When I say this many people around me take it wrong, they think I’m not happy. I am very happy, but I am one of those people who is not satisfied or willing to settle in my life. I don’t know that I will ever be satisfied. There are 1000 things I have yet to accomplish. Yes, my list is long, I have goals and aspirations I’ve yet to even explore.

Satisfied Vs. Happy

Happiness is a state of mind, while satisfaction is the absence of want.

Now material things don’t satisfy me, and they are not my goal. I get off accomplishing my dreams. People try to tell me I’ve accomplished enough. They constantly remind me of my past, while I appreciate my journey and the fact it’s remembered, the point they missed it’s not about what anyone else thinks or feels about me. It’s what I have personally lined up for myself in my head. Entertainment is not my only goal, believe it or not, there is more to me. I understand most of you know my characters, but you don’t know my character.  I dream bigger than the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood.

I’m attracted to ambition and accomplishing things I put on my to do list! I get a high manifesting my future. See, I realized early in my life I control my destiny and no other soul can stop me from my goals but me.

Some people don’t achieve their goals because they are surrounded by people who never completed theirs. The easiest way for me to get ghost on someone is for them to doubt me, not be ambitious themselves or for them to be complacent.

They say you become the closest 5 people to you. With that said, I purged a lot of people. I refuse to be the smartest in the room. I surround myself with people who are able to teach me something. People who add to my life, people who breath energy into me. We all need to find those types… Dream big people, your thoughts become realities!


I found a new BLACK owned company I need everyone to know about! The people who own the company won me over because they have a passion for what they do! The packages are sent out beautifully. Which makes the perfect gift to anyone on your list! 

Their mission statement is: 

By using natural elements provided by mother earth we do our very best to deliver quality products our customers will love and enjoy. We put careful thought and attention into each product that we produce. All of our products are handmade and made in small batches. We love knowing we can share a little piece of Harmony with you.     

I feel like right now is a great time to spread a little Harmony with everything going on in the world today! I have tried a few of their products and my favorite 2 so far are the Love Shake Bath Bombs and the Sugar Scrub. Best part is both products are under $25 each! 

I have a sensitive “Cherry” (pointing down below) yes, play on words, but I was pleasantly pleased these bath bombs have given me NO irritation! I am in love with the LOVE SHACK Bombs! 

Melt in your tub with the Love Shack bath bomb. Perfect for those days you want to relax and unwind. A few of the star ingredients in this bath bomb are baking soda, Epsom salt, and coconut oil. Relax and indulge your senses with its sweet and fruity aroma.

The Sea Breeze body scrub comes packaged in a reusable glass jar and contains 21oz of product. This sugar scrub is a great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing! Body scrubs help remove dry dead skin cells allowing the skin underneath to better absorb moisture and nutrients. This scrub is made with cane sugar and has a lager grain which is awesome if you’re looking extra exfoliation. The scrub is packed with skin loving oils such coconut oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, and castor oil. This scrub exfoliates skin while adding moisture without leaving a greasy film on your skin.

They also have great candles, gift sets and much more! Check out www.theharmonybox.com


I walked in the room and noticed my child sitting on the couch reading. She never looked up or noticed me taking pictures of her. Her Titi Jacelyn bought her a set of Children’s Encyclopedia Britannica books with a Quiz it Pen. She absolutely loves them. She loves to travel (Mixture of her Mom and Dad there). But she’s not letting Covid slow her down. Physically she can’t get on that plane but mentally she’s been to every continent. 

Little one reading

I am blessed to have introduced my child to the love of story very early! I started reading to her when she was still in the womb. Research shows reading to our children and talking to them about what we are reading increases a child’s IQ. 

I know for a lot of parents it’s frustrating when your child stops you while you are reading to them to discuss what’s happening on that page. Actually, stopping and letting them get their thoughts out and talking it through with them will help their reading comprehension later. It also helps develop a deep love for reading later. 

Take the time to cuddle up and enjoy your little one. It’s a great way to treasure those little precious moments of time we will never get back. Reading time has become a special part of our days. Even though she can read to herself now doesn’t mean I’ve stopped reading to her. Read alouds are a part of our school routine as well as Big Baby and Momma time. I’m getting every cuddle I can in while she still enjoys it! 

