It’s back to school time, so let’s revisit some tips on helping your child handle homework.

Listening to my friends, one of the biggest struggles they have with their children is homework. The reason I feel this is important is I see daily many mothers struggle with their children about doing their homework. With the fact that most woman are not home after school because they are working, it makes it hard to set a structured time when homework is supposed to be done. Often children and the parent are restless at the end of the day and tired, so it makes it hard for the both of them to be able to concentrate. So, I came up with some easy homework tips for parents.

#1. Stay informed.

#2. Be positive about homework. Tell your child how important school is. The attitude you express about homework will be the attitude your child acquires.

#3. When your child does their homework, you do yours. Show your child that the skills they learn in school are skills they use in their adult life. If your child is reading, you read too. If your child is doing math, balance your checkbook.

#4. Make sure your child has a quiet, well-lit place to do their homework. Avoid having your child do their homework in a room where people are coming and going, or the television is on.

#5. Make sure your child has everything they need before they start: paper, pencils, and dictionary. Have them gather these things in advance so there will be minimal interruptions.

#6. Help them learn time management. Set a time when homework is to be done, don’t let them wait until just before bedtime.

#7. When your child asks for help provide guidance, not the answer! Giving the answer means you child will not learn the material. Giving them the answer teaches them when times get rough someone will be there to do everything for them so why should they do thing for themselves.

#8. Cooperate with the teachers. It shows the child that school and home are a team.

#9. If homework is meant to be done by your child alone, stay away. Too much parental involvement can prevent homework from having some positive effects. Homework is a great way for kids to develop independence and lifelong learning skills.

#10. Help your child figure out what is hard work and what is easy. Have your child do the hard work first; this means they will be most alert when facing the biggest challenges. Easy material will seem to go fast when fatigue begins to set in.

#11. Watch your child for signs of failure and frustration. Let your child take short breaks if she is having trouble keeping her mind on assignments.

#12. Reward progress in homework. If your child has been successful in homework completion and is working hard, celebrate that success with a special event (i.e. pizza, a walk, or a trip to the park) to reinforce the positive effort.


Ima be honest and hope you will read this with an open heart! Courtney put up a post, ask me anything, so one of the top questions is, “Will you date a regular guy?” Regular guy? I have dated regular guys. Will I date a fan is a totally different story and the answer is NO! While I appreciate you supporting my career, y’all are annoying! Period! One second, “It’s I really wanna get to know you.” Then, when you say “Okay,” the next thing out their mouth is so, “What was it like working with Urkle…” but I’m wrong if I scream, “Kill yourself!” (Because I’m not allowed to have feelings or emotions and GOD FORBID anyone sees it because then I’m bullying fans.) Like how many people you think asked me that question before you, bruh? Like all of them! 

Then you have the stupid, sneaky ones who GOOGLE you, LOL. Come on son! Don’t ask me shit about what you read about me on Google! 

I remember there was this time I dated a guy for like 3 months and his ass texted me one day when he was at lunch with his mom and his sister and his sister told him, “She’s married to Ricky Romance.” Like he texted me this for real. So, I texted him back “You are right, the past 3 months I’ve been cheating on my husband. Great detective skills by your sister reading TMZ. Please don’t contact me again.” But I’m wrong…

So the other day, here we go again. After Courtney’s post, “regular guys hitting my IG inbox wanna get to know me” Asking me about TV… I’m tryna be nice, knowing damn well I ain’t going nowhere with them, then this…

I wrote a whole book about this shit. It’s called Stupid Guys Diary. Available now on Amazon.

Stop asking me would I date a regular guy and find me one with common sense! 


Whether your hair is natural, or you are wearing a weave, Wild Cherry hair products promote growth and everyday maintenance for your tresses. Depending on how your weave is attached, in lots of cases it can be bothersome to cleanse your scalp effectively, while wearing a full sew in. It might be difficult, but hair grows best on a scalp free of bacteria and dirt, so washing your hair is extremely important to maintain healthy hair while wearing a weave.

Many ladies wear weaves to achieve extra length and thickness, but also with hopes, that by giving their natural hair a break, they will retain more growth. It is true that giving your hair a break from daily manipulation will allow your hair to grow. However, bacteria, fungus and dirt will build up and stop your hair from growing, if you do not keep your scalp clean while wearing a hair weave. Neglecting the scalp while your hair is braided under a weave will create an environment that is not conducive to hair growth. 

Check out Wild Cherry’s Hair Serum on www.Therealcherie.com 


I get it, we are all busy! Working from home with kids is no easy task. It’s not easy for them either. This whole Covid thing got most of us being parent and playmate. No, it’s not easy, but sometimes the dishes, phone, emails, laundry and everything else has to wait.

I’m guilty at times, I’ve been annoyed by hearing the word Mom over and over again. But the truth is, the kid needs me. She needs my attention, she needs to have fun and she needs to play. She deserves eye contact. My daughter is my number one priority and the reason why I work so hard. So, we’re keeping that in mind. It’s important for me but she also knows she’s number one.

