Knowing your own character, values, abilities and emotions at an early age is almost unheard of. Knowledge of self is really the answer to success at living a peaceful life. It’s the key to being emotionally intelligent and keeping yourself mentally healthy. 

For many, it takes them until they are in their 40s to finally get it. The journey being the teacher of wisdom.

I don’t think there is a parent alive who wants to watch their kid fail as they grow up and learn their worth. 

What if I told you this 52-page Affirmation book with attached journal pages was a great start for your teenager? Would u check it out? I can tell you it’s already in my daughter’s library just waiting for her to grow up a little and get a head start on learning just what she was put on this earth to accomplish! It’s really worth checking out!

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Yes, I am that mother who will give my daughter a popsicle for breakfast. Wait, hear me out! See Mr. Chris bought my daughter some popsicle molds for her birthday and she loves them! Being a summer baby who just so happens to live in a hot environment, she may as well start her days off right with some refreshing fruit! When you make popsicles at home, I know exactly what’s in them! 

I blend fruit and coconut milk together and instead of a smoothie, make popsicles. The one pictured is simply the juice from watermelon I had in a container in the refrigerator. I also cut fresh strawberry slices and put it on the sides to make it look pretty and taste extra yummy. 

She gets a great serving of fruit with NO added sugar, No dyes or Food coloring! 100% all natural and a serving of fruit! Win-Win and she thinks it’s fun. Let’s face it, kids like a little rebellion and doing things unorthodox! Easy cool Mom points all the way around, Dads like them too! Lol…


Growing up and being able to have a mentor is a great thing. Unfortunately, most mentors don’t come with educational backgrounds in Emotional Intelligence, nor do they teach it. It’s more of a personal thing you have to find or develop yourself because it’s not taught by most parents… I’m 44 years old and still learning. I come from a background where you don’t ask for help. That simply doesn’t work for everyone. Some of us need more than prayer to help us understand our emotions and how to deal with them before they deal with us! 

Surprisingly, it’s not as expensive as most think! Phone or virtual sessions with Coach Rob are available. Personal development sessions are $300, but with a special discount that you can only receive right here at Cherie’s World Podcast, tell him Cherie’s World Podcast sent you and receive $100 off.

So, before you go and buy a purse aka a Bag or some shoes, how about you invest in yourself and your mental health?

I asked Coach Rob if he could tell us about himself and what specifically it is that he can do for us? Here is his answer.

My name is Rob Roberts and I’m a Personal Development Expert. I am an award-winning specialist. I am also the creator of the “Change the Channel” and “FEAR DAM” concepts as well as the creator of the MS Push-up Challenge!

I am devoted to sharing ideas, resources, and tools that will assist you in becoming your best self. 

I specialize in assisting people in relationships, finding their life purpose, overcoming barriers, anxiety, emotional triggers, anger, depression, addiction, improving time-management, and self-discipline. 

I am honored, humbled, and privileged to have been featured in magazines, television talk shows, radio programs, articles, television networks, podcasts, news segments, blogs, newspapers, and a host of other media outlets in numerous countries around the world. 

My goal is simple: Help YOU get to your goals faster. Never be ignored, interrupted, or forgotten again. 

If you would like to know more, you can find Rob at:


Youtube: Muscle to Bone Fitness

Office Number 804-505-5404


Most successful people had help through their journey to success! Get the help you deserve!


It’s official: we have a 6-year-old! I swear I blinked my eyes and she’s 6 but I was just pregnant yesterday. I was so sad for my daughter that she wasn’t able to have the birthday party she started planning out loud just after Christmas. Even though she couldn’t have a party, no way was I going to allow the day to go by without making a big deal out of it! 

Months ago, she decided that she wanted a Pac-Man themed party because my mother bought her an arcade size Pac-Man! So, Party City doesn’t exactly sell Pac-Man themed anything and I refuse to go out shopping. This was going to have to be a DYI party made from things I already have! I went running in the garage to make it do what it do! 

