“Ouch Mommy, it hurts when I bite!” My daughter said.

“Let me see, baby?” I asked her.

I reached in her mouth and felt a wiggle.

“Oh my God, baby. Your tooth is loose!” I screamed with joy.

She jumped up from the dining room table “Mommy 💕 that means the tooth fairy is coming soon,” she yelled.

“Yes, she is. Wow, Scootcha your first tooth is going to come out soon!” I told her while hugging her.

May 13, 2020 during Covid Quarantine and I get a reminder that life still goes on. My baby is growing out right before my eyes. And the biggest blessing out of quarantine is I don’t have to miss not one minute of it. Time is flying by. I swear it seems like she was just born yesterday now she’s about to lose a tooth. I mean I knew this day was coming and I’m totally prepared for it. By morning, there will be a tooth fairy door installed in her wall. I probably bought the kit when she was like six months old just because I thought it was so cute.

I gave her a Pete the Cat book because in my house, Pete the Cat is a really big deal! So, it’s been sitting in the closet probably for about six months. I found this cute little tooth pillow that came with 3 markers to be colored at Target in one of the deal bins at the front of the store for three dollars! (I knew this stuff would come in handy, I just didn’t know how soon.)

She’s so excited, she wanted to call everybody and tell them. She couldn’t wait to call her Uncle Dallas and Aunt Chavon and ask them what it was gonna be like when her tooth fell out. She wanted to send a video to her Uncle Mark and her Aunt Vicki and Cousin Vivian so they could see her wiggle it! 

Her excitement made me smile as I’m watching her move on to another chapter of becoming a big girl. But a part of me is crying inside because my little baby is growing up. I remember being excited over my teeth coming out, now I understand why my mama used to tell me, “Don’t grow up too fast though, you’re always gonna be my baby.”

Time goes by so fast don’t forget to enjoy your babies while you can… even on the hard days. They grow up way faster than you want them to. I’m going to miss those little teeth.


I haven’t been very inspired to write lately. I hope I don’t have the Corona blues. While I don’t feel down, I am starting to feel life inside is the same day after day. Never thought it was taking a toll on me because I am a total introvert until my team hit me up and said, “Hey we need blogs.” “Oh, (I thought to myself) I guess cooking, social media and homeschool hasn’t really inspired me lately because everyone is doing the same thing now.” 

Homeschooling was like an exclusive club a few months back but look at us now! Lol, it’s a national thing.

I do wish more parents would embrace it and try to have fun with it since they know it’s temporary. As parents, education should be a main concern. While I understand most have a new value system for teachers, your child’s education shouldn’t be solely in the hands of strangers. So if you need guidance, I work with an amazing group of teachers ready to help you.




Below is a repost from March 2019 regarding self-esteem in children.



The family is widely seen as an important influence on self-esteem because it is where the initial sense of oneself is formed. Children with self-esteem difficulties have absorbed what parents and others have negatively said about them. As they begin to define themselves in light of their low sense of self, they may undertake the view that they are different from their peers and siblings. Although at times children may not be aware that they are different, they know they feel awkward and inept when compared to others, particularly higher achieving siblings. The effects of low self-esteem can be reflected outward toward siblings and parents through verbal or physical expression. Their inner tension and shame can lead them to act out in various ways, ranging from emotional and physical withdrawal to aggressive and combative outward behaviors.


Children with low self-esteem appear hesitant and uncomfortable in the classroom. They tend to only answer direct questions and prefer to keep their opinions to themselves because they fear others’ reactions. Guarded behaviors and minimal interactions with other classmates lessen their social impact on others, which reinforces their belief of having nothing to offer others.


Children or individuals with low self-esteem hesitate when interacting with groups of neighborhood kids or joining social activities, such as parties or games. They generally wait to be invited to play or join others, but then only participate minimally when they agree to play. Their guardedness and self-doubt hold them back from fully interacting with others, again reinforcing their negative self-image.


This was published in November 2019.


I believe it’s more important to focus on the ingredients in your meal than the calories of your meal. Here is where my old Boss, Tyrone’s saying “KISS” comes into play. Keep It Simple Stupid! Quality over Quantity! 

Cutting out energy-dense, unhealthy items is crucial to weight loss. It’s more important to pay attention to what you’re eating! Watching the sugar grams and sodium intake, if you want to watch something.

The counting calories thing can throw you off because although avocados and nuts are high in calories, they are packed with nutrients like fiber and healthy fats that can promote weight loss. See how lines get blurred? Trusted Source

It’s all about having a healthy relationship with food! Make sure you are picking foods based on what nourishes your body rather than obsessing over which foods are “good” or “bad”. 