Keep in mind please while they are young you have the chance to shape their whole life. Children with better reading skills achieve higher test scores in every school subject and have a greater knowledge than those who don’t.


                                            Smoking Mirrors by Elijah K. Muhammad

Before the Covid19 Pandemic outbreak, there was a lot of talk about mental health, and a lot of websites, systems and programs being put in place in order to raise awareness, so that we may provide many options for people to receive treatment. There are many of us, who suffer from different symptoms of mental health, such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and chemical dependency to name a few, or maybe a combination of these symptoms listed. There are so many of us that are affected with these traits, whether it may be from childhood trauma, abusive relationships, physical or mental, or a Soldier returning home from a Combat Deployment.

            I wish to provide some enlightenment on a particular group, which is our Brothers and Sisters in arms, who have, or who still currently serve in our armed forces. Speaking from experience, I believe a lot of our Soldiers are dramatically affected by the events they witnessed or participated in during combat. However, I don’t totally agree with the fact, that combat is the only or main contributing factor leading to the cause of PTSD, anxiety, depression or chemical dependency. There are a plethora of contributing factors that often go unmentioned and addressed. Being a former combat veteran, we are briefed on potential domestic threats that we may encounter. Entailed in some of these briefings, are the intentions and actions of certain type of opportunist that are labeled card chasers. These are basically narcissists pursuing a relationship or courtship in order to obtain benefits, such as housing, medical/dental insurance or a potential portion of a Soldier’s pay or pension. Nothing is more important to a Soldier than family, which is the reason they make the sacrifice of putting their life on the line, in order to be a provider. Before you deploy, you are required to get your house in order by filling out your will and deciding how you want your life insurance policy distributed, in case you were not able to return home. Last but not least, you must provide instructions on how you want your physical remains handled.

            After this process, you say goodbye to your family and then deploy. During this deployment, a Soldier will face a lot of adversity and overwhelming odds of survival. Please understand that family is the motivation and inspiration along with the lives of the men and women next to them to make it back home. Unfortunately, when we return home as veterans,we’re all injured in a sense, whether it be mentally or physically, in some cases a combination of both. When some of these Soldiers return home, they return home to an empty house, depleted bank accounts, because their spouses abandoned them, leaving heartbroken, poor and destitute. Another group of veterans may be physically unable to continue their military career, because of injuries suffered during the combat deployment. This forces them to leave the military but may not receive their benefits immediately or total benefits. These two scenarios cause the suicide rate to increase, and cause veterans to totally give up on life, which is why in most cases you see so many homeless veterans. Their thought process is, why should I want to even continue living? I sacrificed everything of me for my family and my country, just to have one, if not the two of them turn their backs on me.

            I loved my time in the military, but everyone is not capable of staying afloat mentally, even I at one point in time, had to consult with a therapist. This is not a race or gender issue; this is a humanity issue. I personally believe we need to raise awareness of these undiscussed triggers that veterans constantly face, that causes PTSD, anxiety, depression, chemical dependency and even suicide. By raising the conscious level of these traits, we can decrease the numbers of Soldiers encountering these mental issues possibly reducing the rate of suicides.

Thank you for your time. My appreciation and regards to the host of this platform Cherie Johnson for allowing me to lend my voice.


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Well this time of the year we would usually be on a beach somewhere spending time together as a family. This year we are taking some extra precautions but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all the fun! 

Arts and Crafts is always a fun time in my house. Through arts and crafts, children get to exercise their fine motor skills, stretch their little imaginations, be creative and work independently. 

Art is great for self-esteem, as it gives children a great sense of achievement when they have completed their task. It’s a great and safe way to make mistakes and learn sometimes your mistakes can lead you to a whole new idea! It gives them a opportunity to work on their communication skills as they explain their creations to others! 

Arts and crafts is a weekly staple in my home that brings so much joy to all whom visit. 

Seashell Kit

The seashell kit was a Christmas purchase from Five Below last year! 


Statistics show rich people have better oral hygiene than the middle class or below. Not because of health insurance but because of the habits of the lower class. 