I was able to find yellow and red tissue paper for wrapping gifts. Perfect my mother is the queen of making pompoms outa them! I found lanterns from a few years ago, (I think her Doc McStuffins party) some blue napkins I made into a happy birthday banner by punching holes at the top and stringing through ribbon with cut outs of Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man and every color ghost I made out of construction paper. (Sorry I won’t show because her name is on it) but I was pleasantly surprised it came out really cute and didn’t look like napkin on a string, lol. 

Pac-Man Ghost Decoration

Note to self: Always save old party supplies, they came in handy! 

But then the cake…yes, I can bake but I never made a cake that mattered how it looked and I had never used fondant but that’s what YouTube is for right! Thank God she only picked Pac-Man so I was able to make it work and keep her quiet while I was tryna figure out fondant because I had to cut a big piece out of the cake.  Which BTW, my family says it tasted better than the expensive unicorn cake I bought the year prior! I’m having second career thoughts. Just joking, the kitchen is not my favorite room in the house! But I pulled it off and she loved it. DON’T LOOK CLOSE but not too bad for a first attempt and I made a maybe $5 cake that tasted better than the $125 cake I paid for a year prior! (Yes, I feel like a fool.) I made a bunch of pizza and called it a day! 

Thank God for Zoom! Her family all got on the internet at the same time to sing “Happy Birthday” from Thailand, Singapore, Cleveland, Washington DC, Texas, California, Maine, Chicago, NC and more.

My brother Mark called her before she went to bed to ask if she had a good time. She said all excited, “It was the best birthday ever! Everyone got to come to my party and usually you have to work, and everyone can’t be at the same place at one time. It was Amazing!” (I had to exit stage left and go in the other room for a moment and cry while I thanked God.) She’s six but she’s Got it! She was excited and appreciative about having her family close and that’s really what celebrations are about! There was NO NEED to spend a lot of money for 1 day. All she needed was to see her village! Thank you, family, for all being there for her! 

Huge lesson for me by my child, her $5 birthday party was her best yet! Money spent means nothing, but LOVE is everything! 


We all know the climate of 2020! This is one of those make it or break it years. It’s a beautiful time to embrace you! 

If you have any doubt in your mind, you are beautiful! You are beautiful because of the DNA running through your veins. You are the makings of Royalty: true Kings and Queens. ALL life began with you. Your gift is your blackness! 

Stand proud in it, your skin is a gift. All that sees, know it. You will age beautifully and stand the test of time. Your skin will take you on many journeys a lot of the world will never be able to fathom. In every situation hold your head high, you were chosen for this journey because the most high knew the average couldn’t handle it. He has made no mistakes and you are perfectly made.

Be unapologetically you, love you, the world doesn’t have to love you! They do have to respect you. Your voice is the most powerful, they will hear you. Your bloodline is full of fighters, so you stand up and stand proud. Even when you feel alone, your forefathers are counting on you to make sure your existence is known.

Yes, we are being murdered, we are being objectified, but now is the time for us to finally become unified! Black and Brown need to stand together. Let’s not forget Mexico was our ally and gave us refuge. We need to come back together as one until the mighty fight is won! 


Emulation is the highest form of flattery! They love your culture; they love your music and your food but are too fragile to ever wear your skin. Their DNA is different than yours! We hold genetics connected to ALL, while they hold genetic connection to ONE!   

This is why the oppressor has implemented an education system that plays on the self-esteem of our brown and black children as early as the tender age of 5. Please remember SLAVERY IS NOT OUR HISTORY! SLAVERY IS WHITE’S HISTORY! That is their doing their legacy not ours!

We were Kings, Queens, Doctors, Lawyers, Healers, Architects, Creators… Brothers and sisters continue in your legacy! Continue your greatness as if none of them have the power to affect you. Be positive, be a force, leave your mark, and make them RESPECT YOU! MOST important LOVE yourself and know you were born perfectly imperfect. BE naturally unapologetically you! 



I love you!

I got tired of not being able to find merchandise with a likeness of myself. If you are interested in Merch, it can be found here!


To me “stay at home and stay safe” means just that. Keep your ass in the house! That doesn’t mean go over your friend’s house, meet for lunch or dinner. Hanging out with Nobody is more important than keeping my family safe!

I don’t understand why I have to explain to adults why they are NOT welcome to get on the plane and come to my house! 