Rule of thumb if it says “Diet,” don’t touch it! The word diet within itself is a scam. Diet soda, salad dressings, and prepackaged meals are all full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. If you are interested in learning more about nutrition or simply refreshing your relationship with food, hit me up for a nutritional consultation. Check out my wellness programs at teamcheriej.com.


“What do you want for breakfast, baby?” I asked my daughter, just like I do every morning.

“Cinnamon rolls,” she says in this cute, little voice.

“Ok.” I said.

“Really?” She said.

“Really let’s go!” I told her excitedly.

She ran down the hallway, through the living room and into the kitchen before I could get there. She had flour and powdered sugar on the counter. I started laughing but was very proud she remembered some of what we would need to make them. We haven’t had them this year so to be 5 years old and not made them in at least 5 months, that’s a good memory. She loves using the big Kitchen Aid mixer. She gets so excited and loves to bake. As we were using the mixer, she was all smiles. 

Finally, we put the rolls into the oven, and I let her use her oven mitt to open the oven for me. I put the rolls in and went to close the door as she said, “Mommy?”

“Yeah, baby?”  I turned and asked her.

“Mommy, Quarantine is Awesome, it’s so much fun!” She screamed with a big ol smile on her face sounding just like a little cartoon character.

“Really?” I asked her.

“Yeah, Mommy. I like being stuck with you doing fun things,” she said.

I picked her up, gave her a big ol hug and smiled. Just as soon as I was about to tell her how wonderful she was, she hit me with the con….

“Can I have some chocolate milk?” She asked. 

“Of course, you can,” I told her, then bust out laughing because she got me! 

As I was getting out the Nestle Quik chocolate powder, I was smiling because I realized she may be conning me for cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk but energy transfers! 

Never once have I complained about being shut in with my family. I make a choice to not complain about things and make the most out of every experience because complaining doesn’t change things. I’d rather spend my time coming up with a solution rather than complaining. 

There wasn’t a huge transition for us because I already homeschool and her Taekwondo school is incredible, so she has been able to attend class online. Unfortunately, soccer was cancelled but virtual piano lessons have filled the spot! 

Life can change in the blink of the eye! Children soak up all that we give, including our happiness and our energy! For your children’s sake, please Choose happiness and love! It really is that simple. 



I’m really excited because social media has really closed the gap, it’s giving me a chance to become friends with people who have grown up with me. And for that I’d like to thank you. Oh, I have my moments where I hate social media. But today, I’m full of love. Someone wrote me that they were 44 years old and they started watching me on Punky Brewster. Then I got excited because I like their comment, so not only did I like the comment, but I followed his page. It was so sweet to me that he would even care. I grew up with you, just like a lot of you don’t feel that I’m a stranger, I don’t feel that you are either. You’re like that friend or a family member that I haven’t seen in a really long time but when we get together, we pick back up right where we left off. For me, that’s the most beautiful thing about social media. I also have learned that social media is really good for my business. I’ve been able to come in contact with new clients, to keep my clients and it’s become an awesome tool for me to handle customer service myself. So today I am thankful for each and every one of you. I love you! Enjoy your day because you have made mine.

Kisses love,



I don’t enjoy shopping. I am not the average girl, I know. I do not want to go out and try on clothes. I hate makeup and don’t wanna comb my hair! Maybe because I always do it for work. Someone else is always picking out my clothes and I try on outfit after outfit, so I always feel like it’s work and NOT something I want to do in my free time. (I don’t enjoy it… it’s like a chore).

So occasionally when I have to go buy clothes, I run in a store and I just pull things off the rack.  I never try them on. I come home and find them in my closet months later… this is exactly what happened with this item. 

So, it’s springtime supposedly but the weather is completely bipolar. Today was one of those days where it wasn’t hot, and it wasn’t freezing but it was a little chilly. So, it’s in the back of my closet and I remember I had bought this like sweatshirt thing that I thought was going to be totally cute on and will be perfect just to run to the grocery store. Well when I put it on, I felt like a complete idiot. I wanted to know what happened to the rest of my sweatshirt. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I wanted my shoulders covered. For some reason I was completely uncomfortable. I kept pulling the sleeves up trying to see if I could cover my shoulders one way or another, but it just wasn’t working. This is by far one of the most God-awful things I’ve ever purchased for myself. It’s one of those things will just sit in my closet forever that I will never wear until I end up donating it. It reminds me of when my brother used to look at my clothes and ask me, “What happened to the rest of them?” 

