The fact that some schools have taken art out of the curriculum is heartbreaking. Art is so important for children for so many different reasons. Just a few of the reasons are fine tuning motor skills, perseverance, creativity, problem-solving, confidence, visual learning, it’s fun, it teaches art appreciation and so much more.

My daughter doesn’t even realize “Art” is a class. She thinks art is something that she gets to do after her work is completed. She’s five years old, in time her understanding of her academic achievements will change. For now, arts and crafts is playtime. Whether she has a specific assignment, or she’s just given a blank canvas, she’s just as happy either way that she gets to play with color and express herself.

Your child deserves to meet the artist within them. For some reason, some people think having a whole art curriculum has to be expensive. The truth is my daughter’s art curriculum comes from YouTube, a few artbooks, Michael’s $5 classes and the dollar store. The dollar store is an amazing resource for art classes for all ages. 

YouTube has guided instruction videos on how to draw, sculpt, weave, crochet, paint and so much more. The best part is you can press pause and rewind. You get to go at your own pace. Possibilities are endless! Please don’t forget to keep the art in your homeschooling.


I’m sleepless I’m up thinking how society tells me my double D tits should have gotten me a lot further by 40 years old than they have. Now they say they’re starting to droop, my time is expiring. Society didn’t take my royal melanin into consideration, I look in my 20’s…

They say I’m beautiful with a great career. I’m considered successful by most but the oxymoron is I’m a single mother.

Society rings loud the failure of not having a man’s last name. Society says I as a woman must long to wear a big white dress and be subservient to a man. It’s my duty to serve a him…

Who is he? I’ve read all the fairy tales, even kissed a few frogs. Does he exist? I do not know, all I’ve met is disappointment and continuously scolded how, “Nobody is perfect, nobody will… be perfect I must accept someone’s flaws and settle down,” but all I hear is Settle.

I am not comfortable in settling, not even with myself. But I am comfortable with self. Society needs to listen when I say I have no interest to share my bed, to share my bathroom or my home. I’m nobody’s maid. I’m not doing a man’s laundry. I don’t enjoy doing my own. I’m not a maid, a cook or therapist of adult emotion. I’m an entertainer I control your emotions. 

I will Not serve or submit or Settle, as I am just not her….I’ve tried. I am not a man’s helpmate. Society needs to stop trying to correct me and tell me I just haven’t met him yet. Trying to convince me that the 20 year goose chase I was on while dating them was not successful ….the success was finding what I lost …..self. Energy transfer is real, I am more comfortable single. The most laid back person has bad days if you care without cautions, those can become your bad days. 4 years ago my goose chase stopped and I’ve never been happier. I’m single.

I never played wedding or wife. I never fantasized about the day or the life after…I always knew I wanted a daughter and I got that! 

I knew I would entertain and I got that.

Society says these Double Ds shoulda open doors, got me a raise, a house, a car, a new family but I would lose or hyphenate my name to carry the name of a forefather I don’t know but let go of my grandfather whom was hands down the best man I will ever know.
Society says I need to pay for a piece of paper, legal fees,  a wedding, a reception, then joint taxes. 

Society is money hungry looking for ways to fill their collection plates.

Society can kiss my ass. I think for myself as I live for myself as I now know how to Love myself. A man is merely a trinket all women don’t desire to hold on to the same trinkets till death do them part….
By Anonymous–


Some of the worst parenting advice ever collected was from people telling me, “That baby better learn to sleep through the noise.”

Healthy sleep habits are taught! That’s right, sleep is a learned behavior!  This is where I learned to break the cycle. My daughter sleeps a solid 12 hours still at 5 years old. People are always shocked she sleeps that much. They don’t realize that’s the ideal time for a young growing brain to develop.

People don’t understand when you’re sleeping you still hear everything and everything that you hear feeds your subconscious mind. What you think about creates what and who you are.

So yes, from day one I’ve always put her to bed in a peaceful and quiet place. No TV because falling asleep with your TV on means you are soaking up the blue light of electronics. The blue light suppresses production of melatonin and delays sleep onset. It’s also linked to obesity because the blue light messes with your metabolism. Also sleeping with the TV on, only God knows what would feed into her subconscious mind. No, thank you!

I’m not up talking on the phone in her face, no vacuums, no laughing loud or house parties. If she hears anything, it’s lullabies and motivational mantras very low.

