Mary Seacole, née Mary Jane Grant, (born 1805, Kingston, Jamaica – died May 14, 1881, London, England), Jamaican businesswoman who provided sustenance and care for British soldiers at the battlefront during the Crimean War. Again, she was 15 years older than Florence!

Florence Nightingale receives all the accolades when Mary Seacole helped train her on how to sanitize and keep things sterile… Mary Seacole was a nurse. She was our first nurse, who pissed off the British and they are disgusted and hate to look at her as an icon. All because of the color of her skin again, doing all that they can to strip away the true history, OUR history! (But as we know, that’s what they do.) Children as early as preschool are taught about Florence while Mary Seacole is NEVER even mentioned in the history books.

The Black nurse story has been muddled over for long enough. It’s time people start demanding the history books change and Florence Nightingale is no longer taught without mentioning who trained her. Florence and Mary were friends! There was no hostility between the two and their goal together was to keep these soldiers alive, who were placed in a hospital over a sewer.

It’s been proven and documented that hygiene was taught to White people by Natives and Blacks. That’s who introduced them to bathing. So, it’s NO surprise a Jamaican woman had to teach them about sterilization because before she arrived (Not with Florence, on her own dime) soldiers were DYING because of unsanitary conditions.

 Yes, Florence went on to start a nursing school and did great things. Yes, her team of nurses helped many. I am not writing this to diminish her legacy, but I refuse to glorify her without paying homage to those who lead the way: her elder Mary Seacole! Then there’s the argument that Seacole is a symbol of political correctness gone mad because the great Black British icon isn’t, er, black. In a Spectator piece Rob Liddle took the baffling stance that Seacole was “three-quarters white”. This is despite contemporary depictions of her as a person “of colour” (and her own recollection that a White American at a dinner party said he wished he could bleach her skin). Doc McStuffins disappointed me by not teaching children the truth but then I had to step back and look at their writing team…


It’s not in the reports much like the lynchings of today or the murder of Martin Luther King! He didn’t die from the bullet, he was murdered. If you look up the court rulings, the government was found guilty but they don’t teach that narrative because they DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW!

For the younger generations who may not know Billie Holiday was a singer whose career spanned over 26 years. She died at the young age of 44 years old. On May 31, 1959, Holiday was taken to Metropolitan Hospital in New York suffering from liver and heart disease. She was arrested for drug possession as she lay dying, and her hospital room was raided by authorities.

Billie Holiday was Handcuffed to her hospital bed while dying!

Harry Anslinger, the first FBI director, notorious for his hatred of Black people, made it his job to destroy her, and her legacy because she refused to stop singing the song #StrangeFruit! (A song about Lynching) Under his direction, the hospital was ordered to stop giving her medical attention and she died within days. To listen to her song Strange Fruit


Janet wanted to be a ballerina in the 1930s and 40s, a time when racial segregation was widespread in the United States. Janet pursued dance with a passion, despite being rejected from discriminatory dance schools. When she was accepted into the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo as a teenager on the condition that she paint her skin white for performances, Janet refused. She continued to go after her dreams, never compromising her values along the way. From her early childhood lessons to the height of her success as the first African American prima ballerina in the Metropolitan Opera, Brave Ballerina is the story of a remarkable pioneer as told by Michelle Meadows, with fantastic illustrations from Ebony Glenn.

The book is available on

Janet Collins (March 7, 1917 – May 28, 2003) was an African American ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher. She performed on Broadway, in films, and appeared frequently on television. She was among the pioneers of Black ballet dancing, one of the few classically trained Black dancers of her generation.


This is Sgt. Isaac Woodward, in 1946 he was just 26 years old. A decorated war veteran, he was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army. He was traveling home on the bus, back to the very place I had my own run in with the police, South Carolina.

Sgt. Isaac Woodward was wearing his uniform. He was a decorated war vet who fought for this country!  Yes, I repeated myself because I want you to get the point!

