It’s amazing how meeting someone can truly change the course of your life. This little girl holding a Cabbage Patch Kid not only became my coworker but also my Spirit Sister the best fucking Soul Sister Ever!

We are all energy, energy transfers, and she has the best fucking energy. The universe really gave me the balance that I need in my life. There is not a time when my phone rings or I think about her and not smile. Well, today was one of those days. I’m in the shower washing my hair, laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing. Let me explain to you the cause of the laughter.

I don’t know why I do this to her, but I sleep text her! Yes, I literally pick up my phone in my sleep and send her text messages. Well, last night I didn’t hit send. 

Hey booski I’m at the gas station earlier and this dude confessed his lifelong love for you and begged me to hook him up with you. I inserted his IG handle. And a LOL 

I woke up to see it was still not sent. I busted out laughing because if I was awake, I wouldn’t have really even told her. 

I have to giggle and be grateful of so many lives and hearts that have been touched through such an innocent friendship between these 2 little girls! You, Soleil have singlehandedly changed my world. I can’t imagine what my life woulda been like if we wouldn’t have met at that audition!


In December of 2019, not that long ago actually, home became a 836 square feet apartment now known as the humble and nostalgic My Terracotta Home, instead of a 1986 sq. ft. two story building that was purchased two years earlier by my Ex-husband and I. 

It’s still painful and unbelievable for me to utter the words Ex-husband because never in a million years did I imagine the betrayal and grotesqueness that would prelude my change of marital status. 

Life for me had taken a horrible twist; or so it felt at the time: 

  • Married-Single
  • Homeowner-Leasing an Apartment 
  • Preparing for a child – shattered Hope of a family
  • Financial Stability – Instability


As women we often times undermine our strength and our propensity to succeed and overcome. Due to the circumstances that gave tribute to the idea of My Terracotta Home, I tend to think MTH was forced out of me like a woman giving birth after carrying a child for 9 months. 

I’ve always loved decorating and creating but terracotta pots was never anything special in my world. After literally walking away from everything when my ex-husband decided to pursue a “friend” and somewhat of a family member, the first two months I wallowed in depression and spent many nights by the television on my little blush blanket in an effort to numb the pain. 

Having a perfectly new and comfy bed to sleep on I resorted to the floor because I felt lonely on a Queen-sized bed. My rationale doesn’t make sense to me now, but it made perfect sense then. I look back and laugh at myself now. 

I find myself digressing here but since we’re friends, I’m allowed a little digression eh? There goes my Caribbean accent! Lol. Just so you know I was born and raised in the Caribbean by the way. So, I’m an Island gal!


“You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

Starting over from the ground up, I found my happy place as I decorated MTH. I knew I wanted my space to be warm, spicy and inviting but had no idea what theme I was going for. After purchasing a few large pieces, I began to visualize my space and started shopping for accent pieces. It was during one of these shopping escapades that I “walked” into my obsession with terracotta as I navigated through “Marshall’s/Home Goods.


I was totally captivated by the variety of these unglazed earthenware. Some were small, others large but, they each had a unique texture and pattern that drew me in. I began to research the process of creating these terracotta pots and discovered that heat makes them stronger. From then on, I didn’t just see terracotta pots I began to see a story so much similar to my own. 

I coined the phrase “she is fired clay” as a reminder that as women, heat doesn’t have to break us. As a culture stereotype doesn’t have to define us. Rejection doesn’t have to break us! Hurt and loss doesn’t have to leave us in pieces. 

She is fired clay started as poetry I spoke to myself as I walked down El Camino street and then translated to a blush terracotta ceramic jar housing Sandalwood Rose scented Soy Wax in April 2020. Yup MTH is an April baby just like me. Isn’t it ironic how I started MTH the same month that I was born! 


My Terracotta Home is a place of new beginnings, passion, artistic freedom, spontaneity, creativity, peace and a space of becoming. 

Not only are our products fun, relatable, warm, earthy and unique but by its very nature our brand represents beauty, resilience and perseverance just like clay as it goes through fire. 


Maya Angelo once said, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

That’s exactly what every MTH package represents:

  • Passion
  • Compassion 
  • Humor
  • Style

Our candles are hand poured in terracotta toned cement vessels, highly scented, paired with a classy ribbon wick and packaged beautifully showcasing the earthy and soulful MTH logo and mantra “A home without Terracotta pots is just meh”


Let’s take a virtual figurative walk into our store. You’ll be serenaded by our signature scented organic wax melts inspired by bohemian art, childhood memories, autumn, culture, intertwined with future aspirations. Our boho blanket wax melt has been described as a pleasant surprise by Melissa who joined the MTH tribe A few months ago. She wrote “I’m not at all a fan of vanilla type scents but this Cocoa Cashmere combination makes me want to cuddle on the couch with some hot tea. “


Cecelia had this to say about our hand-crafted polymer clay earrings “I’m such a huge fan of these earrings!! The natural texture of the clay really stands out and makes them one-of-a-kind! The color is a perfect shade of terracotta and they’re super lightweight, so they don’t feel bulky or in the way. These are going to be my go-to statement earrings of the summer! Keim is an amazing artist and her thoughtful packaging is a detail that makes her pieces feel extra special “

Here’s the truth about My Terracotta Home, every piece has a little bit of my heart poured into it. 