Prioritizing is Key! That’s why sometimes mid-day taking an hour off to do what your kid wants you to do is the best thing you can do for your relationship with your child and your relationship with yourself. Today, I take a midday break to have a drawing competition. No, I am not the best drawer so this is not about judging my artwork. It’s about telling yourself it’s OK to play. These breaks just simply take away her stress and mine. Well at first, I did not wanna take time away from work to draw myself 20 years from now, to draw my Roblox avatar or to draw anime but taking the time to do so I took away my stress and Rhythm’s and she was happy Mommy played with her! 

Play with your kids!


Here’s a flashback to a post from 2018.

One of the most powerful things I learned from Dr. Dre was how to manifest my reality!  “Anything I can think of, I can have.” He took the time to have one of the most important conversations in my life with me. A socially awkward young girl trying to find my way in life, build my career and date successfully. From that conversation, the best thing I learned was the power of my mind and my speech.

I’m sure you have heard of “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret.” Our mind works in images, so we have to purge any and every negative one possible. On average, studies show it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic; so, that’s 66 days to be exact. If you really want to change the course of your life, take the next 66 days and give yourself the fair chance to be who you always wanted to be.

Step #1

It’s is important to get adequate sleep, so the conscious mind relaxes, and we can start to access the subconscious mind. Before you go to bed, you need to imagine the true you.  Devote 10 minutes to the beautiful person you are, watch yourself manifesting all the money you want, that dream career, the dream self-image. When you envision the person you want to be, you help change your conscious mind into the person you were meant to be.

Step #2 

Speak positive to yourself and everyone around you.

Step #3

Approach everything with love even when others are evil. (This can be hard in the midst of conflict, but your calmness and smile will make others uneasy and make yourself laugh.)

Step #4

Start looking up instead of down. I know it sounds silly, but please go outside. Look up in the sky and try hard to think of anything negative. It’s hard right. Now look down and think negative. Crazy, that was too easy, huh?  Spend your days looking at the sky!

Step #5

Stay away from the media & social media.

Stop watching the news.

Stop listening to the radio.

Avoid gossip at all cause! It’s as TOXIC as eating fast food.

Stop negative thoughts.

Which of these steps are you already doing or plan on trying?


I am going to be honest, it’s not the taste! I am one of those people who will try almost anything, if it is good for you and will keep you young. After children, my digestive system was no longer the same. I was unable to poop every day! In fact, if I was going three times a week, I was lucky. We are supposed to go after every time we eat. I hate laxatives and I found this 98% Aloe Vera juice in the laxative aisle at CVS. Since then, it’s become one of my best friends. I drink a glass every day.

Aloe Vera is one of my favorite beauty secrets and the best makeup remover I have ever used. It helps remove dead skin. It does wonders for your hair, health and your skin. It’s full of antioxidants, which internally helps boost the immune system, the detoxification process for your body, and your overall digestive health. It helps with constipation and assists in preventing colon cancer.  It’s fully packed with B-12, B, C and E vitamins, and folic acid.

If you are interested in using Aloe Vera to detox and want some guidance, check out TheRealCherie,com


A new chapter, a new life and a new journey! As a child, my dream career was an architect. As you know, that didn’t happen… When you’re born with a passion that burns deep in your heart, you do not just let the flame burn out. You have to keep it burning. 

There’s something satisfying about buying land and building from there. With your taste, to your liking, just what you want and what you need. You watch the dream grow. Nothing like the excitement of a birth. 

This time, my ace is on my right, putting in her opinions on her wants and needs for her new home. I’m tickled about her ideas and how the design team has considered her their client and really listening to her needs. I have to admit Rhythm is much better at designing than I am. 

I won’t be doing any home tours. It’s just not safe for people to know the layout of your home, but if you would like to see more bits and pieces of this new place we call home, let me know and I will share.


I hear people say all the time they do not like water and just can’t drink it. Well, eat it then… I know it sounds crazy, but watermelon is 92% water! So, there is nothing wrong with eating it, as well as drinking it.

Watermelon has a high water content so it helps keep your skin hydrated. Dehydrated skin leads to a dull appearance. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and less able to recover from damage. Our body is full of ‘free radicals’ that damage cells over time and can be attributed to the cause of aging skin. Watermelon is full of antioxidants such as lycopene and vitamins C and A, which help reduce these free radicals and can slow down the signs of aging. Watermelon is packed with Vitamin A, which can help reduce skin pore size and the amount of oil that your sebaceous glands secrete. Watermelon is believed to help with acne due to this these properties. Watermelon is a natural toner that can help to refresh the skin.

Watermelon is full of an amino acid called arginine. Arginine is essential in our bodies and helps with blood circulation in the scalp. When your blood is circulating in the scalp, your hair will grow. Watermelon seed oil will help moisturize your hair.