I fail a lot, but it doesn’t mean I give up! Sure, it can be discouraging but I have 2 choices.

  1. Sit around and feel sorry for myself.
  2. Get my ass up and try harder. I do not mind hard work.

1 thing entertainment taught me is to get back up. See statistics say you get 1 job outa 100 auditions. So, the world never gets to see all the no’s, the failures or the hard work, all they see are your victories! Sure, the victories are cool, but they are not what builds the character. I can’t even count how many times I have failed but I can count my wins!

As an actor I have 42 credits, 12 producer credits, 2 writer credits, 5 casting department credits and 20 TV appearance credits as myself. Not too shabby for 36 years.

Also, the failed businesses… I started a shoe line…it was cute but short lived. I opened a restaurant. Yeah, pretty much the same story. Cute ideas, neither were my ideas or my passions but I tried it. It didn’t make me any money, both actually cost me money, but they taught me great lessons! I went into business with people who had ideas but lacked passion. I have passion so I became engulfed with how to make their visions work. See you can’t want more for others than they want for themselves, it’s a waste of your time and energy. For me, it was a waste of my name and a brand I built without them. So, when the businesses failed, I was the one who took the ” L”. And that’s okay because I tried. If I never tried, I would have never learned. Never let anyone use your brand when they are lacking passion. If it’s their idea, they need to be bringing more to the table than you and working twice as hard.

The people who are most successful at business are those who are passionate about it.

Find your passion and never be afraid to fail.



When I lived in California, I had a strange relationship with going out in public. It was just weird. I honestly started to hate it and became a hermit. People think Hollywood is like Disneyland but fail to realize actors are just like Mickey Mouse without a big costume head. Below are 3 conversations that I had with people that flipped the script and turned me into the bad guy.

Fan: “How’s Hollywood?”

Me: Hollywood is built off a story from someone’s mind…. make believe like Disneyland. Fake tits, ass, lips. Fame is given and taken.  It’s all entertainment. The ones not smart enough to realize all this shit’s fake seek a life that will never be real and kill themselves tryna live a life that doesn’t exist.

Fan: “I see you’re in a bad mood.”

Me: “Not at all….”

He walked away mad. LOL


Fan Guy 2: “Where’s Brandon?”

Me: “Dude, are you serious?”

Fan Guy 2: “Yeah!”

Me: “Dead.  The show’s been off for 30 years, dude.”

We both just stood there looking at each other. I finally walked away thinking this can’t be my life.  Lord, please NO MORE dumbasses today.


This next one happens often and it’s awkward. I hate it.

“What’s it like growing up on TV?”

Me: “I dunno? I don’t have any other life to compare it to.”

Then people get mad like my answer wasn’t good enough, so I have to ask, “Well, what’s it like NOT growing up on TV?”

This question brings more strange looks, like I’m supposed to know. Hahahaha.  I’m not a mean person but I am a real person.  I think the humanization of people who have been on TV is a real conversation more adults need to have with their children because there are some grown ass confused people in the world.

Like not to be mean, but when I’m asked, “Where’s Punky?” or “Where’s Waldo?” do they expect me to pull them outta my pocket? I don’t fucking know? But I’m a bitch if I say that so I say nothing and give them an awkward smile. Then, we can all feel weird together.

Yes, this is a “Fuck my life” moment. Hahaha. Whatever, maybe you will understand, maybe you won’t.