This is why you can’t take everyone’s advice…before accepting advice from someone step back and think, “Is this person living the life I want? Are they leading by example in the advice they are giving?” After doing that, you will have your answer whether to listen or not.

Teach your babies how to sleep, America!


Yes, I am a grown ass man and admit being a King and never a prince has caused me issues in my adult life. See my father left my mother with 4 children to take care of. By the grace of God, entertainment has my back so I was blessed with good jobs that support my family. Meaning my mother and siblings. I became my mother’s King instead of her son.
It was my house we lived in instead of hers. It was my choice what we ate for dinner…because of these allowances from my mother, she in return became my Queen.

At the age of 15, I met a beautiful girl who I fell in love with. She was perfect in every innocent way possible. This had nothing to do with dating or sex but in my mind I had long term plans for her. She was indeed going to be my wife one day when we were both ready. Only problem my mother despised that idea. Which at the time baffled me. This young lady was also in the entertainment business, she was beautiful inside and out and extremely hard working. How my mother could find fault or flaws within her made no sense. 
I always wanted to be my mother’s hero so I sat my feelings aside. I am now 45 years old and never pursued that young girl the way I wish I would have because of my mother. Truth be told I am 4 babies mommas in now, single again and never have been in love again. I have traveled, dated and done all I could to find that feeling I had as a teenager. Long story short that perfect, flawless, love of my life hates my mother because of her antics (understandably so my mother was very rude to her for no reason) and has moved on. She is now married with a family.

I admit to living a self destructive lifestyle. It started as a teenager as a way of rebellion. Which continued as an adult due to my issues with substance abuse. (I am working on it.) The relationship with my mother is strained. I was her cash cow which left me pretty penniless and struggling. I struggle to support my own children because my Queen’s children (my siblings) were well taken care of by me. Please don’t get it twisted, I’m thankful I was able to do for my family but because of it, I am NOT able to do the same for my children. Which gets me labeled as a deadbeat Dad by circumstance because the “Assumption” of all entertainers is We are Rich! 

I am writing this as a grown man to single mothers trying to raise boys. Please don’t make your son your King! Kings need examples, Queens. It’s okay to allow young men to be a Prince. They need time to learn and grow as a male before they are forced into manhood. No son should bare the responsibility of a grown Queen. I am not just blaming my mother, my father was a coward and dead wrong for allowing me to bare his responsibility. Cherie is my homegirl and I understand this is advice for my sistas so please don’t feel attacked. 
Had my Momma allowed me to date that young girl, my whole life could be different. We could have been an amazing force together. She is still beautiful inside and out and working as hard as ever. She’s remained successful without me. She is what I needed. Sure it may not have worked, but I would have learned that on my own if my mother would have allowed it. I needed to learn that on my own. Now I live with “what if’s” and NO healthy female relationships including the relationship with my mom! 
I see a cycle Queens, I am not the only King….



It’s that time again: soccer season. My daughter was so excited to get back in town the night before soccer started. I thought she was going to be jet lagged and tired.  Excitement took over. This time I did not sign her up to be on a soccer league, I signed her up for an instructional soccer class. She did great last season, but I didn’t play soccer, so I would like for her to learn some more skills before she gets back on the field. When we got there today, she was the only girl in her class, and because we got there early, I was able to see the class before hers and it was also full of boys.

At five years old I understand sports are supposed to be fun and games, but I also believe sports are more fun when you’re on a winning team. When you’re one of the top players on the team, your confidence is high and so is your self-esteem. She is so young right now that all the children get playing time, but I am that parent that’s going to go out of my way to do everything I can (in case soccer is something that she sticks with) to make sure her skills are perfected to the best of her ability. That way when she’s older, she will earn her time to play.

I’m sorry, (not sorry) I’m not one of those parents who believes everyone deserves a trophy. Kids need to learn if you want to succeed you have to work for it. That’s how you prepare your child for the real world. Everyone’s not gonna like you and everyone’s not gonna be nice. Those are things that I tell her now and I reassured her it’s OK, everyone doesn’t have to like you, it is more important that you like yourself. 

Today the class was a meet and greet and they ran some drills. All the kids did great and we’re pretty much rookies. I’m excited to see all that they learn, and I will write again to let you know if I think this instructional class improves her skills when it’s time for her to join her next team. 

