I am sad that I have to announce Molly is no longer with us. Yes, my daughter’s fish after 4 years has been called home! She transitioned back to the earth and my daughter took it hard! I mean she screamed and cried! She had lost her best friend! She was too upset to bury her. She asked me could I do it for her. I told her, “Sure I will.” All I could do was hug her and let her know she was a good pet owner to Molly and reminded her that Molly lived a good life! She had 3 different bowls with major fishy bling, the fish literally took flights (plural) outa town! That made her giggle in between the tears.

She climbed back in her bed and turned on YouTube so she could watch other people play Roblox. (I don’t get it but that’s a whole different blog) For about 15 minutes, she has screamed and cried… then the doorbell rang! 

Her Aunt Michelle sent cookies all the way from Boston! Within 15 minutes, these giant cookies came to the door with 4 containers of ice Cream and chocolate milk! Lol, the tears stopped quickly! Hero Auntie saved the day and turned the channel.

While she still grieves over Molly being gone, it’s been a few days, but she no longer cries because she’s still working on these giant cookies! 

Aunt Michelle, thank you for always having your baby’s back. You taught me a huge lesson and listen; these cookies are amazing. Hahaahahaha! You are the best, thank you so much! 

R.I.P., Molly, you lived a great long life! 

Pray for me everyone. Now she’s asking me for a Teacup Yorkie or a Teacup Maltiepoo! I’m a sucker when it comes to this girl’s wants but I dunno if I’m ready to travel with a dog now… I told her we would talk about it again when she’s 7. I bought myself a few more months. (Whispering to you) I hope she forgets! Smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ 


Good ol’ Molly is still alive! I am thankful to report she is now a year and a month old and she’s still alive. (I have never worked so hard to make sure a fish is taken care of.)

She has had 1 babysitter so far and that was Grandma when we went to Disney World! Thank you, Mommy. (My daughter actually called her grandma every night we were gone to check on her fish).

We were all scared last month when the whole family packed up and went to California for 7 days and Molly was left alone. I felt like a parent who wasn’t being responsible, oooh the guilt! I now have faith in the 7-day Beta feeders (thank you, Petco). We were all rushing to try and get in the house before her to make sure Molly was gonna be okay. Just so happens as soon as we boarded the plane coming home, our sweet flight attendants name was Molly! My whole family gasped for air and it became real thick while my daughter said all excited, “O.M.G. You have the same name as my fish. I am going home to see her now.” The flight attendant was so sweet once we were sitting, she had a talk with baby girl about her fish and brought her extra cookies because of her great choice in names. I still think we were all holding our breaths! Before the plane could get in the air, we were all praying, “Lord, please not only bless this flight but please let Molly be alive when we walk in that house!” It was unspoken because we didn’t want to alarm her but the terror in our faces was undeniable.

When the car pulled in the driveway it was almost a race into the house. We all wanted to get there before my daughter, but she won. Hahahaah, she beat everyone to Molly!! THANK YOU MOLLY IS ALIVE! What we didn’t know was my mother had already made a side deal with her days prior that if Molly had died while we were gone as soon as we got home her and my daughter would turn around and go right back to Petco to buy a new fish. Lmfao

My mom’s a genius! My baby was happy Molly was alive but screamed, “Grandma, we good.  No need to go to Petco.” If Molly was gone I think she’d have been okay too. The fact that she has a good handle on the circle of life sure does make us all feel comfortable.

Btw, my baby girl said Molly made it because she left a picture of herself for Molly to look at, so she didn’t feel alone. Hahaahahah, she had a picture frame right next to the fish bowl!