My 6-year-old gets tired of eating the same things over and over again for breakfast. My mom always tells me I need to stop asking my family what they want and just cook. I ask because I need ideas myself. Being creative about meals is not usually the first thing on my priority list because I have a lot of other things going on too. So, cooking 3 meals a day isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I must get it done. 

Rhythm takes great pride in making her own food from time to time. This morning she said, “Mom, can I make myself that banana bread in a cup? I haven’t had that in a long time.” “Sure,” I told her. She was right, it was way before Covid started and that was a good year ago. It’s pretty cool outside this morning, so it’s a great day to curl up and eat breakfast with a nice, warm cup.

It’s important for me to always include fruit in her meals and this is a quick and easy way to know she’s getting some fresh ingredients. Getting her in the kitchen working with her hands is not just good for her motor skills, but it’s also great for homeschool math and science. School shouldn’t be just about worksheets; it should be about real-life survival skills. Things they will actually use outside the classroom. Measuring is a great way for her to see firsthand the fruits of doing something right and what happens if you do it wrong (cause and effect). She learns to take her time, read the recipes, and be careful not to spill anything. She gets to be creative and practice her problem-solving skills. Honestly, this recipe is also good if you live alone and aren’t into leftovers!


In a mug you simply put in:

2 tbsp flour (Of your choice, could be coconut flour)

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1 tbsp of Maple Syrup

1/2 tbs Milk


* 1/2 tsp of brown sugar (Extra Sweet)

* After it’s done a splash of cinnamon 

Then, stirring it together is her favorite part. After it’s all combined and looking like cake mix, simply stick it in the microwave for a minute and thirty seconds. (Depending on how your microwave cooks) 

My daughter doesn’t like nuts or cinnamon, so I just sliced a few pieces of banana for the top. Be creative and make it your own.


As a small child my idea of beauty was red lips and big hoop earrings. That was the idea I had in my head for my ideal look when I grew up. My mother would never let me wear large earrings as a child, but she always kept me in little hoops. I couldn’t wait for the day I was allowed to wear the big ones. 

Did you know hoop earrings date back to Nubia, a civilization that existed in the fourth century in what is now present-day Sudan?! In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore hoop earrings. Egyptian royalty including queens and pharaohs like Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen and Cleopatra wore gold hoops, but it was the style. For Egyptians, “earrings were seen as something that enhanced one’s beauty and sexuality.”  As a child, my mother told me earrings always make you look beautiful. I never leave the house without a pair on and the few times I have… I actually have stopped in the store and bought a pair, because I felt naked.

I grew up in a white neighborhood and they made sure to let me know my hoops were ghetto! Instead of it making me feel bad, I embraced it! After all, I am originally from Duquesne, PA… not Westlake Village, CA where I went to school. I had NO problem living my true-self and was always PROUD of exactly where I came from. My knowledge of self has always been STRONG even when my mother’s sisters tried their best to reprogram and whitewash me. I love my Blackness and I am proud of it! Some things are innate to who you are! Bamboo earrings are more than a L.L. Cool J song.

How refreshing it was to find out it’s in my blood! It’s a part of who I am… Egyptians that were not royalty were also buried wearing their hoop earrings, to enhance their beauty and appeal in their afterlife.

Hoop earrings are NOT a fashion trend but a fashion staple and a part of our history! 

Also, did you know I have a limited collection of hoop earrings earrings available at ?

Smooth Hoop Earrings
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Textured Hoop Earrings


Today my brothers, I am talking to you. Try considering the pool of men who approach her. Now, I truly believe in the course of nature. Dogs chase cats… cats don’t chase dogs. For my religious folks, “He who finds a wife, finds a… you get where I’m going.

Unfortunately, beautiful women are getting the short end of the stick because men are not holding themselves to the standard which they are well aware that they should behaving themselves. 


They don’t have to!? 

Well, that’s changing because women are no longer accepting or putting up with the mediocrity. Just doing enough to get by NO LONGER FLIES! 

Men wonder why women are to the point where “we don’t need a man or want a man”

Chronic disappointment, sir… Chronic disappointments make anyone shut down and not want to even allow themselves to be in the position to even feel anymore.

