38 years ago, I met this little vivacious girl in the hallway! We became fast friends drawing pictures together sitting in the same chair. Little did I know we would break ground going down in pop culture history as iconic TV best friends. Recently, I read somewhere they were comparing us to Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Ethel!! It brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing honor (Like how lucky are we.). Some jobs are just that for actors, JOBS. Others leave a lifelong impression on the way you live your everyday life. 

Soleil and I both grew up believing we could accomplish anything we put our minds to. At the time when we shot the very first pilot, I don’t believe either of us knew how much we would forever carry our characters and the show with us. 

The Universe and Peacock gave us the opportunity to shoot the pilot again many years later as adults and I can’t explain this time around how we absorbed how important that moment was.

I have a confession to all of you and Soleil, LOL. Soleil turned around moments before they said action and said, “Hey Cherie, are you nervous?” 

“No this is gonna be great” I whispered to her with excitement. 

I gave her the biggest nervous giggle ever! I was excited but nervous too, but I couldn’t act nervous because I didn’t want to transfer that energy. I know she knows I was full of shit LOL, but I stayed right next to her sometimes on the other side of the wall cheering her on as she nailed EVERY SCENE!! 


My reactions to the show were genuine and it was great! I can’t wait for you all to see the pilot and the show. It was so special, and I pray each of you enjoy it! The writers are working so hard to make sure every episode is within that PUNKY spirit. Thank you all for continuing to grow with us and being so receptive to having us back! 


                                       ~POR VIDA~


My daughter takes Taekwondo. I’m very vocal about her taking Taekwondo, yet black people still want to say, “So how long has she been taking karate?” 

When I look at them and I say, “She has never taken karate, she takes taekwondo.” They look back at me and say, “Same thang. “

Martial Arts is the umbrella…

Taekwondo is Korean.

Very little is known of the exact origins of karate before it appeared in Okinawa, but one popular theory states that it came from India over a thousand years ago, brought to China by a Buddhist monk called Bodhidarma (“daruma” in Japanese).

You are the same people who think China, Korea same thing. Yes, they are Asian but culture and customs are not the same.

Spinach and collard greens are both greens but far from the same thang, right? Soul food, Cuban, Jamaican and Puerto Rican food are all prepared differently with different flavors. 

Please Stop Saying “Same Thing” quickly about something u simply don’t know about, it’s okay. Take the correction and learn from it, instead of being ignorant and refusing to learn.

“Back in my day, it was all Karate,” said to me by a man who was tryna Mack to me. No Sir, back in your Day, it was all you were exposed too…(side eye turned all the way off)


My daughter asked would there still be Easter even though Corona! My heart hit the floor then she said, “Mommy, if the Easter bunny can’t do it, we may have to team up and get bunny costumes to take kids eggs all over the world.” 

I held my tears in and said, “Don’t you worry, baby. There will be Easter.”

“If you have to, Mommy, just look in my room and hide stuff I already have,” she told me.

My heart melted; I just love her 5-year-old self! 

I am so thankful I save everything from refillable Easter Eggs to the same Easter grass that’s been in my daughter’s Easter basket the past 5 years! 

I know some may call me cheap and silly, but because I save everything, my daughter won’t be going without this Quarantine Edition of Easter! I haven’t been out in 4 weeks! Only to take out the trash and get the mail once a week and I don’t want Amazon or anyone else delivering me anything. I’m not trusting anything from outside!

The biggest lesson I learned from my daughter is it’s the experience, NOT the material things that matter! So, you may have not been able to prepare, it’s a great time to get creative and build them an experience! 

As parents, we put so much pressure on ourselves to give our children the perfect holidays. In the end, they ARE All PERFECT because we shared them together and that’s what it’s all about! Happy Easter, make beautiful memories! 

I over shopped on Christmas and hit the after Christmas clearance section at Walmart! An OMG Doll, some LOL balls, bath crayons, bath paints, a bathing suit, a coloring book and some bath toys will all be put in this kitty basket I originally purchased for her toys.


As I grow, so do my dreams and aspirations. I’m so tired of hearing coronavirus and corona that. Those are all things that I cannot control. I don’t know what’s going on in the outside world and quite frankly I’m really not missing it. I’m feeling at peace and very tranquil in my own home. I really like my home and I really like being home with those who matter the most.

Right now is a great time for everybody to sit back and manifest their dreams. This is a reminder of how short life really is and how life can change in the blink of the eye. 

So why do so many live their lives doing things that they really don’t want to do? 

Sure, many will say to pay the bills but as we see money comes and money goes. When it’s all over, all we really ever have are our memories. So, please take time to tell those that you care about that you love them and make great memories for your life. Even if it means we have to live outside the box, even if it means we have to fail nine times. 

I failed a lot but one thing that I can say is I have no regrets because every time I failed, I failed at doing exactly what I wanted to do. Most of the time, things don’t work. 2% of the time it does. I’ll take that 2% over the never trying.

I am wishing you all peace, love and happiness and that you’re using this time to find out what truly makes you happy. Find your passions, find your truth and come out back into the world and take every single thing that belongs to you. I believe in you and I love you…


I am allergic to chocolate, so I don’t get to eat the regular Oreos, but I am in love with carrot cake. So, no… this is not my usual nutritionist post. This is my premenstrual, I need to eat something sweet, post. 

