, Texas, California, Maine, Chicago, NC and more.

My brother Mark called her before she went to bed to ask if she had a good time. She said all excited, “It was the best birthday ever! Everyone got to come to my party and usually you have to work, and everyone can’t be at the same place at one time. It was Amazing!” (I had to exit stage left and go in the other room for a moment and cry while I thanked God.) She’s six but she’s Got it! She was excited and appreciative about having her family close and that’s really what celebrations are about! There was NO NEED to spend a lot of money for 1 day. All she needed was to see her village! Thank you, family, for all being there for her! 

Huge lesson for me by my child, her $5 birthday party was her best yet! Money spent means nothing, but LOVE is everything! 


My daughter has no idea how my cousins and I used to write letters, get spankings over long distance phone calls! It would be months or years even in-between times we got to see one another. Now she gets to see her cousins weekly no matter where they live, including the ones in Singapore. 

Now my daughter and her cousins FaceTime each other while playing Roblox and Minecraft! It’s mind blowing and amazing how times have changed! WiFi has truly changed everything about our lives. It’s simply amazing. I really wish my grandfather was alive to see how far technology has come, he would be super amazed. Unfortunately, he died in 93 so I never got to text message him…

Her big cousin in Boston and her big cousin in North Carolina and her friends in California, all playing with her at the same time during quarantine! It’s absolutely amazing. Before quarantine I was not big on her spending a lot of time on her iPad but at the moment it’s an amazing way to stay in touch with those she loves. Summertime is the time to catch up with family and do vacations! Since we are unable to do any of that, this will always be known as the Roblox summer! 



Everyone loves to share nostalgia with their children, things that brought them happiness when they were growing up. It’s amazing how almost every 70s baby’s childhood is being wiped away one by one. Wow, we might all be a little dramatic when it comes to things that we love going away…like when I heard about them taking away the Twinkie. Twinkies are back! But I got anxiety about Twinkies for no reason.

Then, it was the closure of Toys R Us!  It was the first place I took my daughter to pick out her own toys. Yes, we still have Target & Walmart but it’s just not the same as rewarding a child and taking them to the toy store. Buying toys online is not the same as a child walking down the aisle of a toy store and being drawn to a certain item by that exciting magic.

Oh Chuck E. Cheese, I will miss the smell, the sounds of laughter, the salad bar, the look on my daughter’s face when you came from out the back in your costume and the birthday parties with the singing puppets! The skee-ball machine and all the tickets. Oh, those tickets brought more smiles than candy! Getting to pick a toy to take home was everything. I still have our play cards and coins. I promised my baby we would use them when social distancing was over… I don’t have the heart to tell her yet! Ima just let this one play out and not make a big deal about it. The exciting thing is there will be something new. Hopefully, they won’t serve beer!  

Bye bye, Chuck E Cheese…


My daughter said to me today, “I wish KIAN was open, Mommy.” 

“Why baby, you want me to go to work?” I asked her.

“I need a spa day, Mommy!” she said to me.

I giggled, what in the world does a 5-year-old know about a spa day?! Well plenty… her Auntie and Mommy are the owners of one. She has become accustomed to walking into a swanky spa in Bel Harbor off Collins Avenue, and receiving a massage and facial while we are trying to work and keep her busy. I understand quarantine has come with some challenges and change to her schedule but most of all, it has changed the fact she isn’t able to spend time with many she cares about. 

Even though Taekwondo is online, she can’t hug her teachers, see her friends, her Aunties, Uncles or the KIAN Staff. She misses them all so much. For a young child, missing people they love is hard.

Self-care makes everyone feel better, and it’s not just for adults, children appreciate it too. It was time for me to become her personal nail technician and massage therapist. First, I made her a bubble bath. When she got out, after I assisted her drying off, I laid her down and gave her a full body rub down. We finished the afternoon off with a pedicure, finger sandwiches and tea. LOL 

Spa Day

One of her Christmas presents was an Orbeez foot spa I found at 5 And Below and her Taekwondo Master bought her a set of polishes and charms. No better time to pull them out and ask her, “What color do you want your nails?”