Cold Shoulder

I put it on and screamed what happened to the material that was supposed to cover my shoulders? And the ruffles at the top don’t make it no better. I hate this sweatshirt, it’s not even grocery store worthy. (I hate the grocery store) My damn shoulders will freeze in the grocery store! No way did I look like Naomi Oats Harper from the hit show Mama’s Family

Mama’s Family

Yeah, I just told my age! Look at my shoulders, just cold for no reason!


When I say I’m a feminist & it offends you, it makes me wonder about your character not mine!

Why are people so offended by the word feminist? Society expects me to be feminine… but yet saying I’m a feminist is offensive, can you see the oxymoron of that!

When I say I’m a feminist, I’m saying I champion my sisters! When I say I’m a feminist, I’m saying that I’m listening to you, sister. I am here with you, sister.  I feel you, my sister.

When I say that I’m a feminist, I am saying that I know your pain… I know he hurts you.  I will not be an enabler and watch my sister be hurt by men! Not in my presence whether I know her or Not! When I say I’m a feminist, I’m saying I agree OUR pay should be equal!

When I say I’m a feminist, I am saying I will fight for you. When I say I’m a feminist, I’m saying, “Hey sister, I’m your safe place.”  

When I say that I’m a feminist, I’m saying everybody needs a shoulder to cry on, sister, no judgment here. We are friends. 

When I’m saying I’m a feminist, I’m saying…he abused you. I will sit with you while these male cops interrogate you as if you are the criminal instead of treating you like a victim who was just raped! 

When I say I’m a feminist, I’m saying I will never let the words, “He’s not that kind of person come out of my mouth.” Because only a fool would speak on what another man will and will not do!

When I say that I’m a feminist, it means I will not sit by and watch a young girl or even a grown woman get trafficked.

When I say that I’m a feminist, I will not allow my homegirl to get caught up in an abusive relationship and not try to show her a way out.

When I say I’m a feminist, I am saying little girls of the WORLD, no matter what situation you were born into, you can grow up and be anything you want to be on this earth! 

When I say I’m a feminist, I’m not saying I don’t need a man. I’m not saying that I don’t like men and I’m not saying that I’m gay. I’m not saying that I’m better than a man.  I love men…I adore my brothers. I also love and adore me!

You cannot make me feel guilty because I love myself and you cannot make me feel guilty because I love the mirror of myself and the mirror of myself that is my sisters…Period.

It is the feminist side in me that compliments my sisters when I see them looking good! It is the feminist side in me who tells my sister congratulations when she’s accomplished her goals. It is the feminist side in me who cries when I watch women and young girls get rewarded for things that they work so hard for whether I know them or not. It is the feminist in me who loves Beyoncé and wants her to win like the rest of the beehive. It is the feminine side and me who sticks up for Blue Ivy and North West children who I’ve never met, but I hate to see people assassinate on them on the Internet.

I’m a feminist because I love women, and I love then simply because I love myself. If you don’t love God’s gift to this world, that very being that brought you into this world, there’s something wrong with you not me!

When the fact that I say I’m a feminist offends you, it makes me wonder about your character not mine! I’m a feminine feminist who will fight from my sisters.



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Radiant Skin

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38 years ago, I met this little vivacious girl in the hallway! We became fast friends drawing pictures together sitting in the same chair. Little did I know we would break ground going down in pop culture history as iconic TV best friends. Recently, I read somewhere they were comparing us to Laverne and Shirley, Lucy and Ethel!! It brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing honor (Like how lucky are we.). Some jobs are just that for actors, JOBS. Others leave a lifelong impression on the way you live your everyday life. 

Soleil and I both grew up believing we could accomplish anything we put our minds to. At the time when we shot the very first pilot, I don’t believe either of us knew how much we would forever carry our characters and the show with us. 

The Universe and Peacock gave us the opportunity to shoot the pilot again many years later as adults and I can’t explain this time around how we absorbed how important that moment was.

I have a confession to all of you and Soleil, LOL. Soleil turned around moments before they said action and said, “Hey Cherie, are you nervous?” 

“No this is gonna be great” I whispered to her with excitement. 

I gave her the biggest nervous giggle ever! I was excited but nervous too, but I couldn’t act nervous because I didn’t want to transfer that energy. I know she knows I was full of shit LOL, but I stayed right next to her sometimes on the other side of the wall cheering her on as she nailed EVERY SCENE!! 


My reactions to the show were genuine and it was great! I can’t wait for you all to see the pilot and the show. It was so special, and I pray each of you enjoy it! The writers are working so hard to make sure every episode is within that PUNKY spirit. Thank you all for continuing to grow with us and being so receptive to having us back! 


                                       ~POR VIDA~