Let’s partner together to make MTH one of the top black owned business places to shop. Tell your friends, your family, coworkers, everybody and let’s rise together. My dream is to run MTH full time and with your support all things are possible.

So Friend,

This isn’t tootles, it’s see you over at MTH

xox Keim ☺


I smile every time I see Rhythm reach for a pepper. She has learned how to make her own snacks and she often substitutes peppers for bread. As a nutritionist and mom, I couldn’t be happier. 

Some of her favorite snacks are peppers stuffed with tuna salad, egg salad, string cheese or just dipped in ranch.

To keep it kid friendly: keep it colorful, keep it simple and keep it fun.

Peppers are loaded with various vitamins and minerals

Trusted Source

  • Vitamin C. One medium-sized red bell pepper provides 169% of the Reference Daily Intake.
  • Vitamin B6. Pyridoxine is the most common type of vitamin B6, which is a family of nutrients important for the formation of red blood cells.
  • Vitamin K1. A form of vitamin K, also known as phylloquinone, K1 is important for blood clotting and bone health.
  • Potassium. This essential mineral may improve heart health Trusted Source
  • Folate. Also known as vitamin B9, folate has a variety of functions in your body. Adequate folate intake is very important during pregnancy Trusted Source
  • Vitamin E. A powerful antioxidant, essential for healthy nerves and muscles. The best dietary sources of this fat-soluble vitamin are oils, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.
  • Vitamin A. Red bell peppers are high in pro-vitamin A (beta carotene).


I hear from parents often how they are shocked that my daughter loves vegetables and fruit. I say children love what they are introduced to early. What they are offered when they start eating is what they develop a taste for. Plus, it helps she grows some of her own fruits and veggies. Children take pride in eating what they help create.

I pride myself on being from the Bricks and the Beach! East Coast girl raised in California. My daughter was uprooted from her Malibu life and moved to the bush. Talk about character development! She has her great-grandfather’s spirit and his green thumb like no other. Dating back to the 1700’s, she comes from a long line of farmers in Virginia and North Carolina. 

When my grandpa was alive, he grew tomatoes, cabbage, string beans, butter beans had berries, peaches, apples and probably more I just don’t remember. I do remember him chasing me to wash tomatoes off before I bit them like an apple. Lol. Though he’s been gone since 1993 and my daughter didn’t get a chance to meet him, he lives through her. Some things come naturally to some people because it’s in their blood.

Thank God for Genealogy, her Aunt Michelle and homeschooling, she discovered the truth about how her family were all landowners and farmers in the “Slave Days,” even though “His-Story” tells us that’s impossible for a Negro but the Census contradicts history books! I wish many more of us knew how to trace our people and had the addresses and the names. (But that’s a different story, a plantation owner even rented some of our family’s land to grow Tobacco.) School won’t teach you things like that! This is where when you homeschool you win! 

Growing a garden is a great way to teach critical thinking, reasoning, basic math skills, geometry, life science and so much more.

Anyone can grow a little garden cheaply anywhere. Please consider teaching your children the importance of how to grow their own food, identity good plants vs bad plants and basic life skills. 

Anyways enough from the little farmer’s Momma.

Today’s pickings consist of my daughter’s favorite, cucumbers and some sweet peppers! If you need a little extra push to get your babies to eat healthy, check out my daughter’s first book Cucumbers Are Delicious available exclusively at

Happy Solar Return, Momma

Happy Birthday, Momma! Rhythm and I are so thankful to be able to spend another year with you! She is so excited about making you your birthday cake again this year. This time, we won’t be on the road, we will be home and she’s planning a yellow cake, buttercream icing and pineapple filling. 

You have always been the heart of our family and wherever you are, has always been home for all of us. You’ve fed everyone and their mother. Now your granddaughter is ready to try to feed you. She’s got Grandma’s potatoes salad all planned out. Lol

Thank you for all your love, guidance, support, ass whoopings, friendship and for being the best Grandma any kid could ever ask for! You are an all-around amazing woman, and I am so thankful to be able to call you Momma! We love you so much!!! 



Get up with the alarm.  NO SNOOZE. If you hit the snooze button for 20 minutes, you have already wasted 20 minutes of your day. Might not seem like much but once you do that times 5…Bingo. You can accomplish a lot in 20 minutes.  You will stop saying, “I need more hours in my day”.

