Life as we knew it has changed. And I hate it! This is the second year that my baby had to have a virtual birthday party. It makes me a little sad that her memories will be different, but I have to remind myself that this too shall pass, and she is enjoying her memories. Since I’m still not comfortable being around people, I had to figure out a way to get creative.

We had a Roblox virtual pizza party! The party started at one and simultaneously at 1:30 PM, pizzas were delivered to North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Chicago, Georgia, California, And Texas! For my daughter and all her cousins. They were all very excited that they got pizza at the same time, and they got to hang out and play Roblox together.

What Covid has done for me is making me realize quality time is everything. This is the second year I baked her birthday cake. It’s not perfect, but it didn’t have to be. She loves it, that’s really all that matters.

Roblox cake

I was one of those parents who didn’t really want my kid looking at a screen all day, but with working from home, birthday parties, and life, I am thankful for FaceTime, Zoom, but most of all, Roblox.

Dear Rhythm,

Ima keep it short and sweet because a lot of people are reading this. I just want to let you know my life really began when I had you! I am so thankful I was used as a vessel to bring you to life. You have taught me so much and have given me the freedom I didn’t even realize I needed. Being your mother is truly a honor! Stop growing up so fast! Happy Birthday, my Bright, Beautiful Baby Girl!



Mommy, a mother like you is more priceless than any precious stone! You are fiercer than any historical hero, you are truly my everything. The best grandmother ever put on this earth! If I can be half the woman I’ve witnessed in you, I’d have gone above and beyond anything to be expected.

It’s been 24,018 days since your birth. There have been 813 full moons since you have been on this earth. These are reasons why you are the wisest woman I know. Happy Birthday sweet lady from me and your Grandbaby! I pray this crazy year brings you more peaceful days than you have ever felt and the happiest memories yet!

Did you know you were born on a Saturday and your Life Path number is 9? Your life path #9 represents selflessness, forgiveness and creativity. So, it’s natural that you are the philanthropist, humanitarian, socially conscious, and are deeply concerned about the state of the world. (Makes sense huh?) You spent your life taking care of everyone around you.)

You have always been a Mother to the whole neighborhood. Thank you for being the mother to so many motherless. I feel honored to be your daughter, they aint never made another one like you. It’s Friday and there are only 97 days remaining until the end of the year. I promise to remind you every single day just how wonderful you are! You are truly a fierce beautiful Rockstar! I love you, Happy Birthday, my precious Momma!


My daughter’s birthday is in July.  Every year, so far, come April I start to get this crazy anxiety about how to give her the perfect party. I always let her pick a theme. She never picks anything common where I could just walk in Party City and purchase a cute party pack and be on my way. Everything about her is unique and so are her birthday themes. So, if you go crazy over things that shouldn’t be such a big deal, Ima give you a few tips that have helped me tremendously. It’s called early preparation, so party day is a breeze.

First – Set a Budget.  DO NOT GO BROKE OVER A BIRTHDAY! DO NOT COMPARE OR TRY TO PLAY KEEP UP WITH THE JONES’. A party is cake, sometimes ice cream and play. That doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For me, our family budget is $1,000.00.  That is it, with gifts and party included.

Second – Don’t do everything at once. Start homemade crafts a month early. Plan your menu and order your cake a month ahead of time. It also helps with the budget because there are NO last-minute impulse buys. Prep food the night before the party and keep it simple. I don’t try to please parents at kid parties. Sure, they can eat but the menu is not for them. Rather the party is at a place, at home or the park. Our menus are strictly KID FRIENDLY! (Sorry, I personally feel alcohol at children parties are a huge NO NO. Besides it being tacky, think of the safety of the children. You pour the parents drinks, then in a few hours send innocent children home with them in a car! Nothing about it makes sense. I don’t hate a lot of things, but I HATE seeing people do this)

Third – Every parent needs to know about Oriental Trading Company.  It is an awesome resource for bulk buys like piñata stuffers and the gift bags you give away. Almost all of our give away gifts come from that site. Why, because the prices can’t be beat. Also, Etsy has the greatest homemade invites, party snacks & treats. If you like unique things that will set your party apart from the last party, check the site out. I guarantee you will fall in love. Plus, when you mix in their beautiful homemade treats, other moms will assume you made them and envy your homemaking skills. (I guess I just told on myself.) Hey, I’m realistic.  I can’t always be the black Martha Stewart. Momma gets tired! Also, the Dollar Store for plates, cups, napkins, table cloths, thank you cards and crafts. (Much cheaper than Party City.)

Fourth – If everyone can have a seat, everyone will be comfortable. Sure, everyone won’t sit all at once but in case they would like to, make sure you have enough seating. This means if they do NOT RSVP, check in just to make sure. ALSO, BUY WATER, A LOT OF WATER. No matter what other beverage you serve WATER is the most important.

Fifth – Most importantly, pick a reliable friend or friends to take pictures. Everyone has great camera phones now anyway, so ask them to use them and email the pictures. So, you can have fun and stay in the moment with your child! When it’s over, all we have are memories.


Save money by skipping buying expensive balloons. Kids just pop them, and they are only good for a day. Instead, buy a pack of balloons, blow them up and put them on the floor for the kids to play with and grab 20 balloons from the dollar store.  $20 and sometimes they last longer!


Smile, enjoy and don’t stress. At the end of the day, kids don’t care or know if everything isn’t perfect. All they know are their friends are there, they are having fun and there is a cake! LOL