There was a dispute with the bus driver over a restroom break because buses didn’t have bathrooms on them. The bus driver calls the police. Police show up, forcibly remove Sgt. Woodward, and hewas beaten so severely that he lost his sight. Evidence suggests his eyes were gouged out.

NO arrests. NO charges. The crime went unpunished. Sound familiar? Much like the things that are occuring in the U.S. today!

Did you know that over 1 million Black soldiers who fought in the WWII were DENIED the G.I. Bill? And those who did, were UNABLE to make use of the housing provisions, BECAUSE banks wouldn’t make loans for mortgages in black neighborhoods (Know your history. Know your Privilege) and EXCLUDED from the suburbs because of deed covenants and institutional racism.

This is the history they will never teach in schools about this nation. This is why generational wealth doesn’t exist in the Black community.

In short, the GI Bill helped foster a long-term boom in white wealth but did almost nothing to help build black wealth! This is one of the examples of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM, and how it works, and how it STILL works today.

This is why these marches and protests aren’t about the ACT of what bad policing, aggressive, and extreme tactics used towards people of color do, but the systemic inequalities and policies that black people have been addressing for DECADES!

This isn’t just Black History; this is WHITE AMERICAN HISTORY.


I saw these cute little books on a Facebook ad. Then my friend Angelique brought them to my attention again while we were having a conversation about what books we would be using in our children’s homeschool curriculums this year. I want to make sure I get these lessons in about business and money that our parents simply didn’t have the knowledge to teach us. Books like these are a part of breaking the cycle for me.

Let’s face it, many Black children in my mother’s generation didn’t get the opportunity to watch their parents or family members own a business. So, there was no firsthand experience. Where I was able to watch my mother own her own business and start it from scratch. My mother then explained to me that she didn’t expect to see a return on her money for 6 months. That was a seed she planted right there, an economic lesson right there she didn’t even realize she gave me.

For my daughter, representation MATTERS! The fact that she can see her likeness doing positive things means something to her. She pointed it out to me when she was only 3 years old, and again at 5 when she made it known she was NOT interested in Judy Bloom or the Magic School Bus books because nobody on the cover looked like her! So now that she is 6 years old, I am very aware of what can hold her attention.

My daughter enjoyed them. I enjoyed them because there is a page of vocabulary words in the back of the book. That is where we started her lesson before she read the book. (I wanted to make sure she understood what she was reading.) I also used them as spelling words at the end of the week.

Little Owners is a company dedicated to educating all children on the various career paths to success. Helping parents and schools expose children to nontraditional and traditional entrepreneurship is at the cornerstone of our company. Their goal is to enlighten and enrich each child that reads the books with inspiration and an expanded paradigm of what’s possible.

I bought the 3 Books – Little Owners Girl Series Collection for only $25.


One of the greatest things about growing up in California was the opportunity to embrace and learn other people’s cultures firsthand. 

With Black History Month impending, I need to recognize another cultures’ very important day that’s approaching. 

I remember Soleil Moon Frye’s mother taking us to a Chinese New Year festival when I was a young girl. The fireworks, the dragons, the street parade and paper lanterns always had me in awwww. I was mesmerized by all the beautiful colors. She took us to eat dumplings and bought us toys from Chinatown.

Then when I got a little bit older, I had a friend, Jenny Yang who invited me to her house for a traditional Chinese New Year dinner with her family. It was much like Christmas. People sat around talking and laughing, cooking and drinking, just enjoying a wonderful time with their family. 

This year, the Lunar New Year is coming Friday, February 12th. February 11-17th is the holiday. 

Social distancing and COVID-19 will damper some of the traditional celebrations I’ve adopted into my own life, but some will carry on. One thing I’ve done every year since I was a teenager is buying a new red wallet. Red is energy, so I believe it helps keep money in my wallet and I buy myself new underwear too! 

If you have never celebrated, here are a few things you need to know! 