I do want to give a few little tips for soccer moms. The first one is it is winter, so they told me that they would be having class inside the gym, so bring tennis shoes which I did. I’m so happy that I grabbed her soccer bag with her cleats inside because when we got there she was out on a dirty, muddy field because it rained last night. So, if you can, keep those cleats on hand and make sure you remember their shin guards. I noticed some of the rookie moms also didn’t bring water for their kids. He gave the children three 30-second water breaks during the 45-minute class and I thought it was awesome because I’m big on hydration. Last but not least, don’t forget to encourage them. Before we got out of the car, I looked at my daughter and said, “The only person you have to do better than is YOURSELF! This is NOT a competition! You are here to learn make friends and have fun.”


I have been away from California for almost 3 years. Last week, I was staying in downtown LA in a four-star hotel. My view: tents of homeless people. There’s an estimated 60,000 homeless people living in Los Angeles. 44,000 of those people are unsheltered living in tents, cardboard boxes and their cars. Many of them are employed but simply cannot afford the cost of living. 

My heart hurts for them. California is one of the wealthiest states in the United States. Capitalism is not working. In Los Angeles, they try to make it illegal to feed the homeless. That’s the most sad, sickening and disgusting thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

I thought it would be a wonderful time to take my daughter down to the toy district since we were only eight blocks away. As we walked down the street, I had to tell my daughter to watch her steps, so that she didn’t accidentally step in dog poop. I didn’t have the heart to tell my daughter that wasn’t dog poop and pee, it was human feces. I’m not exaggerating, it was disgusting. We went into three toy shops and my daughter was done. We were stepping over bodies walking in the stores that had tents set up in between them. She chose to give the rest of her shopping money to various homeless people.

My five-year-old didn’t want any more toys, she just wanted to leave. My heart was broken for all those people that we saw but I was proud that my daughter was being raised with a heart.  She understood that those people eating and having food is more important than her having toys.

California needs an overhaul! And I’m not talking about the sirens and lights going down the streets at 6 a.m. to wake the homeless up so they can move from in front of the businesses.  Those people need resources, those people need affordable housing and those people deserve food!  I’m utterly disgusted with the cost of living; they need rent control. People deserve homes and food in one of the wealthiest countries in the world! We need to get our priorities straight! Instead of expensive cars, shoes, bags and clothes, we need to make sure our brothers and sister have food and shelter! Prayer is a great action, but sometimes God needs people’s assistance to help those prayers come true!


I love walking in the grocery store and seeing fruits that I’ve never seen before. I had no idea what a pummelo was. I asked a couple of people standing next to me if they had any idea what it was, nobody knew. So, I couldn’t just leave it there I had to bring it home and find out.

From the outside, it has a fresh citrus smell, kind of like a grapefruit. It looks like it could be a very large, yellow grapefruit. Maybe even an orange, whatever it was it seemed like it was very citrusy. 

I looked it up on Google, of course, and found out the pummelo is from South Asia and people were comparing it to a grapefruit. Well, I love pink grapefruit. So, I waited for breakfast the next day.

I was excited about waking up and cutting right into it. I cut it in half as I would a grapefruit.  It was pink in color and smelled so good, just like a grapefruit. The taste was definitely that of a red grapefruit after you put sugar on it. It tasted like pure sweetness, nothing like the bitterness and tang of a grapefruit.

For the first half, I used my grapefruit spoon to pull it out, and for the other half I decided I was going to peel it more like an orange. I have to admit, I enjoyed the side that I peeled more than I did the side that I used my grapefruit spoon for. I pulled the thick skin off of the outer perimeter and pulled out the inside pod. It was so juicy.

I had to fill you in just in case you have never tried one and you like pink grapefruit. It will definitely be my go-to citrus anytime I can find it!

Have you tried any new food lately? Let me know.


I self-diagnose myself all the time. (I am a lightweight hypochondriac. And a slight germaphobe and just hate to be sick!) I was due for my annual pap smear just in time for me to diagnose myself with a UTI! My pee didn’t burn, and I am emptying my bladder, but the issue is I feel like I always have to pee. I drink 16 oz of water and I’m in the bathroom like 4 times. 

So, my Dr. walks in after checking out my urine sample, checking for this UTI…he took my blood to check my sugar. Nothing! He says my bladder may have fallen from having a child, but he is pretty sure my issue is self-induced. 

