Knowing your own character, values, abilities and emotions at an early age is almost unheard of. Knowledge of self is really the answer to success at living a peaceful life. It’s the key to being emotionally intelligent and keeping yourself mentally healthy. 

For many, it takes them until they are in their 40s to finally get it. The journey being the teacher of wisdom.

I don’t think there is a parent alive who wants to watch their kid fail as they grow up and learn their worth. 

What if I told you this 52-page Affirmation book with attached journal pages was a great start for your teenager? Would u check it out? I can tell you it’s already in my daughter’s library just waiting for her to grow up a little and get a head start on learning just what she was put on this earth to accomplish! It’s really worth checking out!

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Here are 10 “I am too wealthy” sayings I think all women should live by:

  1. I am too wealthy and I will not sell my soul to prosper.
  2. I am too wealthy to waste my time with people who don’t deserve my time.
  3. I am too wealthy to spend my time around people who have no drive and aspiration.
  4. I am too wealthy not to take control and be the driver of my own career.
  5. I am too wealthy to let other people control my emotions.
  6. I am too wealthy to waste my time and gossip or try to bring down another woman.
  7. I am too wealthy not to keep my word.
  8. I am too wealthy to owe anyone.
  9. I am too wealthy not to know my self-worth.
  10. I am too wealthy not to recognize opportunity when it is in front of my face.

Just as I am wealthy, so are you. Learn your self-worth and make sure everyone who shares your space acknowledges it as well.