While there are some good men out here being overlooked, it’s because of the idiot that approached before you! She doesn’t even want to deal with what may come after hello. 

Good men, you want things to change? Check other men. Fix their crowns; it is okay! They’re out here swearing they wanna be Kings, acting like peasants! 

My momma always said, “Don’t be a fool and write nothing down you don’t want coming back…” King Kev, not only did I correct you but now Ima use you as an example. Since you’re a King and a Leader, other men can now see the reflection of their failures by yours being put on display! 

Men, we are tired! We are tired of the disrespect, the lies, the playing the fool and the being fooled with! Thank you to those who show us UPFRONT the intentions and the disrespect before hello because then we have a choice and know exactly what will come next. So Ima give him a chance to see his wrong doings a few more times before I BLOCK HIM and everyone like him that comes after him.

I was raised by a Village of Kings who made sure I know my worth. I know what pure love feels like from a Black Man, so don’t bother me with all the impurities…


This is why
Black women
are single!


It’s that feeling you get that makes you have butterflies and feel all warm and tingly. That look of love. “Your eyes are the windows to your soul,” Darius McCrary told me when I was 13 years old and I’ve never forgotten it. Mostly because of the look he gave me when he said it. It was that look of love! The look that made me feel special and like I was the only one in the room with him, even though we were in a crowded room full of people.

Eye contact is a transfer of energy! You can tell how someone feels about you, just by looking at them. It’s hard for the eyes to lie. You can often look into a person’s eyes and sense their character.

When someone loves you, looking into their eyes is a revelation again and again that they care for you. One of the sweetest moments I’ve shared with my man was in silence, simply sitting on the couch across from one another. I was reading and I caught him just staring at me for no reason, with a smile on his face. I looked up and smiled. I appreciate being admired by him. I appreciate being loved. 

The look on his face when we leave each other… even though we always say, “I love you” because the words are important… there is really no need for the words, it’s felt in the look.


You go, girl! While I am not advocating divorce in any way, I am proud my sistas are NO longer accepting bad behavior from men! We partied on the way into the marriage, let’s party on the way out of it! 

Let’s be real: when a woman finally calls it quits in any relationship, it’s already been over for quite a while. Women often stay longer than they should! (I’ve been so guilty of that.) Women give men warning after warning, and in so many ways beg for change, before ever being heard. 

Most men aren’t ready to even deal with the issue, until they realize it’s too far gone.

Men are able to ignore the issue and, in many ways, escape the home by diverting their attention elsewhere. Drowning out the chaos and moving on with their day.

While women are able to attack the problems head on and get to the root of the issue before they blow up to the point of no return.

I feel it coming, men are ready to argue me down about how my opinions are wrong. Be mad, Bruh… the numbers Don’t Lie! 

Men, if you want to keep your wife, you need to keep the same behavior that helped you get her.


All love shouldn’t be unconditional! Your mental health should be more important than anything else. When you teach children to have relationships with family members that are emotionally abusive, what are you teaching them is their feelings do not matter. They are to love that person, no matter how they were treated. Someone else’s opinions and words are more important than their feelings.

This is why so many adults find themselves in abusive relationships in adulthood. They spent their whole life being told they couldn’t stop loving the very people that hurt them, simply because they are family.

We always wonder how a woman can be abused and stay. 

Why does that mean because I’m his wife, even if he beats me, I should stay?

Adolescents who experienced emotional abuse as children are more likely to be diagnosed with at least one mental illness, such as depression or anxiety, which can carry over into adulthood. Unfortunately, people with a history of emotional abuse are also at an increased risk of attempting suicide.

As parents it is our job to Protect, Profess and Prove! Protection comes along with protection from toxic family members, providing them with an environment that is heathy and will aid them to grow up with healthy self-esteem.


Today, I received the cutest gift from one of our friends who watches Punky! She made me the most adorable bracelets, not only for me, but also for my daughter. They’re colorful and they fit perfectly. They’re comfortable and they’re made with soft beads. She even put my name on them, and she put Cherie power! My daughter’s says Girl Power, one has a gummy bear and the other a heart and a rainbow! They came beautifully packaged. The most amazing thing is there were made by a young girl named Simone! 