I wake up an hour early to get organized. Being a homeschool mom with a couple of careers, I need to write everything down. For me, this really works. I’m one of those people who needs purpose and having purpose helps me knock out my goals.

Practice positivity. Happiness is really a choice. It’s as easy as saying, “Okay, today I am going to be happy.”  Do not let negative thoughts occupy your mind. (There’s no point and nothing good comes from it) Use positive talk about yourself and everyone you come in contact with. Use positive visualization. Create a clear picture of your goals and your ideal life. Make a vision board to make it easy for yourself to replay the picture in your mind over and over.

Remember the people around you aren’t mind readers. Ask for what you want, believe in what you want, and you will attract it. Envision it. Get grateful for what you receive daily.


Learn something new! There has to be something you’re interested in that you would like to learn more about. Achieving knowledge brings major satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

Reflect on last week. This is your chance to start over. If there was anything you wish would have gone a different way, this is your chance to redirect things. Integrate what you learned last week, take the positive and act on it or build on it this week.

Don’t forget to eat healthy food. There is so much power in eating healthy. Not only will you feel more energized, you will accomplish more simply because your brain will function more sharply. Eating a balanced diet will also aid in getting better sleep.


A lot of people had plans for this week but unfortunately, they didn’t make it! So, while you’re dreading getting out of bed just remember to be thankful you have that option! Take a moment and realize how awesome life is and how you have another chance to complete a few goals. Spread a little love to everyone you see today. It’s easy, just give them a smile. Tell your loved ones just how important they are to you. Don’t forget it’s a new chance to make your wrongs right.



I often remind myself, the picture in an artist mind is not often what’s translated on canvas, but it doesn’t make it less beautiful. ~ Cherie

Here’s a #flashbackfriday post with a helpful reminder about life. (This was written pre-pandemic.)

I had to learn to let go and live. Life just doesn’t always move as planned no matter how long I spend working on the details. I am a stickler for schedule and being on time. From what I have learned, most of the world is NOT the same. No matter how much I prepare and break my neck to have things fall into place, often they just don’t, for reasons far out of my control. Someone always cancels and someone is always late. I expect to be paid on a certain date and I am not. It drives me insane and eats me up inside. I am by nature one of those people who does exactly what I say I am going to do. I have to accept the world is just not like me. In return, I am slowly learning to let go! I am learning to let go of the things I can’t control and giving it all to the universe.  (Maybe it’s my inner hippie.) I am learning how to find the beauty in every situation.

Just this week, I had 2 telephone conference calls just flake, and a nutritional consultation rescheduled last minute. I homeschool my daughter, so I busted my ass to make sure she was finished with school by 1 p.m., in order to take these calls. Had lunch ready to go so she would be preoccupied eating and watching YouTube, so the callers didn’t have to hear her talking in the background. While a part of me was fuming at the fact that they flaked… I had to take a moment and smile because I was able to hang out and eat lunch with my baby, where usually I would have just eaten the leftovers off her plate before I did the dishes and ran out the door to take her to Tae Kwon Do.

I was able to sit down next to her at the table and we talked and laughed while we ate. I listened to her tell me all about her LOL dolls and which were her favorites and why. I had to remind myself if I were on that conference call this would’ve been a moment that I would have missed with her. I smiled because I was able to be in the moment with her. Looking in her eyes and seeing the excitement made me realize I was exactly where I needed to be at that moment. I now get the saying let go, live life!


We all have things to do! We all are over booked. For the life of me I can’t understand why people are okay with being late. Or okay with notoriously being late. I have no tolerance for it.  Once or twice, I will give you a 15-minute grace period, after that I am finished. The reasons why are 1. You are not professional! 2. You don’t respect my time. 3. You will end up costing me money. (Because my time is money)

Professionalism starts at the top! A lot of people don’t understand this. When the CEO of a company calls for a meeting and he or she is late, it gives a picture of how the overall company is run. When you see a CEO, who is the first there and the last to leave, they usually have employees who are also on time and willing to go the extra mile above and beyond their job description.

Tardy seems to be a habit that is hard for adults to break but studies show children and young adults who grow up involved with extra curriculum activities are more likely to have a higher level of professionalism and take their responsibilities more seriously as adults.


I have one of those kids who doesn’t like to eat breakfast. So, I have to fool her by making it cute. She’s a lot like her mother and not really a morning person, but I notice when I make her a cute breakfast it lifts her spirits, makes her smile and when the plate is colorful, (I always give her fruit in the morning.) it makes her want to eat! 

“I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again; breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

Did you know people who eat breakfast eat healthier overall?  It’s actually a great way to maintain a healthy weight. Skipping breakfast makes kids feel lethargic in the morning. Their bodies need to be refueled from the 8 to 12 hours they slept during the night. When we sleep, it’s our body’s natural detoxification time.  When you sleep, your body naturally fasts. 

