I have a rule everything that goes in has to be $5 or less…

For some reason my daughter has this stocking that is huge! It was cute the first couple of years now, not so much! The thing comes up to my waistline. I love the way it looks when it stands up, so I like to fill it all the way to the top! I also believe in her stocking being filled with things she will actually use or play with. So, this year here is the list!

1. Gloves with her initials on it from Journeys

2. Lip gloss on sale at Walmart 

3. Makeup kit with lip gloss and eyes on sale at Walmart 

4. A Caboodle (Do u remember those? It’s like a fishing tackle kit for makeup.)

5. Ponytail holders from the dollar store

6. Singing JO JO Siwa toothbrushes from 5Below

7. 2 Mini Barbies from Walmart 

8. 2 of those $5 Barbies from Walmart

9. Piggy paint nail polish from Walmart 

10. Underwear that were on sale at Journeys 

11. Toms Toothpaste

12. Play-doh from the Dollar Tree

13. Propane pig Play-doh molding kit from 5Below

14. Mr. bubbles foam spray twin pack from Target

15. Bubble gum

16. Candy 

17. Bath paints (I’m sure I will hate myself later.)

18. Bath crayons

19.  Key chains 

20. Gift card for ice cream

21. Wallet

22. Glow sticks from Dollar Tree

Good luck finishing your Christmas shopping and don’t forget those stockings! 


AFMS is nearly a year old.  In celebration of this milestone, here’s a list of the top ten posts.  How many have you read?

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I would like to help you change the way you feel about food.
First, we have to identify and understand food is NOT the enemy.  It is a beautiful way to nurture your body and take care of your health, happiness, and life.

Next, let’s understand why you’re eating!

  • Is it because you are just hungry and it’s time to eat?
  • Is it because everyone else is eating and you don’t want to feel left out?
  • Is it because something looks or smells good?
  • Or, is it because you are stressed and trying to distract or entertain yourself?
  • Are you looking for pleasure in life somewhere?
  • #1 mom thing: Are you eating just because your child left it on their plate and you’re cleaning the dish before you wash it? (This is how many of us, and I say US because I am totally guilty, gain weight.)
Emotional eating is something that needs to be satisfied right away. If you are confused about the difference between physical and emotional hunger, emotional hunger brings feelings of guilt, powerlessness and shame! If you feel those emotions after eating, chances are you are emotionally eating.
Love yourself enough to know that emotions are a part of the human experience. If you truly want to stop emotional eating, the only way to tackle it is learning to control those uncomfortable emotions without food. No diet can fix that.
Emotions are just energy in motion. Let us teach you how to redirect that energy.  http://www.TeamCherieJ.com.
Emotions are just energy in motion. Let us teach you how to redirect that energy.