Before the whole quarantine situation, I was in Target doing a little Easter shopping while my daughter was with my mother and I saw these little bad boys on the shelf. They were with all the Easter stuff not with the food, so I bought two bags. Went home and started eating them as we were putting the groceries away and thought to myself, “Oh my God, these are heaven.”

Long story short, a week later they went on sale, then I may have purchased another two maybe or three …and I just may have bought six packs! (They freeze well.) They’re really good if you throw them in a blender with a vanilla shake. They are really good if you use it with any ice cream, they also make a pretty good piecrust! I couldn’t find them anywhere but Target so if you happen to like carrot cake, I promise you that you won’t be disappointed! 🥕 I have to admit I’m sad this is a seasonal item and I hope they bring it back next year! 


Do you ever look at your children and think, “Where did they get that from?” Some things are in their genes, there is NO denying it!

I have these moments all the time with my daughter.

When my daughter was 2 years old, she was throwing her ball in a bag as I emptied the groceries… that was all her father! She plays basketball with everything. She has recently decided she is a DJ…LOL Yup, that’s him too, as she beatboxes.

She’s stubborn as all get out and will say exactly how she feels…Yes that’s all me! She also eats a lot…that’s me too!

But the icing on the cake was when she was in Taekwondo and her Grandmaster started telling the class about weapons training and my beautiful little baby blurts out, “I already have my weapons!” Her Grandmaster turned around and said, “Yes, I know you have Nun chucks.” She blurts out, “Nawwww. Not those. I GOT HANDS!” Holding her hands up, as if she was a boxer. She is the youngest and smallest in the class. Her Grandmaster and students all busted out laughing, while I was amused but in disbelief that my MOTHER’S spawn was born through me. She has the softest heart, but is violent at 5 years old. I know exactly where it comes from. MY Mother!! LOL

Some things are just in the genes…


“A brain full of fear has no place for dreams.” You determine what you fill your storage spaces in life with! Life choices (think about it).

If you have dreams, goals or aspirations, now is your time! You can do a little every day to bring you closer to those goals. 

During this time, you have been given a gift that you almost never have, and that’s extra time! You could use these moments wisely, or on social media reading all of the if ands or buts and watching all the entertaining videos.

Do you want to write a script or a book? Take that writers class I’ve been posting. Do you want to start your own business? Now’s the time to write your blueprint. You want to be an actor, take some classes online! Don’t just focus on the craft but learn the business. I teach a virtual class, check out the shop page.

Take this time to prepare to be a better version of yourself. You got this, being quarantined isn’t that bad. It’s all how you look at it. Personally, my life didn’t change much, and I am enjoying the quiet time but I am an introvert…so I understand everyone else is not. You deserve to have this ME time. Enjoy it!


During Christmas, I was browsing the toy aisle for different things to buy my daughter. I wanted some things that would help her fine motor skills and also could be used for engineering. For some reason when people think of girls, they leave out science, engineering and math.

Lego Friends

Growing up, I don’t ever remember playing with Legos. My daughter is only five, but she put the set together by herself. I assisted a few times, pushing things down a little harder, but she was able to follow directions by herself and figure it all out.

I’m sold and a total Lego fan! She sat down and was persistent for an hour. I watched her self-esteem boost. It also gave her a chance to explore her creative side and work on her fine motor skills. She also got to use her planning skills, which most toys don’t allow her to do. I mean she had blocks and big Legos when she was smaller, but these are definitely amazing, and I will be buying her a few more sets. It kept her quiet for an hour and left no mess to clean up. No need to say anymore.

Lego Friends Set


This is how we grew up! I read on social media about parents complaining their young children are too into screens, iPads and phones at the table. It makes me giggle. 

Parents are parents for a reason. It’s your job to set the guidelines for your children, oh and don’t forget lead by example. 

My daughter is a sponge and soaks up everything I do. So, it was my job to tell her my brother and I would fight growing up to see who could get to play with the stuff on the back of the cereal box first.

! Boom it was that easy!

Once a week in my house we have cereal for breakfast and guess what she wants to do? Even if she’s done it already! Bravo to these organic cereal companies who are keeping up with the mainstream by putting cute things on the back of the boxes! It makes for a great start of our day and keeps her quiet for a moment! Win, Win for everyone! 

Confession: while organic cereal is a great substitute, I do miss my Frosted Flakes, Pops, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I wish they would take out the paint thinners, the GMOs and bad stuff. It’s such a shame my lil one has no idea how great they used to taste. But I guess you don’t miss what you never had…


I see a lot of parents on social media worried about what they are going to do with their children now that school is out. Lil Cherie is here to help. As parents are becoming educators, if your goal is to help your child stay ahead of the curve, improve their reading comprehension and become bilingual in the process…You don’t want to miss this sale.

Bundle and save with this perfect companion to the Lil Cherie Dresses Herself book, this learning unit was developed by the Lil Cherie Educational Team to help children to recognize sight words as they cultivate a love for learning and reading. 

This is the perfect unit for children up to second grade.

If you need advice on homeschooling, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help!