Friendship Bracelets

I am all for entrepreneurship at an early age. These bracelets are a perfect addition for a birthday present, Christmas stocking or even Easter eggs. So, if you wanna support young people and also give beautiful gifts to the girls and the women that you love, please keep Simone in mind. 

I love the positivity reminder on my wrist and the way it makes me smile when I look down at them. Most of the time, it’s really the little things that can brighten your day. And these bracelets do it for me.

Check out her Instagram page


Water is the true fountain of youth! Most overweight people are overweight simply because they are not drinking enough water! Most people with skin issues have it because they are not drinking enough water!

After having my daughter, my doctor asked me if I wanted to drop my baby weight fast. “Of course,” I told him! Then, he told me to drink 16 ounces of water on an empty stomach. It will help the body flush out toxins and alkalize my body. Layman’s terms: it’s gonna make you shit. According to Ayurvedic medicine, drinking water right after waking up has pretty amazing health advantages. It cleanses the kidneys and expels accumulated toxins, enhances the metabolism, improves the oxygen flow and supports the health of the lymphatic system.

Do you wake up in the middle of the night thirsty?

At night, your body repairs itself and removes toxins. This is why some people sweat more at night than others. Your body is casting away all the bad stuff. So, it’s your body’s way of begging you for proper hydration, so your cells can do their jobs. Most likely, you didn’t drink enough water during the day.

Did you know if you don’t drink enough water it can alter your mood as well? Dehydration causes confusion, anxiety and fatigue.


Having a casual conversation about a family road trip hurt my heart. My man and I were talking about all the things we want to do after Covid and one of them was to go back to Disneyworld. Then, driving from Disneyworld to Atlanta, Georgia and we/he decided it was probably just safer to fly. Not because of car accidents because we didn’t want to deal with the trauma of the police.

Me: I’d rather leave early in the morning, babe. I don’t wanna be on the road late at night. It just makes me nervous to be on that back road with Rhythm in the car.

My Man: Yeah, I understand, and it makes it worse to have me in the car with you.

This is when my heart sank to my feet! The White reality is having a man with you is supposed to bring a sense of safety and more security to your family! For a Black family who simply wants to take vacation and go to Disneyworld, it’s a risk factor! Here is where my attitude kicked in.

Me: “Fuck Disneyworld and Fuck Georgia, we have been to both of them before. I don’t even wanna go.”

My Man: “Naw babe, don’t get like that. We can just fly to Georgia after, so it won’t be a problem.”

He’s so sweet and calm and such a peacemaker. Meanwhile, we can just go to Disneyland call it a day and save all the travel money all together. I’m now mad as hell and pissed off and hurt. Hurt for him because he can’t bring comfort to his family by being in the car. My White friends, please read this again! This right here is NOT okay! 

People wonder why Black women seem to have an attitude problem. We harbor so much hurt and disappointment, not just for ourselves, but the ones we love most. The men in our lives who simply want to live but are in constant fear. Our children who aren’t even aware of the dangers ahead every time they leave the house simply because of the color of their skin!  You would walk around looking pissed off too if the Black experience was your damn reality every time you left the house.


In the middle of doing a Virtual Press Run for our Punky Brewster continuation, I still have a life. I needed a cute outfit quickly where I didn’t have to change my clothes before my interviews today. Then, I remembered this really cute sweatsuit sent to me from Suddenly Forty! It was perfect!! I put it on, and it was comfortable and soft and appropriate for my whole entire day!

I hate rushing, so I always keep a couple of go to outfits right in front of my closet. Because I am one of those people, if I have to search for it, I don’t wear it. I like to grab and go! 

My day was looking like this:

10:50am Rhythm’s Dentist Appointment

11:30am Post Office (gotta mail Cucumbers are Delicious)

11:45am Gas Station

12:00pm Make Lunch

 2:00pm Phone interview

 3:00pm Cook Dinner

4pm-8pm Record Cherie’s World Podcast

8:30pm Rhythm’s Bedtime

45 is a weird age. I still look and feel young but let’s be real, some things are just no longer age appropriate. But I am not tryna look like a grandma either. Thank you Suddenly Forty for keeping it cute! You will get to check it out on the podcast!

You can check out more of their cuteness at

Suddenly Forty