6-Week Book/Screenplay Writing Workshop


There is power in YOUR story.  And it’s time to share it.  Not only is Cherie a published author, she has over thirty years of bringing stories to life.  Her extensive experiences in writing, acting, directing, and producing give her a unique advantage and approach to helping you to create your book chapter-by-chapter or your screenplay scene-by-scene.

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DURATION: Six (6) Weeks


When you are ready to fulfill a dream and accomplish a goal, it’s important to identify coaches, mentors, and teachers who will guide and support you.

Cherie Johnson has authored four books and has gained a significant amount of wisdom along the way.

Take advantage of the online course that Cherie has designed to help aspiring writers complete their books and screenplays.


Step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter (or scene-by-scene), Cherie helps you to tell your best story.  Cherie will give you assignments (i.e., create an outline, write your preface, write your first chapter, etc.).  You submit your assignments via email and Cherie responds via email with feedback/edit suggestions/questions.

Cherie helps you with everything from the preface to the back cover.

She will also consult on what to do once you have written your book regarding self-publishing or attracting a literary agent.


  • An idea and a desire to bring it to life.
  • Commitment.
  • Positive Attitude.
  • Willingness to receive constructive feedback.



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