The celebration lasts 15 days

The dates change every year (like Easter)

1/6 of the world celebrates it

AKA Spring Festival 

Everyone wears new clothes

Kids receive red envelopes as gifts (lucky money)

Red is a good luck color believed to scare away spirits and bad fortune. 

Like Americans eat turkey, the Chinese eat dumplings. Dumplings are a traditional Chinese food, especially in northern China. The Chinese believe when you are eating dumplings, you will bring prosperity in the coming year.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Yes, another blog about my daughter’s fish. Popeye disease, yes, I said. The disease is medically known as exophthalmia. 

That is a condition where the eye of the fish is swollen and protrudes abnormally from its socket due to various underlying diseases. This issue can affect a single eye or both eyes.

Luckily for us, it was just one eye. I didn’t want to write a blog when it happened because I was the bad mom who refused to take a $5 four-year-old fish to the vet! Sure, money holds no value on love, but I just wasn’t doing it! But now that the fish is alive 4 months later and has made round trips on the plane, I am confident I made the right choice.

I am not a person that will give advice until I know firsthand it was gonna work or not. Long story short, my daughter looked into Molly’s bowl one day in September and her eye was huge. 

Molly had Popeye. After reading over the Internet how to cure it, I finally came along one page that told me simple Epson salt would cure it! 

Off I rushed to get my mask and shield on and headed to CVS to buy some simple Unscented Epson salt.  

When I got home, I cleaned out Molly’s bowl and put in a few tablespoons of the Epson salt. I changed the water every other day and before the week was over, Molly was cured! Her eye was back to normal. 

So now my family jokes that I’m Doc Mcstuffins: the pet vet! This damn fish is truly like having another kid. 4 years and counting!


Cherie’s World Podcast has gained over 180,000 listeners and watchers weekly over the last 2 seasons. Every humpday Cherie meets with friends and guests to find out what is going on in their world. They cover current events and personal topics that hit close to home. Nothing is taboo and she gives you a chance to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Not big on gossip but if rumors need to be cleared up we do so. Recycling the Black Dollar, Living a healthy lifestyle, Weight loss, Polyamory Families and Transgenders are just a few of our most popular subjects to date. 

Uncle Luke interview WATCH in full 

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MLK’s Family Feels Vindicated


DECEMBER 8, 1999 / 5:25 PM / CBS

The widow of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. says she feels vindicated by a jury’s finding in December 1999 that her husband was the victim of a conspiracy, not a lone assassin, and says it is the duty of the Justice Department to look at the information presented in the Memphis case.

“I think that if people will look at the evidence that we have, it’s conclusive and I think the Justice Department has a responsibility to do what it feels is the right thing to do, the just thing to do,” Coretta Scott King, told CBS Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel a day after the trial.

The jury of six blacks and six whites deliberated only about three hours before returning the verdict in a civil lawsuit brought by the King family, reports CBS News Correspondent Jennifer Jones. They had sued Lloyd Jowers, a 73-year-old retired Memphis businessman who claimed six years ago that he paid someone other than James Earl Ray to kill King.

The Kings were awarded $100 in damages, but they weren’t after money. What they wanted was a verdict that would lend support to their call for a new investigation of the killing.

“It’s been painful and also has been bittersweet,” said King’s son, Dexter, who led the family’s pursuit of the truth. “Bitter because of the tragedy, obviously, but liberating in the sense and sweet that we have been vindicated and ultimately that the significant of this historical verdict that really rewrites history is liberating. Now we can move on with our lives, have a sense of closure and healing.”

William Pepper, the Kings’ lawyer, told jurors Jowers was part of a vast conspiracy involving the Mafia and agents of the federal government. He said King was targeted because of his opposition to the Vietnam War and plans for a huge march on Washington.

A cover-up following the assassination in Memphis in 1968 involved the FBI, CIA, the media and Army intelligence, as well as many state and city officials, Pepper said. He told the jurors they could rewrite history with a conspiracy verdict.