I am a mommy!  That is my number 1 priority period! You have made your choice… socializing. I get it, it is very important to a mass majority of people and that’s why Covid numbers continue to climb. 

I don’t even go grocery shopping! I’ve been at home period. So even though you feel you are being careful, I ain’t opening my door period! 

Priorities are different for everyone. My priorities are in my house. Stay safe and good luck out there….


My daughter has no idea how my cousins and I used to write letters, get spankings over long distance phone calls! It would be months or years even in-between times we got to see one another. Now she gets to see her cousins weekly no matter where they live, including the ones in Singapore. 

Now my daughter and her cousins FaceTime each other while playing Roblox and Minecraft! It’s mind blowing and amazing how times have changed! WiFi has truly changed everything about our lives. It’s simply amazing. I really wish my grandfather was alive to see how far technology has come, he would be super amazed. Unfortunately, he died in 93 so I never got to text message him…

Her big cousin in Boston and her big cousin in North Carolina and her friends in California, all playing with her at the same time during quarantine! It’s absolutely amazing. Before quarantine I was not big on her spending a lot of time on her iPad but at the moment it’s an amazing way to stay in touch with those she loves. Summertime is the time to catch up with family and do vacations! Since we are unable to do any of that, this will always be known as the Roblox summer!


So, I am not a TV watcher at all. I actually call it the idiot box and rarely turn it on. Which is crazy because my family loves TV. I just never got in the habit of it and I have issues with people talking about TV like it’s real. But Hamilton

First of all, the music director is a fucking Genius! The music is undeniably Phenomenal, and the cast has the most amazing voices! Emphasis on the sisters, omg! There was so much talent on one stage. I was Mesmerized and in love with every single second of it! 

I am not a huge history buff and usually I am very turned off by U.S. History and I’m sure I don’t have to explain why! I actually learned a lot that I did not know before and wish every history lesson could be just like this one. 

Homeschool parents with high school children, I think this is a must have treat in your curriculums. My daughter’s a little too young and her attention span is not long enough, but she’s only 5. I will be watching it again one night when she’s asleep.

Bravo Disney+ this was a much needed Covid treat for me and a reminder of why I love and miss New York!


I want to give a sincere thank you to all my white friends and family who have a jump and have no problem speaking up about the injustice that’s going on in the world. We see you; we appreciate you. 

The ones who are being silent, trying to pretend like they’re invisible because the conversation is uncomfortable: ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away it only makes them bigger. Black people do not have the power to stop racism. All you who choose to be silent and do nothing, because you refuse to speak up the cycle continues. 

So just as black friends have made mental notes of those who stand with them, we’ve also made mental notes of all who have stayed silent and of all the “All lives matter” and “Blue lives matters,” as well…..Just know we see you! I said what I said, no need to defend yourself or speak up now. Maybe go look in the mirror or have a hard talk with your children, not me. Black families are forced to explain racism to children before they even start school. (The luxury of not having to do so is privilege.)


Living in the entertainment world is definitely a weird, outside the box, interesting one for sure. And it’s not always fun! You never really know what your friendships will lead to or what the intent of them were.

14 years ago, I met this young cute girl who is in the same rat race as many in Los Angeles trying to break into entertainment. Well, she got a break…and as a black woman I am proud of her and cheering her on because there are not a lot of jobs for us in Hollywood. 

While our friendship was not paying her bills, I can’t help but to feel betrayed not just for me but for so many that I know that she associates with. She took a job as paparazzi! 

While I understand that her friendships are not paying her bills…and I get it, girl get your money especially during Covid, it’s deeply concerning to watch her talk about people that I love!  I know she’s coming in contact with these people. That’s so messy. 

The truth is history repeats itself and it’s probably only a matter of time before one of my stories are up and then what’s going to happen? Those 14 years of friendship, will they be used against me? Will you deliver the story that was assigned to you or you might even break it? Will my daughter’s identity now be disclosed for a paycheck?  Again, I get it…it’s a job. We all need to pay our bills but please know I’m not speaking for myself; I’m speaking for a group of us. We are uncomfortable and feeling betrayed. 

Tables always turn so while you’re talking about somebody’s messy divorce today, it could be your family that they’re talking about tomorrow … No new friends (in my Drake voice).