Spa Day

She loved it! After her treatments her attitude changed, and she enjoyed walking around the rest of her day with her unicorn robe on. Everyone deserves an off day, even children!


“Ouch Mommy, it hurts when I bite!” My daughter said.

“Let me see, baby?” I asked her.

I reached in her mouth and felt a wiggle.

“Oh my God, baby. Your tooth is loose!” I screamed with joy.

She jumped up from the dining room table “Mommy 💕 that means the tooth fairy is coming soon,” she yelled.

“Yes, she is. Wow, Scootcha your first tooth is going to come out soon!” I told her while hugging her.

May 13, 2020 during Covid Quarantine and I get a reminder that life still goes on. My baby is growing out right before my eyes. And the biggest blessing out of quarantine is I don’t have to miss not one minute of it. Time is flying by. I swear it seems like she was just born yesterday now she’s about to lose a tooth. I mean I knew this day was coming and I’m totally prepared for it. By morning, there will be a tooth fairy door installed in her wall. I probably bought the kit when she was like six months old just because I thought it was so cute.

I gave her a Pete the Cat book because in my house, Pete the Cat is a really big deal! So, it’s been sitting in the closet probably for about six months. I found this cute little tooth pillow that came with 3 markers to be colored at Target in one of the deal bins at the front of the store for three dollars! (I knew this stuff would come in handy, I just didn’t know how soon.)

She’s so excited, she wanted to call everybody and tell them. She couldn’t wait to call her Uncle Dallas and Aunt Chavon and ask them what it was gonna be like when her tooth fell out. She wanted to send a video to her Uncle Mark and her Aunt Vicki and Cousin Vivian so they could see her wiggle it! 

Her excitement made me smile as I’m watching her move on to another chapter of becoming a big girl. But a part of me is crying inside because my little baby is growing up. I remember being excited over my teeth coming out, now I understand why my mama used to tell me, “Don’t grow up too fast though, you’re always gonna be my baby.”

Time goes by so fast don’t forget to enjoy your babies while you can… even on the hard days. They grow up way faster than you want them to. I’m going to miss those little teeth.


“What do you want for breakfast, baby?” I asked my daughter, just like I do every morning.

“Cinnamon rolls,” she says in this cute, little voice.

“Ok.” I said.

“Really?” She said.

“Really let’s go!” I told her excitedly.

She ran down the hallway, through the living room and into the kitchen before I could get there. She had flour and powdered sugar on the counter. I started laughing but was very proud she remembered some of what we would need to make them. We haven’t had them this year so to be 5 years old and not made them in at least 5 months, that’s a good memory. She loves using the big Kitchen Aid mixer. She gets so excited and loves to bake. As we were using the mixer, she was all smiles. 

Finally, we put the rolls into the oven, and I let her use her oven mitt to open the oven for me. I put the rolls in and went to close the door as she said, “Mommy?”

“Yeah, baby?”  I turned and asked her.

“Mommy, Quarantine is Awesome, it’s so much fun!” She screamed with a big ol smile on her face sounding just like a little cartoon character.

“Really?” I asked her.

“Yeah, Mommy. I like being stuck with you doing fun things,” she said.

I picked her up, gave her a big ol hug and smiled. Just as soon as I was about to tell her how wonderful she was, she hit me with the con….

“Can I have some chocolate milk?” She asked. 

“Of course, you can,” I told her, then bust out laughing because she got me! 

As I was getting out the Nestle Quik chocolate powder, I was smiling because I realized she may be conning me for cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk but energy transfers! 

Never once have I complained about being shut in with my family. I make a choice to not complain about things and make the most out of every experience because complaining doesn’t change things. I’d rather spend my time coming up with a solution rather than complaining. 

There wasn’t a huge transition for us because I already homeschool and her Taekwondo school is incredible, so she has been able to attend class online. Unfortunately, soccer was cancelled but virtual piano lessons have filled the spot! 

Life can change in the blink of the eye! Children soak up all that we give, including our happiness and our energy! For your children’s sake, please Choose happiness and love! It really is that simple.