“We’re asking you to send a message…to all of those in power that you cannot get away with it,” Pepper said during his closing argument.

Ray confessed to the murder in 1969 but recanted and spent the rest of his life trying to get a trial. He died from liver disease last year.

Ray’s guilty plea was upheld eight times by state and federal courts. A U.S. House committee concluded in 1978 that Ray was the killer but he may have had help before or after the assassination. The comittee did not find any government involvement in the murder.

“The jury also heard a great deal of evidence which exonerated James Earl Ray,” Pepper said Thursday. “That should be made clear because there are spins coming out indicating that James was part of this conspiracy. That’s not what the jury found or heard. They heard strong evidence that James was an unknowing patsy.”

Jowers owned a small restaurant, Jim’s Grill, across the street from the Lorraine Motel, where King was killed. On the day of the murder, Ray, a prison escapee from Missouri, rented a room under an assumed name in a rooming house above Jim’s Grill.

In 1993, Jowers said on ABC-TV that he hired King’s killer as a favor to an underworld figure who was a friend. He did not identify the purported killer, but said it wasn’t Ray.

Jowers, who has never repeated the claim, was sick for much of the trial and did not testify.

Lewis Garrison, Jowers’ lawyer, told jurors they could reasonably conclude King was the victim of a conspiracy but said his client’s role was minor at best.

He said it was hard to believe that “the owner of a greasy spoon and an escaped convict” could have pulled off King’s assassination.

Pepper said King was killed because of his opposition to the war and his planned “poor people’s march” on Washington. Those activities angered big-money defense contractors and threatened a redistribution of wealth in America, he said.

King planned to assemble thousands of protesters at a tent city in Washington and those in power “were afraid that mob would overrun the capital,” Pepper said.

The order to kill King, Pepper said, came from the head of organized crime in New Orleans to a Memphis produce dealer who got Jowers to handle the payoff and murder weapon. An Army sniper squad was in place to shoot King if the Mafia hit failed, Pepper said.

John Campbell, a prosecutor with the Shelby County district attorney general’s office who has investigated the assassination but was not involved in the Jowers trial, said the conspiracy claims have no merit.

“We looked at this off and on for five years … and I’ve still seen nothing that would change my opinion” that Ray acted alone, Campbell said.

Last year, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno ordered a limited investigation by the Justice Department into two allegations of a conspiracy in the King murder. One was Jowers’ claim. The other was a statement by former FBI Agent Donald Wilson that he found papers in Ray’s car that might support a conspiracy.

Justice Department Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder says the report is almost complete and could be released within weeks. But Holder says he doubts the report or the Memphis case will lead to any criminal charges.

But at a news conference in Atlanta, Dexter King said his family was just happy to have resolved decades of doubts. “We don’t care what the Justice Department does,” Because of inforation that came out in the Memphis trial, he said, “We believe that this case is over. … We know what happened. This is the period at the end of the sentence.”

First published on December 8, 1999 / 5:25 PM

© 1999 CBS. All rights reserved.


Ladies, don’t get upset, hurt or mad when men get ghost! They are NOT the ones for you. They did you a favor. Better sooner than later. Let them go…

Men don’t feel they owe you an explanation of why they no longer want to talk to you, mostly because then they would have to take accountability for their participation in whatever changed their minds. 

There are a million different reasons why he’s not texting, calling, or reaching out to you anymore. The main reason is he is not the one for you… Period! And if he stayed in the picture, the right one would not come! So, allow the karma to catch him, while you catch yours. 

Step back, let the ego go and truly think, “is that who you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?” 

Okay then, pick your chin up, dust yourself off and stop looking for an explanation they don’t want to give you. Silence speaks loud now; you just make sure you don’t give them the opportunity to come back and do it again! 

Lead with love and gratitude and manifest what it truly is that you’re looking for.  When you receive it, don’t be surprised and appreciate it.