“Self-Induced?” I asked him.

“Yes Cherie, you caused this. (Pause) You are drinking too much water,” he said. Dead pan.

“No bacteria was found. You don’t have a sting when you urinate. Your A1C came back fine, you don’t have diabetes. You are drinking too much water.”

“Every single time I self-diagnose, I do it wrong!” I started laughing.

“I’m going to treat you like I do the children…2 hours before you go to bed you are not to drink anything.” 

I put my head down. 

“Yes, Doctor.” Feeling 10 years old. 

So, there we have it! WebMD and Googling my symptoms, I’m done with you! We are divorced!! 

2020 – I am giving that up!


I am the mother of a spunky, energetic 5-year-old! She has more energy than I know what to do with. I keep her in activities so they can wear her out. At times, I wish I hadn’t waited so late in life to have her because I truly struggle to keep up! 

Yesterday, she was riding her new scooter in the house and it just seemed like she was right behind me while I moved from room to room. After almost falling over her with a basket of laundry I wanted to put away, I thought about it…how can I get her to hold still? 

Polish her toenails! She loves having her toes polished! For Christmas, the family who owns the Taekwondo studio she goes to gave her a set of like 10 different nail polishes and she is excited about them! 

I put the laundry basket down, went to her bathroom and pulled the set out. Bent down next to her and said with excitement.

 “Who wants a pedicure?” 

She yelled, “Me Mommy”! 

So, before I knew it I grabbed a white hand towel, her spa kit and went into nail tech mode. She enjoyed every minute of it!

She sat proudly as her Turquoise right foot and Baby Pink with Hot Pink sparkles left foot dried! It worked! I made her a sandwich, put it next to her and she sat and waited for her toes to dry! Yes, I lied and told her they were still wet to get an extra 10 minutes…but I got the laundry all put away and she held still for 45 minutes, talking about every thought that entered her mind! Until I gave her a sandwich! (I was thankful I didn’t do her nails too.) 

Now, it would be nice if I could find the time to get a pedicure my damn self! I understand now why parents use to tell us, “Go outside or something” Those musta been the good ol days when you could just kick your kid out the house. We didn’t even feel rejected, we would just go play. Deep sigh, imagine… Anyway, how do you encourage your kids to keep still? 

Please share!


I have heard a lot of people say women need to hang out with women. Women have no business having male friends. That’s crazy to me because the majority of my friends are male! I’ve been told I must have issues, hahaaha. Obviously, I do. We all do. While that may be true, I have lifelong female friends but everyone who knows me knows I prefer my male friends, and this is why……

I don’t have to pay for my male friends to do shit! (Not food or drinks or buying them gas or paying for a plane ticket)

My male friends help me make money! My female friends help me spend it! (With the exception of one.) 

My male friends don’t keep tabs on our friendship.

There’s no expectations and they don’t make me feel like a bad person because I haven’t called! (I have shit to do. I dunno how women have all kinda free time to talk about NOTHING.)

I don’t wanna talk about NOTHING! I don’t like talking on the phone!

I’m 44 years old, I don’t do sleepovers. Was never really into them, it’s weird. I like my own space. Even outa town like I’m grown. No, I don’t wanna share a hotel room! 

I only wanna go to the bathroom when I have to pee I don’t wanna go to the bathroom because you have to pee. Like you can do it without me right?

My male friends don’t wanna borrow my clothes! 

They don’t wanna do my hair!

They don’t wanna do my makeup!

(I only do my hair and makeup when I have to work, I don’t enjoy it)

My male friends are satisfied with the way they look! Females are so unsatisfied with themselves they always tryna convince me what I need to get done too. (GTFOH) I don’t even wanna comb my hair! 

I really don’t give a shit what he or she said. Honestly, I don’t care! 

Males attitudes are consistently the same! You can answer the phone for a woman at 12 p.m. and she will call u back at 3 p.m. and be a whole different person with a whole different attitude. Women are highly emotional, and I tend to be a empath so my energy can’t take it. Women suck my energy dry and I’m exhausted and need a nap when they finally shut up.

I personally prefer rationality over emotions and I’m not good with neediness. 

Watch, a lot of women will be butt hurt by this blog! It’s a blog and I don’t even know you… why you mad? 

(Ima go sit in the corner with the guys and laugh. They’re happy.)