While lower class only brush once a day, the upper-class brushes at least twice a day and floss. Maybe this goes back to the upper class being taught healthy habits at an early age with the privilege of visiting the dentist as early as their teeth come in. While unfortunately not only do lower class children miss dentist appointments, but many only go to the dentist if there is a problem or major mouth pain.

For adults, I just don’t see money being an excuse here! Baking soda & coconut oil are the best toothpaste, while hydrogen peroxide is the best mouthwash. Then floss at night!

All these items can be found at the 99 cents store or Dollar Tree. So, it can’t be about the money, it has to be about the education.

Did you know that your oral health can offer clues about your overall health — or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body? Understand the intimate connection between oral health and overall health and what you can do to protect yourself.

Oral health is also a direct connection with your heart health. Ladies, do you realize messing with yuck mouth men can lead to STDs and bacterial infections? I’m just saying while you’re worried about his package…teeth should be a part of that! Nothing sexier than a beautiful smile! 



Sometimes we don’t get what we want! That’s a good thing. Sometimes we want things for the surface view. Meaning we don’t do our research or look into it deeply enough to know if it’s really for us or not. 

Think about it, if the Universe would have given you everything you asked for, 9 outa 10 you would have found yourself stuck in a place you really didn’t want to be later!

I know for myself there were relationships I felt I wanted; auditions I went on that I didn’t book that had me down for a minute. Then years later, I’m thanking God those relationships did not work and the movie I thought I needed flopped! 

It’s really as easy as the expression, “What’s for you will be yours”. No more, no less. Blessings, lessons and life. Stop stressing! 



It always floors me when I hear people say they don’t like water, or they don’t drink water. Our bodies are mostly water. Yes, you can eat your water, but it is also important to drink it. Besides rehydration, it helps keep your body temperature normal. Helps your body get rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. Flushing out those toxins promotes clear skin and weight loss. If you need to drop a few extra pounds, try drinking more water you will be shocked how that one simple change can make a huge difference.

Water is so amazing, not just internally, but also externally! Did you know taking Hot vs Cold showers could have significant benefits to your health. We really should be taking both on a regular basis. I tend to make the last minute of my hot shower cold right before drying off.

Benefits of Cold Showers
Stimulation of immune system
Increases alertness
Wakes up the mind
Tightens the skin
Accelerator of metabolism
Reduces hair loss
Prevents colds
Benefits of Cold Showers
Benefits of Hot Showers
Opens pores
Removes toxins from skin
Nasal decongestant
Lowers body tension
Relaxes muscles
Alleviates migraines
Reduces swelling
Reduces anxiety
Benefits of Hot Showers

Enjoy your water time. It’s the best thing we can do for our overall health inside and out!


Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions. To be able to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

I was called “Nonchalant” from someone I care about. This is a term that has been thrown in my face several times, mostly by men who were interested in me. It wasn’t until then that I realized what the issue was. 

It took this person to say: 

“When I’m mad, you’re supposed to be mad. When you’re mad, I am mad.” 

I giggled and that made the situation worse. 

Then they said, “Take off your fake ass boxers and stop acting like a man.” 

I giggled again and took a long pause to not be rude with my response but to make my point clear.

“You know what, here let me pass you this THONG because obviously my nuts are bigger than yours. Sit back chill and be a model,” I said calmly with a smile on my face.

“Don’t try to degrade me,” he said meanly.

“Look you are emotional; I am rational and that’s the issue. It’s not that I’m nonchalant, someone has to make shit make sense. It’s called being emotionally intelligent. I can’t go on a rollercoaster of emotions with you because you want me to. That’s NOT how I live my life,” I said.

That was it! At that moment I realized I spent my dating career dating men who were not emotionally intelligent. At that moment I realized all the red flags I had been ignoring prior. 

I promised myself I would never waste my time or energy spending a day with another man who was not Emotionally Intelligent. Due to my career starting at such an early age, I had learned a really important lesson… and that was I have the ability to control my emotions and not just mine but others’ emotions as well! Not in a manipulative way, but I decided when I am going to be happy, upset or pissed off. Nobody else in this world can make me have a bad day but me.