Heaven is really anywhere you want it to be!

With Covid going on, I feel that I’ve lost myself a little bit. One thing that it has done for me is reminded me to appreciate the little things. To fall back in love with the simplicity of life. Last night at 10 PM, I was hungry, overworked, tired. I really needed to go to sleep, but my crew was still shooting a project and it’s customary for the producer to be the first one there and the last one to leave. 

Well because of Covid, I don’t even get to be there with my crew, I have to be there virtually! I started thinking of foods I really liked as a child. 

Patty Melts were my thang! I dunno who Patty is, but I appreciate her. Or maybe it’s just the beef patty? Either way, Grub Hub delivered burger meals to my crib last night. Those grilled onions, peppers and mustard were good last night and I appreciated the onion rings too. I slept like a baby!