Children who eat breakfast do better overall in school than children who do not. It’s important what they eat for breakfast; it’ll help your child’s attention span, concentration and memory.

Did you know that kids who eat breakfast have a lower blood cholesterol level and fewer absences in school?

I found the cutest waffle iron from Target for just $9.99


Do you know the benefits of the foods you eat?

Applesprotect your heart, prevent constipation, block diarrhea, and improve lung capacity, cushion joints
Apricotscombat cancer, control blood pressure, save your eyesight, shield against Alzheimer’s, slow aging process
Artichokeshelp aid digestion, lower cholesterol, protect your heart, stabilize blood sugar, guard against liver disease
Avocadobattles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps stop strokes, control blood pressure, smooths skin
Bananasprotect your heart, quiet a cough, strengthen bones, control blood pressure, block diarrhea
Beansprevent constipation, help hemorrhoids, lower cholesterol, combat cancer, and stabilize blood sugar
Beetscontrol blood pressure, combat cancer, strengthen bones, protect your heart, help weight loss
Blueberriescombat cancer, protect your heart, stabilize blood sugar, boost memory, prevent constipation
Broccolistrengthens bones, saves eyesight, combats cancer, protects your heart, controls blood pressure
Cabbagecombats cancer, prevents constipation, promotes weight loss, protects your heart, and helps hemorrhoids
Cantaloupesaves eyesight, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, and supports immune system
Carrotssave eyesight, protect your heart, prevent constipation, combat cancer, promote weight loss
Cauliflowerprotects against prostate cancer, combats breast cancer, strengthens bones, banishes bruises, guards against heart disease
Cherriesprotect your heart, combat cancer, end insomnia, slow aging process, shield against Alzheimer’s
Chestnutspromote weight loss, protect your heart, lower cholesterol, combat cancer, control blood pressure
Chili peppershelp with digestion, soothe sore throat, clean sinuses, combat cancer, boost the immune system
Figspromote weight loss, help to stop strokes, lower cholesterol, combat cancer, control blood pressure
Fishprotects your heart, boosts memory, combats cancer, boosts immune system
Flaxhelps digestion, battles diabetes, protects your heart, improves mental health, boosts immune system
Garliclowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, combats cancer, kills bacteria, fights fungus
Grapefruitprotects against heart attacks, promotes weight loss, helps stop strokes, combats prostate cancer, lowers cholesterol
Grapessave eyesight, conquer kidney stones, combat cancer, enhance blood flow, protect your heart
Green teacombats cancer, protects your heart, helps to stop strokes, promotes weight loss, kills bacteria
Honeyheals wounds, helps digestion, guards against ulcers, increases energy, fights allergies
Lemonscombat cancer, protect your heart, control blood pressure, smooth skin, stops scurvy
LimesSame as lemons
Mangoescombat cancer, boost memory, regulate thyroid, help with digestion, shield against Alzheimer’s
Mushroomscontrol blood pressure, lower cholesterol, kill bacteria, combat cancer, strengthen bones
Oatslower cholesterol, combat cancer, battle diabetes, prevent constipation, smooth skin
Olive oilprotects your heart, promotes weight loss, combats cancer, battles diabetes, smooths skin
Onionreduces risk of heart attack, combats cancer, kills bacteria, lowers cholesterol, fights fungus
Orangessupport immune system, combat cancer, protect your heart, strengthens respiration
Peachesprevent constipation, combat cancer, help to stop strokes, help digestion, help hemorrhoids
Peanutspromote against heart disease, promote weight loss, combat prostate cancer, lower cholesterol
Pineapplestrengthens bones, relieves colds, helps digestion, dissolves warts, blocks diarrhea
Prunesslow aging process, prevent constipation, boost memory, lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease
Riceprotects your heart, battles diabetes, conquers kidney stones, combats cancer, helps to stop strokes
Strawberriescombat cancer, protect your heart, boost memory, calm stress
Sweet potatoessave eyesight, lift mood, combat cancer, strengthen bones
Tomatoesprotect prostate, combat cancer, lower cholesterol, protect your heart
Walnutslower cholesterol, combat cancer, boost memory, lift mood, protect against heart disease
Waterpromotes weight loss, combats cancer, conquers kidney stones, smooths skin
Watermelonprotects prostate, promotes weight loss, lowers cholesterol, helps to stop strokes, controls blood pressure
Wheat Germcombats colon cancer, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol, helps to stop strokes, improves digestion.
Wheat Brancombats colon cancer, prevents constipation, lowers cholesterol, helps to stop strokes, improves digestion
Yogurt*guards against ulcers, strengthens bones, lowers cholesterol, supports immune system, improves digestion

*Lemon yogurt is the only one that is a natural antibiotic with no side effects.

Did you learn anything new?  Let me know in the comments!

If you need help with nutrition or would like to do a detox, visit